Sunday, 28 October 2012

New Tracks*** (EZ Basic, Tame Impala, Memory Tapes, Young Unknowns, Daughter)

EZ Basic [hungary] - Sometimes I Can't (2012)
Memories of Spring EP 

Tame Impala [australia] - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (2012)

Photobucket Memory Tapes - Sheila (2012)

Young Unknowns [usa] - Target Practice (2012)
You Are A Young Unknown EP

Daughter [england] - Medicine (2011)
The Wild Youth EP

Friday, 26 October 2012

***New Tracks*** (Born Blonde, Bibelots, Jaws, Hatchem Social, No Ceremony)

Born Blonde [england] - Signs of Fear (2012)
What The Desert Taught You 

BIBELOTS [england]  - MANTARAY (2012)

Photobucket JAWS [england] - STAY IN (2012)

Hatcham Social [england] - All Summer Long (2012)
Dreaming Of Electric Girls

NO CEREMONY [england] - FEELSOLOW (2012)

Thursday, 25 October 2012

***New Tracks*** (Paul Banks, Young Dreams, Vinyl Williams, Champs, Telsa Boy)

Paul Banks (Interpol) [england] - Young Again (2012)

Young Dreams [norway] - Fog Of War (2012)

Vinyl Williams [usa] - Higher Worlds (2012)

CHAMPS [irland] - ST. PETERS (2012)

Tesla Boy ft. Dasha Malygina [russia] - Fantasy (2012)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

***New Tracks*** (Childhood, DIIV, September Girls, Ian McCulloch, IAMX)

Childhood [england] - Blue Velvet (2012)

 DIIV [usa] - Wait (2012)

September Girls [irland] - Green Eyed (2012)

Ian McCulloch (Echo&The Bunnymen) [england] - Pro Patria Mori (2012)
Pro Patria Mori

IAMX [england] - The Unified Field (2012)
The Unified Field

Sunday, 21 October 2012

***New Tracks*** (Clock Opera, Mikill Pane, You Walk Through Walls, Landing, Leif The Future)

CLOCK OPERA [england] - THE LOST BUOYS (2012)
Ways to forget

Photobucket Mikill Pane [england] - Dirty Rider (2012)
Blame Miss Barclay

Photobucket YOU WALK THROUGH WALLS (ex-Air Formation) [england] - Sleepwalker (2012)
Destroyed Places EP

Photobucket Landing [usa] - Patterns (2012)
Wave Lair EP

Leif And The Future [norway] - You like it better (2011)
Songs of Youth

Saturday, 20 October 2012

***New Tracks*** (Skye, Young Romantics, Whirr, Rachel Zeffira, Deaf Club)

Skye (Morcheeba) [england] - Featherlight (2012)
Back to Now

Young Romantics [australia] - Ghost (2011/2012)  
Dark Times Ep

Whirr [canada] - Flashback (2012)  
Pipe Dreams

Rachel Zeffira (Cat's Eyes) [england] - The Deserters (2012)
The Deserters

Deaf Club [england] - Moving Still (2012)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

***New Tracks*** (Dum Dum Girls, Emeron & Fox, Golden Fable, Daybehavior, The New Division)

Dum Dum Girls [usa] - Season In Hell (2012)
End Of Daze

Emeron & Fox [usa] - Nightmares (2012)
Nightmares EP

Photobucket Golden Fable [wales] - Be Alive (2012)
Star Map

Daybehavior [denmark] - City Lights (2012)
Follow that Car!

The New Division *Feat. Keep Shelly in Athens* - Night Escape (2012)

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

***New Tracks** (The D.O.T, Heirs, IO Echo, Cheval Sombre, Bernadette La Hengst)

The D.O.T (Mike Skinner/The Streets & Rob Harvey/The Music) [england] - You Used to (2012)
And that

Heirs [australia] - Hunter (2011) 
Hunter EP

Photobucket   IO Echo [usa] - Outsiders *Slow Mix* (2012)
IO Echo EP

Photobucket Cheval Sombre [usa] - Someplace Else (2012) 
Mad Love

Bernadette La Hengst [germany] - Schafft Die Leidenschaft Ab (2012)
Integrier Mich Baby

Monday, 15 October 2012

***New Tracks*** (Landing, Dark Horses, Actors, Richard Hawley, Die Nerven)

Landing [usa] - Finally (2012)

Photobucket Dark Horses [england] - Alone (2012)
Black Music

ACTORS [canada] - Post Traumatic Love (2012)

Photobucket Richard Hawley [england] - Seek It (2012)
Standing At The Sky's Edge


Saturday, 13 October 2012

***New Tracks*** (Ulrich Schnauss, Tear Talk, Waylayers, Tip Top Tellix, Blindness)

Ulrich Schnauss [germany] - A Long Way To Fall (2012)
A Long Way To Fall

Photobucket Tear Talk [england] - Only Illusions (2012)
B R E A T H E 7inch

WAYLAYERS [england] - Magnets (2012)

Photobucket Tip Top Tellix [russia] - So beautiful eyes (2012)

Photobucket Blindness [england] - Glamourama (2012)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

***New Tracks*** (Tame Impala, Oh Minnows, Swim Deep, City Calm Down, G R E A T W A V E S)

Tame Impala [australia] - Why Won't They Talk To Me (2012)


Oh Minnows [usa] - Hurry (2012)

Photobucket SWIM DEEP [england] - Orange County (2012)

City Calm Down [australia] - Pleasure And Consequence (2012) Movements EP

G R E A T W A V E S [england] - THE SHORE (2012)

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

***New Tracks*** (Cheatahs, Ceremony, Deaf Club, Black Marble, Darkstar)

Photobucket Cheatahs [england] - The Swan (2012)
The Swan EP

Ceremony [usa] - Nothing In The Sun (2012)
Safranin Sounds

Photobucket Deaf Club [england] - Break it slow (2012)

Black Marble [usa] - Cruel Summer (2012)
A Different Arrangement

Darkstar [england] - Timeaway (2012)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

***New Tracks*** (The Birthday Massacre, Tablets, Mode Modern, Melody's Echo Chamber, Gross Ghost)

The Birthday Massacre - Play With Fire (2012)
Hide and Seek

 Tablets [irland] - Hunting For Your Shadow (2012)
Tablets ep

Mode Moderne [canada] - Open Air (2012)
Strange Bruises

Photobucket Melody's Echo Chamber [france] - Crystallized (2012) 
Melody’s Echo Chamber 

  Photobucket Gross Ghost [usa] - Sooner Or Later (2012) 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

***New Tracks*** (Tear Talk, Dreamscape, Now Now, Lakeside X, Errors)

Tear Talk [england] - Summer Junction (2012)
Port Sunlight ep

Photobucket dreamscape [england] - separate sense (1993/2012)
la-di-da recordings

Now, Now [usa] - Wolf (2012)

Lakeside x [Czech Republic] - In The Night Lies The Dawn (2010/2012)
City Of Red Lights

Errors [scotland] - Hemlock (2012)
New Relics