Sonntag, 21. März 2010

PostModern*VideoSong of the day (21-03-2010)

Xeno & Oaklander [usa] - 'Rendez-Vous d'Or' (2009/2010)

*Xeno and Oaklander is a minimal wave/synth duo from Brooklyn, New York. Members Sean McBride (Martial Canterel) from Maryland/usa and french/norwegian visual artist/filmmaker/fashion photographer Liz Wendelbo have a strict set of rules for their music — exclusively analogue synthesizers (no soft-synths, no midi and no digital, a bold move in this day and age of click and drag producers and DJs that have never touched a turntable in their lives), and one take recordings played as live as possible.

*The track is taken from their Album´Sentinelle´, released at the end of 2009 on Wierd Records. The album is a deep and richly layered album, with lyrics from both Liz and Sean, paranoia and disaffection, tales of underwater cities, the industrial revolution and a world of shadow combined and seamlessly changing from English to French, sometimes in the same song. The music itself ranges from slow synth pop style tracks to tense high-BPM synth-punk and from deep and romantic to at times aggressive.

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