Monday, 31 December 2018

***PostModern Best Of...Albums 2018***

***here are our most essential albums/eps from 2018.
the listing is in no particular order. 
click on the album cover to watch a video/listen to a song....*** 
Film School [USA/Los Angeles] - Bright To Death
Genre: Shoegaze / Dreampop
Label: Hauskat Records
Release Date: September 14 
Soft Science [USA/Sacramento] - Maps
Genre: Shoegaze, Dreampop
Label: Test Pattern Records
Release Date: June 1 
Johnny Marr [England/Manchester] - Call The Comet
Genre: Indierock / New Wave
Label: New Voodoo Records
Release Date: June 15 
Night Flowers [England/London] - Wild Notion
Genre: Indiepop / Dreampop
Label: Dirty Bingo Records
Release Date: April 15
Wild Nothing [USA/Blacksburg] - Indigo
Genre: Indiepop / Dreampop / New Wave
Label: See Music
Release Date: August 30
Moaning [USA/Los Angeles] - Moaning
Genre: Indierock / Post-Punk
Label: Subpop Records
Release Date: March 2
The Spitfires [England/Watford] - Year Zero
Genre: Indierock / Britrock
Label: Hatch Records Limited
Release Date: July 27
Lo Moon [Los Angeles] - Lo Moon 
Genre: Indiepop/-rock
Label: Columbia
Release Date: February 23
Air Formation [England/Brighton] - Near Miss
Genre: Indierock / Shoegaze
Label: Club AC 30
Release Date: March 9
The Spectors [Belgium/Antwerpen] - Ohh Ahh Ahh 
Genre: Indierock / Dreamrock
Label: Caroline Records
Release Date: March 30
The Yearning [England/London] - Take Me All Over The World
Genre: Indiepop / Tweepop / Chamberpop
Label: Elefant Records
Release Date : January 19
L-Space [Scotland/Glasgow] - Kipple Arcadia
Genre: Dreampop / Trip-Hop / Electronica
Label: Last Night From Glasgow
Release Date: September 28
Tape Waves [USA/Charleston] - Distant Light
Genre: Indiepop / Tweepop / Dreampop
Label: Bleeding Gold Records
Release Date: June 6
James [England/Manchester] - Living in Extraordinary Times
Genre: Indierock / Britpop
Label: Infectious Music
Release Date: August 3
Tees [Australia/Sydney] - Flow Ep 
Genre: Electropop / Dreampop / House
Label: Bandcamp
Release Date: January 25
The Embassy [Sweden/Stockholm] - White Lake
Genre: Electropop / Madchester
Label: Luxuary Records
Release Date: November 21
Dubstar [England/London] - One
Genre: Indiepop / Electropop
Label: Northern Writes
Release Date: October 12
Hatchie [Australia/Brisbane] - Sugar & Spice Ep
Genre: Indiepop / Dreampop / Janglepop
Label: Heavenly Recordings
Release Date: May 25
Western Medication [USA/Nashville] - Taste 
Genre: Indierock / Psychedelia / Madchester
Label: Death of 78
Release Date: June 29
Launder [USA/Los Angeles] - Pink Cloud Ep 
Genre: Indierock / Dreampop / Janglepop
Label: Bandcamp
Release Date: April 27
Tocotronic [Germany/Hamburg] - Die Unendlichkeit 
Genre: Indierock
Label: Vertigo/Capitol
Release Date: January 26
DMA's [Australia/Sydney] - For Now
Genre: Indierock / Neo-Britpop
Label: Infectious Music
Release Date: April 27
The Vryll Society [England/Liverpool] - Course Of The Satellite
Genre: Indierock / Psychedelia
Label: Deltasonic Records
Release Date: August 10
Say Sue Me [South Korea/Busan] - Where We Were Together 
Genre: Indierock / Tweepop
Label: Damnably Records 
Release Date: April 13
Alpaca Sports [Sweden/Gothenburg] - From Paris With Love
Genre: Indiepop / Tweepop
Label: Elefant Records
Release Date: September 7
Frankie Cosmos [USA/New York] - Vessels
Genre: Indierock / Lo-Fi
Label: Sub Pop Records
Release Date: March 30
Richard Ashcroft [England/London] - Natural Rebel 
Genre: Indierock / Britpop
Label: BMG
Release Date: October 19

Sunday, 9 December 2018

***new singles/videos***december 9, 2018***don't be real, be postmodern***

***postmodern weekend edition featuring the latest indie and alternative singles & video releases... ***
(new! including youtube playlist...) 

                    #indierock #britpop #shoegaze #madchester 

*Desperate Journalist
*Neon Waltz
*Fawns Of Love
*Burning House
*Bethany Curve
*The Legendary House Cats
*Grabbel and The Final Cut
*Lacuna Bloome
*White Lies
*Nicky Smith (Exit Calm)
*Molly Burch
*The Proctors
*Say Sue Me

birmingham/uk indierock darlings JAWS are back with a brand new single!
'driving at night' is the first single from their upcoming third album 'the ceiling', out april 5, 2019...

JAWS [England/Birmingham]- Driving At Night
The Ceiling

Piroshka, the 'supergroup' made up of members from Lush, Elastica, Moose and Modern English have dropped the video for the first single release 'everlastingly yours'. 
the song is taken from their debut album 'brickbat,' out february 15, 2019 on bella union records.

Piroshka [England/London] - Everlastingly Yours

london/uk indierock/post-punk outfit Desperate Journalist's third album 'in search of the miraculous' will be out february 22, 2019 through fierce panda records.
here's the video for the first single 'cedars'...

Desperate Journalist [England/London] - Cedar
In Search of the Miraculous

legendary london/uk indierock/britpop outfit Sleeper around singer/guitarist louise wener make their comeback with the single 'look at you now', their first new music in 21 years! 
the forthcoming fourth album 'the modern age' is out in march next year through gorsky records.

Sleeper [England/London] - Look At Me Now
The Modern Age

scotland's finest new band, indierock/psychedelia quartet Neon Waltz are back with a brand new single! 
currently supporting aussie neo-britpop outfit DMA’s on their uk tour, the new tune 'the strangest things' was released today, december 7 via ignition records ltd.

Neon Waltz [Scotland/John O' Groats] - The Strangest Things

manchester/uk indierock four-piece SHADER have dropped the video for their promising third single 'silver', released november 23... 
the track was recorded at chesire faktory studios by the verve bassist simon jones.

Shader [England/Manchester] - Silver

california/us dreamy 80s influenced alternative-pop husband and wife duo Fawns of Love have aired the video for their beautiful new single 'mournful eyes'. 
the upcoming sophomore album 'permanent' will be released january 18, 2019 on test pattern records.

Fawns Of Love [USA/California] - Mournful Eyes

oxford/uk alternative rock/shoegazers Swervedriver will release their new full-length 'future ruins' on january 25, 2019 via dangerbird records. 
'the lonely crowd fades in the air' is the third single from the album..

Swervedriver [England/Oxford] - The Lonely Crowd Fades In The Air
Future Ruins

southampton/uk indierock/noisepop outfit Burning House have aired the video for their new single 'mirror song'. 
the debut album 'anthropocene' is due out in early 2019.

Burning House [England/Southampton] - Mirror Song

california/us second wave shoegaze band Bethany Curve are back with a great new single!
'frontier' is the first taste from their forthcoming new album 'murder', announced for the first half of 2019.

Bethany Curve [USA/California] - Frontier

san francisco/us indie-/janglepop band Papercuts have released their sixth full-length 'parallel universe blues' on october 19 via slumberland records. 
'sing to me candy' is the second single from the album...

Papercuts [USA/San Francisco] - Sing To Me Candy 
Parallel Universe Blues

sydney/australia indierock/neo-britpop band DMA's have dropped a new video for 'time & money, the latest single from their second full-length 'for now'. 
the album was released april 27 via infectious music.

DMA's [Australia/Sydney] - Time & Money
For Now

john girgus (guitarist in ex-sarah records band Aberdeen) has unleashed the video for The Legendary House Cats' new single 'ideal world', released november 9...

The Legendary House Cats [USA/California] - Ideal World

german noisepop/shoegaze outfit Grabbel and The Final Cut have just released their new 'you're the sun' ep via grafic recordings. 
'dreams end here' is a fine taster from...

Grabbel and The Final Cut [Germany/Lueneburg] - Dreams End Here
You're The Sun Ep

'you make me forget myself' is the latest cut from brighton/uk five-piece indie-/psychpop band Toy
the track come from their fourth full-length album 'happy In The hollow' , ready to release january 25 on tough lough records

TOY [England/Brighton] - You Make Me Forget Myself
Happy In The Hollow

'find your way' is the new single from brighton/uk indierock/psychedelia quartet Lacuna Bloome, released november 23...

Lacuna Bloome [England/Brighton] - Find Your Way

london/uk indierock/post-punk band White Lies have shared 'finish line', the third track to be revealed from their forthcoming fifth album 'five' - out february 1, 2019 via [pias] recordings.

White Lies [England/London] - Finish Line

'come around' is the new solo single by nicky smith, ex-lead singer in barnsley/uk indierock/psychedelia band Exit Calm - released december 3....

Nicky Smith [England/Barnsley] - Come Around

here's the first of three new singles from austin/texas bands. shoegaze/dreampop outfit Blushing have shared the new single 'the truth/sunshine', released october 26 on the nothing song records.
their debut album is out in early 2019...

Blushing [USA/Austin] - Sunshine
The Truth/Shine 7"

'candy' is the latest single from austin/us indiepop/folk artist Molly Burch taken from her second album 'first flower' - released october 5 on captured tracks.

Molly Burch [USA/Austin] - Candy
First Flower

here's another new single from an austin/texas band, this time from indie-/dreampop trio Fanclub.
'stranger' was released december 5 through soundseeker records.

Fanclub [USA/Austin] - Stranger

here's the first mentionable xmas single release for this year... west midlands/uk indiepop outfit The Proctors have shared their contribution to the holiday season.
'islandic' was released december 4 via shelflife records.
the forthcoming new as-yet-untitled album is confirmed for the first half of 2019, features terry bickers (The House Of Love) on guitar and was produced by ian catt (Saint Etienne/The Field Mice...)

The Proctors [England/West Midlands] - Icelandic

another new festive single from busan/south korea surf-/indiepop four-piece Say Sue Me.
'christmas is not a biggie' is the title track from their new xmas ep, released december 7 through damnably & electric muse.

Say Sue Me [South Korea/Butan] - Christmas Is Not a Biggie
Christmas Is Not a Biggie Ep