Tuesday, 27 December 2016

***post modern best of...top 30 favourite albums 2016***

here's our top 30 album list for 2016.
click on the album cover to watch a music video or/and listen to a single, released from the lp.
you can also listen to the full-length in the spotify player below...

 photo wahnsinn-die-groesste-plattensammlung-der-welt_zpsopbgmu5e.jpg

 photo sulk no illusin_zpskmmr6pqo.jpg 
Sulk [England/London] - No Illusions

Genre: Indie, Psychedelic, Madchester, Britpop, Shoegaze
Label: Perfect Sound Forever 
Album Release Date: April 15th, 2016 

 photo jaws_zpsu0docuwm.jpg
Jaws [England/Birmingham] - Simplicity

Genre: Indierock, Britpop, Psychedelic, Post-Punk
Label: Rattlepop
Album Release Date: November 4th, 2016

 photo radio dept_zpsf9jqlh2x.jpg 
The Radio Dept [Sweden/Lund] - Running Out Of Love 

Genre: Indie, Electropop, Madchester
Label: Labrador
Album Release Date: October 21th, 2016

 photo james atkin_zpsszcb4gy6.jpg 
James Atkin (EMF) [England/Yorkshire] - The Party Faithful 

Genre: Indie, Electropop, Rave
Label: ATK Records
Album Release Date: July 1st, 2016

 photo dmas_hillsend_zpsa9cxms77.jpg 
DMA's [Australia/Sydney] - Hills End

Genre: Britpop
Label: Infectious/PIAS/Rough Trade 
Album Release Date: February 26th, 2016

 photo man made tv broke_zpskbhqfpxr.jpg 
Man Made [England/London] - Tv Broke My Brain

Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Soul Kitchen
Album Release Date: April 29th, 2016

 photo blossoms-album-cover_zpsc25ymqvp.jpg 
Blossoms [England/Manchester] - Blossoms 

Genre: Britpop, Psychpop
Label: Virgin EMI Records
Album Release Date: August 5th, 2016

 photo FLYYING-COLOURS-Mindfulness-Vinyl-gatefold-coloured_zpsdpxbqohd.jpg 
Flyying Colours [Australia/Melbourne] - Mindfulness 

Genre: Shoegaze, Noisepop, Dreampop
Label: Club AC30
Album Release Date: September 23th, 2016

 photo JAGWAR_ENAT_23-1-640x640-1-300x300_zpshiwpiitu.jpg 
Jagwar Ma [Australia/Sydney] - Every Now & Then

Genre: Electronica, Psychedelic, Madchester
Label: Mum + Pop Music
Album Release Date: October 14th, 2016

 photo kr144_Beverly_TheBlueSwell-300x300_zpsaeb0vola.jpg 
Beverly [USA/Brooklyn] - The Blue Swell 

Genre: Indierock, Shoegaze
Label: Kanine Records
Album Release Date: May 6th, 2016

 photo richard ashcroft_zpsrcerjub6.jpg 
Richard Ashcroft [England/London] - These People 

Genre: Alternative Rock, Britpop
Label: Righteous Phonographic Association
Album Release Date: May 20th, 2016

 photo image_zpsfxdawhub.jpg
The Frank & Walters [Irland/Cork] - Songs For The Walking Wounded

Genre: Indiepop, Britpop
Label:Stargazer Records
Album Release Date: June 24th, 2016 

 photo Primal_Scream_-_Chaosmosis_zps4zu9f6f9.png 
Primal Scream [Scotland/Glasgow] - Chaosmosis

Genre: Alternative Rock, Electropop
Label: Ignition (Indigo)
Album Release Date: March 18th, 2016

 photo puro instinct_zpshxjg59iz.jpg
Puro Instinct [USA/Los Angeles] - Autodrama

Genre: Electropop, Dreampop
Label: Manifesto 
Album Release Date: June 24t, 2016

 photo nothing_cvr_sq-0a101d4914a87ad03a4760fd241ea26bafa7f66c-s300-c85_zpsj87ab9fe.jpg 
Nothing [USA/Philadelphia] - Tired Of Tomorrow 

Genre: Alternative Rock, Shoegaze
Label: Relapse (Rough Rrade)
Album Release Date: May 13th, 2016

 photo toy_zpsigqrpjlg.png 
Toy [England/London] - Clear Shot 

Genre: Indierock, Psychedlic
Label: Pias Coop/Heavenly
Album Release Date: October 28th, 2016

 photo SOFT-HATE-300x300_zpsma8h4m3w.jpg 
Memoryhouse [Canada/Toronto] - Soft Hate 

Genre: Indie, Electropop, Dreampop
Label: Beko
Album Release Date: February 9th, 2016 

 photo R-8507401-1463171624-3105.jpeg_zps4zzc5do2.jpg 
Eagulls [England/Leeds] - Ullages 

Genre: Indierock, Post-Punk
Label: Partisan Records
Album Release Date: May 13th, 2016 

 photo suede-night-thoughts-167300_zpseghbaoeh.jpg 
Suede [England/London] - Night Thoughts

Genre: Alternatice Rock, Britpop
Label: Rhino (Warner)
Album Release Date: January 22th, 2016 

 photo dinowalrus_zpspm9gi1xt.jpg 
Dinowalrus [USA/Brooklyn] - Fairweather 

Genre: Indierock, Psychedelic, Madchester, Britpop 
Label: Personal Projects
Album Release Date: September 23th, 2016


 photo nicolas sturm_zps9zent284.jpg 
Nicolas Sturm [Germany/Stuttgart] - Angst Angst Overkill 

Genre: Indie, New Wave, Britpop, German lyrics
Label: Staatsakt
Album Release Date: October 21th, 2016

 photo 9d398050-Cover_DerHerrPolaris_zpssyeccr2l.jpg 
Der Herr Polaris [Germany/Augsburg] - Mehr Innen Als Aussen

Genre: Indiepop, Singer/Songwriter, Slowcore, German lyrics
Label: Grand Hotel Van Cleef
Album Release Date: July 29th, 2016 

 photo whites-lies-friends-300x300_zpsp4xdeshx.jpg 
White Lies [England/London] - Friends 

Genre: Indierock, New Wave, Post-Punk
Label: BMG Music Publishing
Album Release Date: October 7th, 2016 

 photo TRR_INSURGES_digital_2500-300x300_zpsjwamndcz.jpg
Tears Run Rings [USA/Portland] - In Surges

Genre: Shoegaze, Dreampop
Label: Deep Space Recordings
Album Release Date: December 2nd, 2016

 photo wonder stuff_zpskd2pxxft.jpg
The Wonder Stuff [England/Stourbridge] - 30 Goes Around The Sun

Genre: Indierock, Britpop, Folk
Label: IRL Records
Album Release Date: March 18th, 2016

 photo minor-victories-hi-res-cover-300x300_zps0wickwg7.jpg 
Minor Victories [England/London] - Minor Victories 

Genre: Indierock, Shoegaze, Post-Rock
Label: Play It Again Sam/ PIAS Recordings
Album Release Date: June 3rd, 2016  

 photo homepage_large.af1ec3d0_zpsfxsujadb.jpg
Haley Bonar [Canada/Manitoba] - Impossible Dream 

Genre: Indiepop, Folk
Label: Memphis Industries
Album Release Date: August 5th, 2016

 photo 1468344791_zpszmdpqubw.jpg
Beach Baby [England/London] - No Mind No Money

Genre: Indierock, Britpop
Label: Island Records
Album Release Date: September 2nd, 2016

 photo teenage_fanclub-here-album-2016_zps9yuipoh5.jpg
Teenage Fanclub [Scotland/ Bellshill] - Here

Genre: Indierock, Janglepop 
Label: Pema (Rough Trade) 
Album Release Date: September 9th, 2016

 photo RS1607packshot-small-442x442_zpsvhjibcdz.jpg
Lone [England/Nottingham] - Levitate

Genre: Electronica, DnB,Ambient, Rave 
Label: R&s Records (Alive)
Album Release Date: June 17th, 2016

Monday, 26 December 2016

***post modern best of...favourite singles/songs 2016***

here is our best of singles/songs list, 50 of our favourite tunes for 2016 in no particular order.
click the link and watch the full music video or/and listen to the song.

alternatively you can watch all videos on our youtube channel or listen via spotify...see further down...

 photo top singles_zpsscbuhwln.jpg

Heavy Heart - What Became Of Laura R

Blossoms - At Most A Kiss (video)

Memoryhouse - Arizona (video)

Safe Places - Wild Ride

Wray - Pined (video)

Planet - Northern Skyline (video)

Sulk - The Tape Of You (video)

Man Made - Raining In My Head (video)

Hazing - Nervous Signals

States Of Emotion - Back to Back (video)

Leave The Planet - Forever (video)

The Wonder Stuff - Don't You Ever (video)

Lightning In A Twillight Hour - The Sky Beyond The Sky

Haelos - Pray (video)

The Spectors - Clyde & Bonnie (video)

Puro Instinct - Tell Me (video)

Nothing - The Dead Are Dumb

Richard Ashcroft - Out Of My Body (video)

Dodgy - You Give Drugs A Bad Name (video)

Pet Shop Boys - The Pop Kids (video)

Lone - Backtail Was Heavy (video)

Burning Hearts - Work Of Art (video)

The Stone Roses - Beautiful Thing (video)

The Frank & Walters - Stages (video)

She Makes War Feat. Tanya Donelly - Paper Thin (video)

James Atkin - Come Together Now (video)

Colour Of Spring - Snow (video) 

The Radio Dept - We Got Game (video)

Jaws - Right In Front Of Me (video)

Banks And Stealz - Giants (video)

Nihilists - Wallspace (video)

James - Dear John (video)

Tall Ships - Meditation (video)

Red Love - Does It Make (video)

Rain - Lethargy

Hilary Woods - Sabbath (video)

DMA'S - Timeless (video)

Lions Of Dissent - Heaven Sent (video)

Pale Dian - In A Day (video)

Primal Scream - 100% Or Nothing

Vida - Fade Away (video)

April - Open Mind (video)

Haarm - Into The Wild (video)

Plaza - Youth (video)

Drab Majesty - Cold Souls

Desperate Journalist - Hollow (video)

Cigarettes After Sex - K

S*M*A*S*H - Art Therapy (video)

Little Cub - My Nature (video)

Der Herr Polaris - Bier meiner Jugend (video)

Nicolas Sturm - Im Land Der Frühaufsteher (video) 

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

***new singles/videos...december 13th, 2016***don't be real, be postmodern***

here's our lastest new music roundup...

#indie #shoegaze #dreampop #britpop #madchester 

listen to awesome new tunes from the likes of 

The High
Lions Of Dissent
Cigarettes After Sex
only to name but a few, further down...


All singles are also on heavy roation on our new 24/7 radio station 
*don't be real be postmodern radio*

we play the best in new indierock, shoegaze, dreampop, neobritpop and madchester sounds mixed with classic postmodern/120minutes tunes...

web: http://-dont-berealbepostmodernradio-.playtheradio.com/

stream: http://listen.radionomy.com/-dont-berealbepostmodernradio-


sydney/australia indierock/psychpop quintet Green Buzzard have premiered their solid new single 'do you ever glow?', out november 29th via i oh you records

Green Buzzard [Australia/Sydney] - Do You Ever Glow?

beautiful new single from surrey/uk dreampop outfit Softer Still 'eulogy' is taken from their debut ep, released november 25th via label fandango

Softer Still [England/Surrey] - Eulogy 
Softer Still - EP

'woodhead pass' is the stunning new single by legendary lost manchester band The High. the double a-side single 'woodhead pass/sugarpuff' is out next week...

The High [England/Manchester] - Woodhead Pass
'Woodhead Pass/Sugarpuff' 7inch

solid debut single from matthew johnson's (also known as mj from the band hookworms) new college-/alternative rock outfit Family Scraps the band from leeds/uk will release 'mistakes' on a 7-inch via too pure on january 27th, 2017. a as-yet-untitled debut lp will also follow in 2017...

Family Scraps [England/Leeds] - Mistakes

'in between' is the beautiful new single from brooklyn/usa based neo-new wave/dreampop duo Surf Rock is Dead - released november 29th...

Surf Rock is Dead [USA/Brooklyn] - In Between

swansea/wales indierock band Trampolene have dropped the video for their infectious new single 'divided kingdom'. the track is taken from the 'pocket album five' ep, released novemeber 25th via mi7 records

TRAMPOLENE [Wales/Swansea] - Divided Kingdom
Pocket Album Five EP

maybe you know the 'new song each month of 2016 series' by promising london indierock/shoegaze five-piece Heavy Heart - we featured most of their releases here on postmodern...'the way home' is the last but one and it's another quality tune! and good news - there will be a limited edition vinyl lp featuring all of their great tracks - out in spring 2017.

HEAVY HEART [England/London] - The Way Home

san francisco shoegaze/noisepop quintet Film School have premiered the video for 'give up', the latest release from their the 'june ep', the first recording in 10 years - released february 12th. a new full-lenght album is planed to release in 2017

Film School [USA/San Francisco] - Give Up 
June Ep

'and dream of sheep' is the reworked piano ballad taken from Kate Bush's new box set of live performances, a triple-live lp called 'before the dawn' to be released december 2nd in the us and november 25th in the uk. the track was originally released on her 1985 album 'hounds of love'

Kate Bush [England/London] - And Dream of Sheep (Live)
Before the Dawn Live 2014

canadian electronic pop trio Austra have premiered the video for their new single 'future politics', the title track from the forthcoming 3rd album - out january 20th via domino records.

Austra [Canada/Toronto] - Future Politics
Future Politics

'good deeds & highs' is the great new single/video from legendary stourbridge/uk indierock band The Wonder Stuff. the song is taken from the band's eighth studio album '30 goes around the sun', released march 18th, 2016 via irl

The Wonder Stuff [England/Stourbridge] - Good Deeds and Highs 
30 Goes Around The Sun

stunning new single/video from dublin/irland indie/noisepop quartet Galants. 'evergreen' comes from their self-titled debut ep, released november 25th via jigsaw records

Galants [Irland/Dublin] - Evergreen 
Galants Ep

fine new single from montreal/canada indie/post-punk trio Heat. 'lush is the first track off their debut album 'overnight' - out january 20th, 2017 via topshelf records

Heat [Canada/Montreal] - Lush 

gorgeous new single from Cigarettes After Sex, the ambient pop collective from brooklyn/usa, led by songwriter greg gonzale. 'k' was released november15th via partisan records. a full-length album is out next year...

Cigarettes After Sex [USA/Brooklyn] - K 

canadian/toronto electro-pop band For Esmé have teamed up with the canadian mental health association for their new video 'just yet'. the track comes from the band's debut album 'sugar', released october 16th, 2015...

For Esmé [Canada/Toronto] - Just Yet 

brighton/uk-based alternative rock/post-punk four-piece Tall Ships have revealed their epic new single 'day by day', taken from the second album 'impressions' - out february 10th via fat cat records

Tall Ships [England/Brighton] - Day by Day

beautiful new single/video from brighton/uk ethereal/dreampop duo Realms. 'blood & water' is taken from their new ep 'thirsts'

Realms [England/Brighton] - Blood & Water
Thirsts EP

'another dimension' is the new single/video from brighton/uk indierock/psychpop lads TOY. it's their second release from the new album 'clear shot' - out october 28th via heavenly recordings.

TOY [England/Brighton] - Another Dimension
Clear Shot

90s new wave of new wave/indierock trio s*m*a*s*h from hertfordshire/uk are back with a great new single! 'art therapy' is the first taster from their forthcoming 3rd album 'goodbye w.g.c' - out in january 2017...

S*M*A*S*H [England/Hertfordshire] - Art Therapy 
Goodbye W.G.C

teriffic new single from indierock/shoegaze quintet Sonic Visions. 'lost in between' is the third single from this new band from helsinki/finland and will appear on their debut ep - out in january 2017 on soliti records.

Sonic Visions [Finland/Helsinki] - Lost In Between 
Sonic Vision EP

portland/us electro-/dreampop duo Mint Julep have unleashed the video for the new single 'murmur'. the song is taken from their 'broken devotion' album, released february 12th via unseen music

Mint Julep [USA/Portland] - Murmur 
Broken Devotion

london dreampop five-piece Swimming Tapes have shared the video for their latest single 'tides' the song was released september 19th via hand in hive.

Swimming Tapes [England/London] - Tides

manchester/uk alternative rock band Elbow have unveiled the lead single of their forthcoming 7th studio album 'little fictions' - out february 3rd via concord records

Elbow [England/Manchester] - Magnificent (She Says)
Little Fictions

birmingham/uk indierock/britpop lads The Twang have shared the video for their fine christmas single 'on the 24th'

The Twang [England/Birmingham] - On the 24th

australia/sydney indierock/neo-britpop band DMA'S have unveiled the video for their latest single 'play it out'. the song is taken from the debut album 'hills end' - released february 26th, 2016 via mom+pop records (us), infectious records (uk/eu) and i oh you (aus)

DMA’S [England/Sydney] - Play It Out 
Hills End

Charles Cave, bassist and lyricist for british indierock/postpunk band White Lies have revealed the video for his 80s synth christmas single 'this fucking time of year'

Charles Cave [England/London] - This Fucking Time Of Year

hartlepool/uk postpunk/shoegaze outfit PLAZA have premiered the video for their epic new single 'youth' - released on november 4th via beyond the wall

Plaza [England/Hartepool] - Youth

scottish indierock/noisepop legends The Jesus And Mary Chain will release their first album in 18 years, 'damage and joy' on march 24th via ada/warner music' - 'amputation' is a first taster...

The Jesus And Mary Chain [Scotland/East Kilbride] - Amputation 
Damage & Joy

'my nature' is the excellent new single/video from london electropop trio Little Cub, released november 28th via domino records.

Little Cub [England/London] - My Nature

another brilliant single from up-and-coming wolverhampton/uk indierock band Lions of Dissent listen!

LIONS OF DISSENT [England/Wolverhampton] - X Y Z

london based indie/new wave duo TEN FÉ have dropped the video for the latest single 'overflow'. their debut album 'hit the light' is out february 3rd, 2017

TEN FÉ [England/London] - Overflow 
Hit The Light

'loafing around' is the new single from st.petersburg/russia indie/dreampop band Talking Bush, released december 7th via shelflife records

Talking Bush [Russia/St.Petersburg] - Loafing Around

'jot of joy' is the new single from brighton's Mere Child, the music project from singer-songwriter aimee herbert-smith. the electropop single was released on november 24th via seahorse music

Mere Child [England/Brighton] - Jot Of Joy

'drop in drop out' is the debut single/video by london singer-songwriter STELL∆R the song has been recorded with legendary uk producer paul tipler (charlatans, idlewild, stereolab...)

STELL∆R [England/London] - DROP IN DROP OUT