Friday, 27 December 2013

***PostModern Tracks 2013***

 photo mixtape_zps47d50a5f.png
 ***In No particular order***
(Click on the title to watch the video/listen to the song or try the spotify playlist for most of the songs further down )

Chapel Club - Good Together / Shy

Norma - Joan

Ducktails - Letter of Intent

Esben and the Witch - Deathwaltz 

Bleeding Rainbow - You´re not alone

Johnny Marr - The Messenger

Fear Of Men - Seer

Feathers - Land of the innocent

The Asphodells - The Quiet Dignity of unwitnessed lives

Foxygen - San Francisco

Jaws - Friends like you / Gold

Just Handshakes - London bound

Knocking Ghosts - Independent Girl

Martin Rositter - If i was your girlfriend

Mikill Pane - Good Feeling / No one gets left behind

Mineral  -  Love Divine / Brainwashed

Mint Julep - Tame

Power Of Dreams - Good to know

The Dirty Rivers - Black Heart Filth

The Ruby Suns - In real life

Phildel -Storm song

Veronica Falls - If you still want me

Austra - Home / Painful Like

Gentlemen - Sailor of the cosmic ark

Neils Children - Trust you / Dimly Lit

Swim Deep - She changes the weather

The Birthday Kiss - Worth it

The Boxer Rebellions - Diamonds

Younghusband -Dromes

Ghost & Writer - Gambit

Low Sea - Afflictions of love

Life Model - persistent

Childhood - Somlem Skies / Semester

Six By Seven - Change 

Chumbawamba - Waiting for magaret to go

Dune Rats - Red light green light

John Grant - GMF

Lowlakes - Cold Company

Only Real - Blood on the carpet

Welle:Erdball - Zombies im Kaufhaus

Sulk - The big blue

Public Service Broadcasting - Lit Up

Big Deal - Dream Machine

Ghostpoet - Meltdown

Kisses - Huddle

Palace - Loose Tooth

Strangers - Something new

Suuns - Sunspot

Temples - Colours to life

These New Puritans - Fragment Two / Organ Eternal

Tusindfals - Kys

Splashh - Strange Fruit

Decades - Can you love me know

Maps - This Summer

Marc Owen - Stars

The Blue Angel Lounge - Walls

The Death Of Pop - Sun in my eyes / Tasteless

William Arcane - Not the only one

Marnie - Hearts on fire

Ariel Pink feat. Jorge Elbrecht - Hang on to life

Blondie - A Rose by any name

Club 8 - Stop taking my time

Westbam - Götterstrasse No.1

Henric De La Cour - Chasing Dark

Hologram - Absolute Zero

Juveniles - Washed Away

Moderat - bad Kingdom

Mr.Kitty - Amnesia

NEØV - Windvane

SPC ECO - Delusional Waste

White Lies - Big TV
Exit Calm - Promise  

Ultrasound - Between Two Rivers

Vulkano - Vision Tricks

The Ropes - I don´t like to get dirty

Wide Eyed - Tell me

X Priest X - Samurai

Glasvegas - Secret Truth

Selebrities - Wither away  

Helen Love - Lo-Fi Kids

Marika Hackmann - Cinnamon / Cannibal 

Kool Thing - Low Love

Invisible Days – Needles

Weekend - Oubliette 
Placebo - Scene of the crime / Begin the end

Real Lies - Deeper / World Peace

Flyying Colours -Like you said

The Vaccines - Melody Calling

No Age - An impression

Au Revoir Simone - Just like a tree

Porcelain Raft - Think of the ocean

Monument Valley - When i go clear

Tear Talk - Breath

Kitchens Of Distinction - Tiny Moments

Desperate Journalist - Organ

Die Goldenen Zitronen - Scheinwerfer & Lautsprecher

Eagulls - Tough Luck

Grooms - Infinity Caller

Toy - Endlessly

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

***PostModern Albums 2013***

***In No particular order, every album had its time***
 (Click on the album cover to watch a video/listen to a song or search on spotify/deezer... - support the artist...) 

 photo 41ZgYNtR4BL_SL500_AA240__zpsd020db1d.jpg 
Esben and the Witch - Wash the sins not only the face

 photo 61BHEkKhtEL_zps2bc9c9dd.jpg
Bleeding Rainbow - Yeah Right

 photo 51K0lHT--CL_SX300__zpsbdb5ac96.jpg 
Heterotic - Love & Devotion

 photo 51FewmGlwyL_SL500_AA280__zpsf3569943.jpg 
The Asphodells (Andrew Weatherall) - Ruled by passion, destroyed by lust

 photo 517ngtEhhIL_AA160__zpsedb540e9.jpg
IO Echo - Ministry of Love

 photo 51c6F0nNtbL_AA160__zps351e5506.jpg
Soft Metals - Lenses

 photo 51oZk6HVLGL_AA160__zps097ac7cc.jpg
Sulk - Graceless

 photo 71Iay-snAXL_AA160__zpsc612bc5c.jpg
Chapel Club - Good Together

 photo 616iu0t3ATL_AA160__zps51ee3d92.jpg
Karl Hyde - Edgeland

 photo index_zpsb8b247d0.jpeg 
Koreless - Yugen Ep

 photo jaws-milkshake_zpscc2999f2.jpg
Jaws - Milkshake Ep

 photo 51Yipz-RtHL_AA160__zpsaad152ca.jpg
Splashh - Comfort

 photo 514fAUyEDsL_AA160__zps06588cd0.jpg 
Ghostpoet - Some say i so i say light

 photo 51FgdsYQRVL_AA160__zps02cefac2.jpg
Austra - Olympia

 photo 41PniqwanCL_AA160__zpsbf2df5c1.jpg
Maps - Vicissitude

 photo Glasvegas-Later-When-The-TV-Turns-To-Static_zpsce17a61f.jpg
Glasvegas - Later...When the TV Turns to Static

 photo weekend-jinx-e1374590856129_zps7c5c5ed8.jpg
Weekend - Jinx

 photo images_zps3fbc3632.jpeg
Soosh - Colour is Breathe

 photo 41uJgiW3Q9L_SL500_AA240__zpsa50c9111.jpg
Selebrities - Lovely Things

 photo 51jvs61xdrL_AA160__zps740ffd74.jpg
Six By Seven - Love & Peace & Sympathy

 photo 61wB95eODL_AA160__zps19ec08f6.jpg 
White Lies - Big TV

 photo images_zpsb5fd9a7e.jpeg
Exit Calm - The future isn´t what it used to be

 photo 513yp6dT-4L_AA160__zps1a8720d3.jpg
Younghusband - Dromes

 photo 61iRbA7DEQL_AA160__zpsa3289df5.jpg
Flyying Colours - EP

 photo 51qDxuDyMBL_AA160__zps3a9045d7.jpg
Toy - Join the dots

 photo 61Dm21qh1L_AA110__zps6e94c922.jpg 
Marika Hackman - Sugar Blind EP / That Iron Taste

***coming soon - Postmodern Tracks 2013***

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

***New Tracks*** (Swervedriver, Flyying Colours, The House Of Love, Drowner, Ja,Panik)

*Tonight PostModern feature 

UK shoegaze-leaning indie rock band Swervedriver with 'Dub Wound', the reworked b-side (mixed by Ride's Mark Gardener) of their brand new single 'Deep Wound'. the single is the first piece of new recorded music in over 15 years.

'She Leaves', another track by Melbourne noisepop/shoegaze band Flyying Colours taken from their awesome debut EP which was released in november.

Another critically acclaimed 90s indiepop/shoegaze band - The House Of Love with 'PKR', a reworked version of their b-side track 'Purple Killer Rose' (7inch Girl With The Loneliest Eyes' 1991) taken from the album 'She Paints Words In Red', released in march this year.

Houston shoegaze/dreampop band Drowner with their single/video 'Stay With Me' from the debut album 'You’re Beautiful, I Forgive You' - released in august.

and finally
 'Libertatia', the title track and new single from austria indie foursome Ja,Panik's new album - out in january.*

 photo 1470111_776722325676993_118555562_n_zps12eb0b32.jpg Swervedriver [England/Oxford] - Dub Wound (2013)

Flyying Colours [Australia/Melbourne] - She Leaves *alternate mix*
Flyying Colours Ep

THE HOUSE OF LOVE [England/London] - PKR (2013)
She Paints Words In Red

Drowner [USA/Houston] - Stay With Me (2013)
You're Beautiful, I Forgive You

Ja, Panik [Austria/Burgenland] - LIBERTATIA (2013) 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

***New Tracks*** (Real Lies, DZ Deathrays, Be Forest, Sara Savery, X Priest X)

*Tonight Postmodern feature...

'Deeper', the debut single from london electronic pop act Real Lies. Check also their follow up single 'World Piece'

'Northern Lights', the new single by australian indie rock band DZ Deathrays taken from their forthcoming album which is due out in the first half of 2014.

Italian ethereal guitar pop band Be Forest with their new single 'Colours' from the forthcoming album 'Earthbeat' - out february 2014
Danish-born electropop artist Sara Savery, also lead singer of copenhagen band Ghost Society, with her single/video 'Eyes Closed' from the solo debut album 'The Diver' -  released at the end of october

Florida electro-/synthpop trio X priest X  with their latest single 'Dark Sun'*

Real Lies [England/London] - Deeper (2013)

DZ Deathrays [Australia/Brisbane] - Northern Lights (2013)

Be Forest [Italy/Pesaro] - Colours (2013)

Sara Savery [Denmark/Copenhagen] - Eyes Closed (2013)
The Diver 

 X Priest X [USA/Florida] - Dark Sun (2013)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

***New Tracks*** (The Band in Heaven, Grooms, Paul Thomas Saunders, Prefab Sprout, Illum Sphere)

*Sunday night' s PostModern present...

Us indiepop/shoegaze five piece The Band in Heaven with the song/video 'Fairweather Friends', a single from their debut album 'Caught in a Summer Swell' - released in september.
Brooklyn indie/noise rock foursome Grooms with the title track/video from their third album 'Infinity Caller'

Leeds Singer-songwriter Paul Thomas Saunders with his new single 'Good Woman' from the upcoming ep with the same name - out in january.

Newcastle rock/pop legends Prefab Sprout with 'Adolescence', a track from their new album ' Crimson-Red', the first brand-new collection of songs in 12 years.
and finally 
Manchester underground DJ Illum Sphere (real name:Ryan Hunn) with the track 'Sleep Runner' taken from his forthcoming debut full-length for Ninja Tune - 'Ghosts Of Then And Now'

The Band in Heaven [USA/West Palm Beach] - Fairweather Friends (2013)
Caught in a Summer Swell

Grooms [USA/Brooklyn] - Infinity Caller (2013)
Infinity Caller

Paul Thomas Saunders [England/Leeds] - Good Women (2013)
Good Women EP

Prefab Sprout [England/Newcastle] - Adolescence (2013)

 photo illum_sphere_fta_1000x664px_zps2f4beac5.jpg Illum Sphere [England/Manchester] - Sleeprunner (2013)
Ghosts Of Then And Now

Sunday, 24 November 2013

***New Tracks*** (Sisters, Au.Ra, Blouse, Temples, Die Goldenen Zitronen)

*Tonight Postmodern feature...

Indiepop three piece Sisters from irland with their new single 'Hush Hush'

Chill electro/shoegaze project Au.Ra from London with their latest video/single 'Sun'

Portland indie/dreampop/new wave trio Blouse with '1000' years, a track from their new 2nd album 'Imperium'

Northamptonshire neo-psychedelic band Temples with their new single 'Mesmerise' from the forthcoming debut album 'Sun Structures'

Punk rock band Die Goldenen Zitronen from germany/hamburg with their single 'Scheinwerfer und Lautsprecher' from the new album 'Who´s bad'*

Sisters [Irland/Limerick] - Hush Hush (2013)

Au.Ra [England/London] - Sun (2013)

Blouse [USA/Portland] - 1000 Years (2013)

 photo track-of-the-day-temples-mesmerise-L-vDPZzo_zps3b8b5702.jpeg Temples [England/London] - Mesmerise (2013)
Sun Structures

Die Goldenen Zitronen [Germany/Hamburg] - Scheinwerfer und Lautsprecher (2013)
Who's Bad

Saturday, 23 November 2013

***New Tracks*** (Eagulls, The Fauns, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Kitchens Of Distinction, Fat White Family)

*Tonight Postmodern present...

Leeds post-punk five-piece Eagulls with 'Tough Luck', the lead single from their self-titled debut album which is out in march next year. 

Bristol shoegaze/indie band The Fauns with 'Seven Hours', a single release from their new album 'Lights' 

Helsinki psyche-pop artist Jaakko Eino Kalevi with 'No End', a track from his new 'Dreamzone Ep', out at the beginning of december.

New video/single by british indie/shoegaze legends Kitchens Of Distinction from their comeback album 'Folly' 

and finally
London psychedelic rock band Fat White Family with their single 'Auto Neutron' from the debut LP 'Champagne Holocaust', released two month ago.

 photo eagulls05_jpg_630x307_q85_zps0a4f7520.jpg Eagulls [England/Leeds] - Tough Look (2013)

The Fauns [England/Bristol] - Seven Hours (2013)

 photo Jaakko_Eino_Kalevi_zps42149d35.jpg Jaakko Eino Kalevi [Finland/Helsinki] - No End (2013)
Dreamzone EP

Kitchens of Distinction [England/London] - Tiny Moments, Tiny Omens (2013)

Fat White Family [England/London] - Auto Neutron (2013)
Champagne Holocaust

Thursday, 21 November 2013

***New Tracks*** (Exit Calm, Tear Talk, Delay Trees, Tiger Baby, The Slow Readers Club)

*Thursday night's Postmodern include...

'Promise',the 3rd single/video by barnsley indierock/psychedelic/shoegaze band Exit Calm - taken from their 2nd album 'The Future isn´t what it used to be'

Liverpool indie/postpunk band Tear Talk  with their debut single/video 'Breathe'. If you like them check also out the great b-sides 'Only Illusions'  & 'Parallel'

Finnish indie-/dreampop band Delay Trees return with 'Perfect Heartache', the first single from their forthcoming new album 'Readymade' 

'Apart', the new single by danish electropop trio Tiger Baby

Manchester's The Slow Readers Club , founded out of the ashes of noughties indie rock band Omerta, with their new single 'Forever In Your Debt' 

Exit Calm [England/Barnsley] - Promise (2013)
The Future isn´t what it used to be

Tear Talk [England/Liverpool] - Breathe (2013)
B R E A T H E 7"

Delay Trees [Finland/Helsinki]- Perfect Heartache (2013)

 photo l_6a8d6985ea59424d9a8e0b8ed5bbec6f-450x302_zps6e8eeabc.jpg Tiger Baby [Denmark/Copenhagen] - Apart (2013)

The Slow Readers Club [England/Manchester] - Forever In Your Debt (2013)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

***New Tracks*** (Flyying Colours, Dum Dum Girls, Keep Shelly In Athens, Woman's Hour, The Darcys)

*Tonight Postmodern feature...

'Wavygravy', the debut single/video from australian three-piece noisepop/shoegazers Flyying Colours. Their stunning self-titled debut ep was released at november 1st - check also their latest video for 'She Said'

Los Angeles indie band Dum Dum Girls with their latest single/video 'Lost Boys and Girls Club' from the forthcoming album 'Too True' - out in january. 

Greece chillwave/electropop duo Keep Shelly In Athens with 'Higher', another great track from their debut album 'At Home'

London based slowmotion indie/electronic band Woman's Hour with their single/video 'Darkest Place'

Toronto four-piece indiepop/artrock band The Darcys with their latest single 'Horses Fell' from the new third studio album 'Warring'*

Flyying Colours [Australia/Sydney] - Wavygravy (2013) 
Flyying Colours Ep

Dum Dum Girls [USA/Los Angeles] - Lost Boys and Girls Club (2013)
Too True 

Keep Shelly In Athens [Greece/Athens] - Higher (2013)
At Home

 Woman's Hour [England/London] - Darkest Place (2013)

The Darcys [Canada/Toronto] - Horses Fell (2013)

Monday, 11 November 2013

***New Tracks*** (Desperate Journalist, Toy, Gwenno, Laced, Disappears)

*Tonight Postmodern feature new music from...

Londons four piece indie outfit Desperate Journalist with their brand new single/video 'Organ'

Another London band - indie/psychedelic rock five piece Toy with their first single 'Endlessly' from the new second album 'Join The Dots'  - out in december

Welsh electronic indie pop artist Gwenno with her new single 'Chwyldro' from the forthcoming debut album 'Y Dydd Olaf' - scheduled for march next year.

Laced, a new indie band from Birmingham with their new single 'Brian'

Chicago post punk band Disappears with 'Trans Europa Express, their tribute single for german electronic band kraftwerk*

Desperate Journalist [England/London] - Organ (2013)

 photo toy_zps20fecea7.jpg
Toy [England/London] - Endlessly (2013) 
Join The Dots

 photo Gwenno-Saunders-plays_zps16cb99f3.jpg Gwenno [Cardiff/Wales] - Chwyldro (2013)
Y Dydd Olaf

 photo laced_zpse4ff3e56.jpg L A C E D [England/Birmingham] - Brian (2013)

 photo disappears_feat_1_zps6bd463cd.jpg Disappears [USA/Chicago]- Trans Europa Express (1977/2013)

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

***New Tracks*** (No Age, Austra, Frankie Rose, Be Forest, Decades)

*Wednesday night's edition of PostModern include...

L.A. ambient/dreampunkers No Age with the video to 'An Impression' taken from their 2nd album 'An Object', released in august.

'Forgive Me', the latest single from canadian electropop band Austra. Their 2nd album 'Olympia' was released in june this year.

Brooklyn indie pop singer-songwriter Frankie Rose, formerly of Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls, and Vivian Girls with 'Minor Times', track 6 from her new album 'Herein Wild'

Italian shoegaze quartet Be Forest with their new single ' Captured Heart' . The track come from their 2nd album 'Earthbeat' which is out in february next year.

and finally
another band from Toronto, shoegaze/new wave four piece Decades and the new video 'For from me' taken from their self-titled debut album which was out April.*

No Age [USA/Los Angeles] - An Impression (2013)
An Object

 photo Austra-595x396_zps9f3fe156.jpg Austra [Canada/Toronto] - Forgive me (2013)

Frankie Rose [USA/Brooklyn] - Minor Times (2013) 
Herein Wild

Be Forest [Italy/Pesaro] - Captured Heart (2013)

DECADES [Canada/Toronto] - FOR FROM ME (2013)

Friday, 25 October 2013

***New Tracks*** (Parlour, Marika Hackman, Young Liar, Maps, Au Revoir Simone)

*Tonight PostModern feature...
London based five-piece psychgazers PARLOUR with their forthcoming single 'Devil's Eyes'

Brighton singer songwriter Marika Hackman with her new single 'Cinnamon' taken from the upcoming Sugar Blind Ep, out in december.

'Full Blast For Pickett', the current video by newcastle postrock/shoegaze band Young Liar from their new ep 'Why Does Everyone Hate My Boyfriend'

Electronic/dreampop band Maps a.k.a James Chapman and 'You Will Find A Way', the 2nd single and new video from his 3rd album 'Vicissitude' which was released in june

Indie pop band Au Revoir Simone from brooklyn with 'Just Like A Tree', track 5 from their new album 3rd 'Move In Sprectrums'*

  photo parlours_zps7e6b0155.jpg Parlour [England/London] - Devil's Eyes (2013)

 photo Marika-Hackman-Cinnamon_zps0d0ff13a.jpg Marika Hackman [England/Brighton] - Cinnamon (2013)
Sugar Blind EP

Young Liar [England/Newcastle] - Full Blast For Pickett (2013)
Why Does Everyone Hate My Boyfriend EP

Maps [England/Northampton] - You Will Find A Way (2013)

Au Revoir Simone [USA/Brooklyn] - Just Like A Tree (2013)
Move In Spectrums

Thursday, 17 October 2013

***New Tracks*** (Monument Valley, Porcelain Raft, Russian Circles, Nadine Shah, Toy)

Friday night's autumn edition of PostModern feature...

UK singer-songwriter Monument Valley with 'When i go clear', the first single from his as-yet-untitled debut album.

'Think of the Ocean' the opening track from new york electro/shoegaze project Porcelain Raft's  2nd album 'Permanent Signa' which was out in august.

Three piece american post-rock/shoegaze band Russian Circles with the title track from their fifth studio album 'Memorial'  

British singer-songwriter Nadine Shah, currently on tour with Depeche Mode, with her single 'Runaway' from the debut album 'Love Your Dum and Mad.' 

'Join The Dots', the title track from london neo psychedelics TOY's forthcoming second album - out in december 

 Monument Valley [England/London] - When i go clear (2013)

Porcelain Raft [USA/New York] - Think Of The Ocean (2013)
Permanent Signa

Russian Circles [USA/Chicago] - Memorial (feat. Chelsea Wolfe) 

Nadine Shah [England/Whitburn] - Runaway (2013)
Love Your Dum and Mad

 photo TOY-500x3301_zpsbb793098.jpg Toy [England/London] - Join The Dots (2013)
Join The Dots

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

***New Tracks*** (The Death Of Pop, The Twang, Caves, Black Hearted Brother, John Wizards)

*Tonight PostModern feature...
London- based shoegaze/noisepop band The Death Of Pop with their brand new video for the song 'Tasteless'

Birmingham Indiepop/rock band The Twang with the new single/video 'The Wooble'. The track comes from their fourth -as yet untitled- album, which is set for release early next year

Another birmingham band - Indierock/pop duo Caves with their song 'Sleep', originally released in april this year. The band is currently working on a new EP

Slowdive's Neil Halstead & Seefeel's Mark Van Hoen spacerock project Black Hearted Brother with their new single 'This is how it feels' taken from the forthcoming debut album 'Stars are our home'

South African shangaan electro influenced duo John Wizards with the latest single/video 'Limpop' from the new self-titled debut album*

The Death Of Pop [England/London] - Tasteless (2013)

The Twang [England/Birmingham] - The Wobble (2013)

 photo Caves_zpsf7ebef30.jpg Caves [England/Birmingham] - Sleep (2013)

 photo black-hearted-brother1_zpsb58614b6.jpg Black Hearted Brother [England/London] - This Is How It Feels (2013) 
Stars are our home

John Wizards [South Africa/Cape Town] - Limpop (2013) 
John Wizards

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

***New Tracks*** (Star Horse, The Ropes, Flyying Colours, Mikill Pane, Only Real)

*Tonight PostModern feature new music from... 

Swedish shoegaze band Star Horse with their new video 'Hope To Feel A Hand' taken from the current 'Devour Ep'

New York electronic/alternative-rock band The Ropes with 'The Man Who Refused To be Born' from their brand new Ep with the same name... 

Melbourne psych/shoegaze band Flyying Colours with their new single 'Like You Said' from the forthcoming 'Flyying Colours EP' - out in november.

Mikill Pane, the Hackney-based rapper-with-an-indie-heart and his latest video, the title track from the debut album 'Blame Miss Barcley' 

and finally
West London Indiefuzzpop project Only Real aka' Niall Galvin with 'Graduation', a track from his new Ep 'Days in the city'

Star Horse [Stockholm/Sweden] - Hope To Feel A Hand (2013)
Devour EP

 photo 0000862008_20_zpsbc95096a.jpg The Ropes [New York/USA] - The Man Who Refused to Be Born (2013)
The Man Who Refused to Be Born EP

Flyying Colours [Melbourne/Australia] - Like You Said (2013)
Flyying Colours EP

Mikill Pane [England/London] - Blame Miss Barclay (2013)
Blame Miss Barclay

 photo tumblr_metog2Y6rO1qb66x7o1_500_zpsec199cc2.jpeg Only Real [England/London] - Graduation (2013)
Days in the city Ep

Sunday, 29 September 2013

***New Tracks*** (Real Lies, Intrvals, Torul, Young Unknowns, Casper)

*Sunday night's PostModern present...

London electronic pop trio Real Lies with their new 2nd single/video 'World Peace', lot influenced by Madchester-era indie dance music - out in november.

Another new band from London -  4-peace indie/alternative band INTRVALS with the video to 'Field Lines' from their forthcoming self-titled debut ep.

Slovenia electro-/synthpop band TORUL with their latest video/single 'The Fall' from the 2nd album 'Tonight We Dream Fiercely', released in april this year.

'I want to lose', the new single by brooklyn based four peace indie/ethereal band Young Unknowns.

german indie rap artist Casper with 'Endlich angekommen', the last track from his new album 'Hinterland'*

Real Lies [England/London] - World Peace (2013)

INTRVALS [England/London] - Field Lines (2013)
Intrvals EP

Torul [Slovenia/Ljubljana] - The Fall (2013) 
Tonight We Dream Fiercely

Young Unknowns [USA/Brooklyn] - I Want to Lose (2013)

Casper [Germany/Bielefeld] - Endlich angekommen (2013)
→ get Proxtube if you live in a GEMA infested area ←

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

***New Tracks*** (SPC Eco, Eagulls, Paint The Dark, God Is An Astronaut, Nightmares On Wax)

*Tuesday Night´s Edition of PostModern feature...

'Fallen Stars' the 2nd single from alternative electronic/shoegaze band SPC ECO. The new album 'Sirens and Satellites' from former Curve legend Dean Garcia and his daughter Rose Berlin is out in october.

Leeds based postpunk band Eagulls with the latest single/video 'Nerve Endings'. Their debut album has been announced for 2014.

London indiepop trio Paint The Dark with the debut video for their single 'Lariat' from the forthcoming 'Deeds I Can´t Undo' EP

Irish post-rock band God is an Astronaut and their 2nd single/video 'Reverse World', taken from the new seventh album 'Origins' 

legendary british triphop/downbeat artist Nightmares On Wax. The new album 'Feelin' Good' was released one week ago, 'Be i Do' is the 2nd single*

SPC ECO [England/London] - Fallen Stars (2013)
Sirens and Satellites

Eagulls [England/Leeds] - Nerve Endings (2013) 

Paint The Dark [England/London] - Lariat (2013)
Deeds I Can´t Undo EP

God Is An Astronaut [Irland/County Wicklow] - Reverse World (2013)

Nightmares on Wax [England/Leeds] - Be, I Do (2013) 
Feelin' Good

Friday, 20 September 2013

***New Tracks*** (Messer, White Lies, Tricky, Sures, Chris Grant)

*Tonight PostModern feature... 

German postpunk band Messer with the first single 'Neonlicht' from their forthcoming 2nd album 'Die Unsichtbaren'  - out in november. 

U.K. post-punk outfit White Lies are back with a new music video for the third single 'First Time Caller' from their latest album 'Big TV' 

Trip hop artist Tricky with the video for 'Hey Love' taken from his tenth album 'False Idols. The song contains elements from 1981 'Ghosts' by David Sylvian's Japan 

Sydney indie-/surfpop band Sures with their latest video 'Waste' from the new 'The Night Hero Waste Time Getting Better EP' 

Liverpool singer/songwriter Chris Grant, signed to Alan McGee's new '359' label, with 'It´s you', the first video from his upcoming debut album 'It's Not About War'.

Messer [Germany/Muenster] - Neonlicht (2013)
Die Unsichtbaren

White Lies [England/London] - First Time Caller (2013)
Big TV

Tricky [England/Bristol] - Hey Love (2013)
False Idols

Sures [Australia/Sydney] - Waste (2013)
The Night Hero Waste Time Getting Better EP

Chris Grant [England/Liverpool] - It's You (2013)
It's Not About War