Monday, 30 May 2011

*Forgotten Classic*The early years of*Pink Floyd*


Pink Floyd [england] - See Emily Play (1967)

*Pink Floyd were an English rock band who achieved worldwide success with their progressive and psychedelic rock music.

*Founded in 1965, they first became popular playing in London's underground music scene in the late 1960s. Under Syd Barrett's leadership they released two charting singles, 'Arnold Layne' and 'See Emily Play' and the début album 'The Piper at the Gates of Dawn' in 1967.
After frequent use of LSD, Mr. Barrett had a breakdown in the late 1960’s and spent most of his life as a recluse. In 1968 he left the band because of mental problems.

*'See Emily Play' was their second single released in june 1967.

Pink Floyd [england] - Flaming (1967)

"Flaming" is featured on their debut album, 'The Piper at the Gates of Dawn' released in august 1967

Pink Floyd [england] - Julia dream (1968)

*'Julia Dream' is the B-side of the Pink Floyd single 'It Would Be So Nice' released in march 1968.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

*New Album*Kate Bush - Director's Cut*


Kate Bush [england] - This woman's work (1988/2011)

*Kate Bush is a british singer-songwriter, musician and record producer. Her eclectic musical style and idiosyncratic vocal style have made her one of the United Kingdom's most successful solo female performers of the past 30 years.

*All songs/version are taken from her new album 'Director's Cut' which features re-worked tracks from her back catalogue. The album went into the uk album charts at number two last Sunday.

*'This Woman's Work' was originally featured on the soundtrack of the American film 'She's Having a Baby' (1988). The song was also released as the second single from her album 'The Sensual World' in 1989 and peaked at 25 in the UK singles chart

Kate Bush [england] - Moments of pleasure (1993/2011)

*'Moments of Pleasure' was released as the second single from Kate Bush's album 'The Red Shoes' in november 1993. The song reached number 26 in the UK chart.

Kate Bush [england] - And So Is Love (1994/2011)

'And So Is Love' comes also from 'The Red Shoes' album, was released as the fourth single in november 1994 and climbed to number 26 in the UK Singles Chart.

Kate Bush [england] - Never Be Mine (1989/2011)

*'Never Be Mine' was originally released on Kate Bush's  'The Sensual World' album back in 89'

*check also the official video for 'Deeper Understanding', her first single from the album 'Director's Cut'.


*tracks from her 1985 album 'Hounds of love'

Friday, 27 May 2011

*Forgotten Classic --ChillOut Zone-- *THE ALOOF*

The Aloof [england] - Painted Face (1999)

*The Aloof were made up of members of The Sabres Of Paradise, Red Snapper, West London Deep, and lead by vocalist Ricky Barrow. Rickys soulful vocals floated over the devious lines of thick dub and trip hop beats with sultry ease...
They were active during the 1990s and released four full-length albums.

Mono - slimcea girl *The Aloof rmx* (1997)

*This track is taken from Mono's maxi single 'slimcea girl' remixed by The Aloof, released in 1997.

The Aloof [england] - Bittersweet (1996)

*opening track from their second album 'Sinking' from 1996

The Aloof [england] - N89 (1998)

*From 'Seeking Pleasure', their third album, released in 1998

The Aloof [england] - Dover (2009)

*Four unreleased tracks were recorded in 2009 incl. 'Dover'.
There is however no information regarding a new release, to date.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

*New Singles & Songs* (Burning Hearts, Daybehavior, Light Parade, Trophy Wife, Ladytron)

Burning Hearts [finland] - Into the Wilderness (2011)

*'Into the Wilderness' is the new single by swedish indiepop band Burning Hearts and will be released on June 21st, 2011 via Shelflife Records

Daybehavior [usa] - Silent Dawn (2011)

*another new single by a swedish band. 'Silent Dawn' by electropop/triphop influenced band Daybehavior comes from their 3rd album 'FOLLOW THAT CAR' which is announced for the end of summer 2011.

Light Parade [sweden] - Queen Of Hearts (2011)

*Sweden the third. Indiepop band Light Parade was formed 2010 in
Gothenburg. 'Queens of heart' comes from their debut ep 'Stand Up (for the Light Parade)' which is out on june 7th, 2011 via A West Side Fabrication

Trophy Wife [england] - Microlite (2010)

*Trophy Wife is an Oxford based indie/electronic/math rock band. Their debut single 'Microlite' was released at the end of last year through Moshi Moshi Records.

Ladytron [england] - White Elephant (2011)

*New Single by Liverpool based electropop band Ladytron taken from their forthcoming fifth studio album 'Gravity the Seducer' due to be released on September 13th, 2011

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Der phantastische Film - ZDF Kultur *Zardoz*

Der Phantastische Film

*Dies ist der Vorspann, der in den 70er und 80er Jahren im ZDF vor der Reihe "Der Phantastische Film" gezeigt wurde. Im Rahmen der samstagabendlichen ZDF-Kultur Filmreihe wird er nun wieder zum Leben erweckt :-)


Science fiction - GB 1974

Regie: John Boorman
Darsteller: Sean Connery, Sara Kestelman, John Alderton, Niall Buggy...

Samstag, 21.5.2011
ZDF Kultur
22.30 Uhr-00:15 Uhr,1872,8223022_idDispatch:10604528,00.html?dr=1

Futuristische Parabel um die Zukunft der Menschheit.

*Man schreibt das Jahr 2292. Die Erde besteht aus zwei Teilen: einem perfekt konstruierten Paradies, genannt Vortex, bewohnt von einer intellektuellen Elite, deren hochentwickelte Technologie den Tod besiegt hat, und den Außenländern, in denen die Sterblichen leben. Beherrscht werden die Außenländer von so genannten Exterminatoren, die im Auftrag des von den Unsterblichen künstlich geschaffenen Gottes Zardoz die übrige Bevölkerung als Sklaven unter barbarischen Umständen halten. Sie haben dafür zu sorgen, dass die Ernährung der Unsterblichen sichergestellt ist. In den Außenländern regiert die Gewalt und es gilt nur die Stimme des von den Unsterblichen geschaffenen Gottes ZARDOZ. Unter der Führung von ZED (Sean Connery) organisieren sich die Unterdrückten im Kampf gegen den rücksichtslosen ZARDOZ, dringen in das Utopia 'VORTEX' ein und beginnen deren steril gewordene Gemeinschaft zu zerstören, die geprägt ist vom Kampf, Sexualität, Leiden, Brutalität und Tod.

Friday, 20 May 2011

New Album*Dominik Eulberg - Diorama*


Dominik Eulberg [ger] - Die 3 Millionen Musketiere (2011)

*German Electronic musician and DJ Dominik Eulberg has released his new 4th album on may 6th, 2011 via Traum Records.
*In cooperation with the Nature Conservation Association of Germany (Naturschutzbund Deutschland) each track from 'Diorama' devoting itself to one of the 11 wonders of domestic nature.

Dominik Eulberg [ger] - Der Tanz der Gluehwuermchen (2011)

Dominik Eulberg [ger] - Aeronaut (2011)

Dominik Eulberg [ger] - Wenn es Perlen regnet (2011)

Dominik Eulberg [ger] - Metamorphose (2011)

more from Mr. Eulberg...

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

*Forgotten Classics* (Coconut Records, Gary, Gustav, Lichter, Keane, Ivy, The Jeremy Days, Kim Wilde)

Coconut Records [usa] - West Coast (2007)

*Coconut Records is a Los Angeles, California based indie pop musical solo-project by American actor Jason Schwartzman [The Darjeeling Limited, Marie Antoinette...] 
*This song is taken from the debut album 'Nighttiming' released in 2007.

Gary [ger/swiss] - Will You (2010)

*Gary, the band around Robert Stadlober was formed in 2000.
*'Will You' was a single from their 2nd album 'One Last Hurrah For The Lost Beards Of Pompeji' released in May 2010.

Gustav [austria] - Rettet die Wale (2004)

*Gustav aka. Eva Jantschitsch is a electronic/chanson/pop project from Vienna/ Austria. This is the title track from her debut album released in 2004.

Lichter [ger] - Leerer Raum (2008)

*This song comes from the self-titled debut album by german indiepop band Lichter. It was produced by Tobias Siebert (Klez.e) and released in 2008 via Loob Music.

*Free download

Keane [england] - The Night Sky (2007) *War Child version*

*Keane are an English alternative rock band from Battle, East Sussex, formed in 1997.
*'The Night Sky' was a single taken from their third album 'perfect symmetry' in aid of the charity 'War Child'. The song is written from the perspective of a child about the war torn devastation around them.

Ivy [usa] - The Best Thing (1997)

*Ivy is a indiepop trio from New York formed in 1994.
*This was the opening track from Ivy´s second album 'Apartment Life' released in 1997.
*A new album is announced for later this year...

The Jeremy Days [ger] - Loved (1992)

*The Jeremy Days were a German pop/rock band from Hamburg formed in 1987 and split in 1996.
'Loved' comes from their third album 'speakeasy' released in 1992

Kim Wilde [england] - It's Here (1990)

*Kim Wilde is an English pop singer well known for 80s hits like 'Kids in America', 'Cambodia' or 'You came'
*This song was the first single of here 1990' album 'Love Moves'

Monday, 16 May 2011

*New Singles & Songs* (Ja Panik, Gorillaz, TRUE WIDOW, Win Win, JAMES PANTs, Austra, Jim Bob, Puressence, Joy Serene)

Ja, Panik [austria] - Nevermind (2011)

* 'Nevermind' comes from Austrian Indie-Rock-Band Ja, Panik's latest album 'DMD KIU LIDT' released on april 15th, 2011.

Gorillaz [england] - Amarillo (2011)

*This song is taken from Gorillaz lastest album 'The Fall'. The entire album was recorded on group founder Damon Albarn's (blur) iPad during the Plastic Beach World Tour in October 2010.

TRUE WIDOW [usa] - Skull Eyes (2011)

*This is first single by three piece us stonegaze/slowcore band 'True Widow' taken from their second album 'As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth' released april 14th, 2011.

Win Win [usa] - Interleave (2011)

*Win Win is a Brooklyn-based psychedelic rave project by producers XXXchange and Devlin which released their self titled debut album on february 15th, 2011. This track features Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip on guest vocals.

*Free download


*This song is taken from from multi-instrumental artist James Pants self titled 3rd album released on april 29th, 2011. He's influenced by 80’s Soul, Early Rap, New Wave, & Post-Punk Disco music.

Austra [canada] - Lose It (2011)

'Lose It' is the second single from Austra, a electropop band from Toronto/canada. Their forthcoming debut album 'Feel It Break' will be out on may 16th, 2011 via Domino Records. 

Jim Bob [england] - Mr Blue Sky (2011)

*new single by carter usm singer Jim Bob, a cover version from Elo's Mr. Blue Sky, released on may 9th, 2011.

Puressence [england] - Burma (2011)

*this is track two  from 'Solid State Recital', the fifth studio album by indiepop band Puressence from Manchester. It was released on april 25th, 2011

Joy Serene [sweden] - Celebrate the Silence (2011)

*Swedish Electronic Pop/Rock band Joy Serene released their latest single on february 25th, 2011

Friday, 13 May 2011

Forgotten Album*Cloetta Paris - Secret Eyes*


Cloetta Paris [sweden] - Did We Collide? (2008)

*Cloetta Paris is an electropop/italo disco duo from Stockholm, Sweden. In April 2008 the group released their full-length debut album 'Secret Eyes' on Skywriting Records.

Cloetta Paris [sweden] - I Miss You, Someone (2008)

Cloetta Paris [sweden] - Broken Heart Tango (2008)

Thursday, 12 May 2011

New Album*Johan Agebjörn - Casablanca Nights*


Johan Agebjörn, Lovelock & Sally Shapiro [sweden] - Casablanca Nights (2011)

*Johan Agebjörn is best known for being one half of the Italo disco duo 'Sally Shaprio'. In february he released an ambient album called 'The Mountain Lake'.
His first full-length pop-disco album 'Casablanca Nights' was released on May 10th, 2011. 
It features collaborations with CFCF, Steve Moore (Lovelock, Zombi, Miracle),Sally Shapiro, Fred Ventura, Lake Heartbeat, Le Prix, and others.

Johan Agebjörn & Sally Shapiro [sweden] - Le Noir et le Blanc sur le Piano (2011)

Johan Agebjörn featuring Le Prix, Fred Ventura & Sally Shapiro [sweden] - Alice (2011)


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Forgotten Classic*The Tornados*


The Tornados [england] - Telstar (1962)

*The Tornados were a British instrumental group of the 1960s, a creation of legendary British producer Joe Meek. They enjoyed several chart hits including the Number One hit 'Telstar' (named after the satellite and composed by Meek) which was famously the first Number One hit by a British group in the U.S.

The Tornados [england] - Theme From The Scales Of Justice (1963)

The Tornados [england] - The Ice Cream Man (1963)

The Tornados [england] - Exodus (1964)

Monday, 2 May 2011

*Compilations and music for charity and benefit to our friends in Japan*


Blue Foundation [denmark] - Broken life (2011)

*This is a new song by danish indie band' Blue Foundation'  taken from the Japan relief compilation album 'Together We Are Not Alone' released on april 27th, 2011 via Thistime Records.

*You can listen to the 27-track album in full on 
and buy it for 12$ or more...All funds goes to the Japanese Red Cross Organization to help the catastrophe victims of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami accidents at nuclear power plants that hit Northern Japan. 


Ghost Society [denmark] - Silence (2011)

*Ghost Society is a poetic pop noise group formed by its two front members Sara Savery and Tobias Wilner well known as members of Blue Foundation. With love for catchy indiepop, shoegazing and avantgarde folk they released their debut album 'The Back Of His Hands, Then The Palms' in early 2010.

*Check also this entry with a song from the debut album...

*and the opening track from the last Blue Foundation album... 



Clem Leek [england] - A Light, To Guide You  (2011)

*Clem Leek is a musician & composer from the South East of the UK.. He creates Modern Classical and Ambient Music.

*All three songs are taken from 'For Nihon', a compilation to benefit the Japanese relief efforts. It features 38 tracks from a wide range of electronic, ambient, and instrumental artists like Robin Guthrie, Arms and Sleepers, Ulrich Schnauss, Max Richter or Hammock...
*The compilation has just been released in MP3/Flac at the Unseen website and is also available for pr-order in a physical version (2CD)
100% of the profits from the sale of this album will be donated to the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.

The American Dollar [usa] - Near East (2010)

*The American Dollar is an American post rock/ambient band from Queens/New York formed in 2005.

Balmorhea [usa] - Candor (2010)

*Balmorhea is a minimalist instrumental ensemble from Austin, Texas formed in 2006

*This song was originally released on their limited 'CANDOR/CLAMOR' 7inch (500 COPIES) from last year november.


Jannes Tashiro [japan] - Fukushima mon amour (2011)

*This is a song from a japanese friend to handle his misery and pain for his compatriots. 

*Jannes Tashiro is An author and musician. He worked as a peace and environmental campaigning journalist for many years.
Since his storybook 'Killt' from 1990, he is engaged with future vision of decentralized economic system in various aspects...

*Free download

Sunday, 1 May 2011

2. Mai Demo in Berlin - VII. Internationalen Kampf- und Feiertag der Arbeitslosen - Senefelder Platz / Neu-Pankow

Floh de Cologne [ger]- Sei Ruhig, Fliessbandbaby / Ford Capri (1970)

Kloß und Spinne 9: Arbeit - Geißel der Menschheit (2007)

2.-Mai-Demo in Berlin - VII. Internationalen Kampf- und Feiertag der Arbeitslosen.
13:00 Uhr am Senefelder Platz/Neu-Pankow!/event.php?eid=155307917867510 

"Gegen den Irrsinn, Arbeitsplätze für alle schaffen zu wollen.
Es ist nicht genug Arbeit für alle da!
Die Maschinen werden immer besser. Sie nehmen uns die Arbeitsplätze weg.
Richtig so!
Die Arbeit den Maschinen. Uns das Vergnügen.
Wir dürfen den Fortschritt der Gesellschaft nicht daran messen, wie viele Arbeitsplätze wir geschaffen haben, sondern, wir müssen ihn daran messen, wie viele Arbeitsplätze wir beseitigt haben - durch den Einsatz von Maschinen, Robotern, Computern und Iphones.
Es geht um die Freiheit des Menschen, die Freiheit, die darin besteht, nicht dem Zwang ausgesetzt zu sein, einer Lohnarbeit nachzugehen, nicht dem Zwang ausgesetzt zu sein, mit allen Mitteln eine Lohnarbeit zu suchen oder zu erschaffen, solang es keine Notwendigkeit für sie gibt.
Arbeitslosigkeit soll der Normalzustand sein.
Und in diesem Zustand soll jeder ein würdevolles Leben führen können.
Leute! Wacht auf!
Arbeit, das war ein mal. Vergesst den "Traum" von Vollbeschäftigung. Seid realistisch. Arangiert euch mit der Zukunft und einer Arbeitslosenquote von 70%, 80%, 90% oder bald vielleicht schon 100%!
Dafür gehen wir am 2. Mai 2011 auf die Straße und begehen zum 7. Mal den

Internationalen Kampf- und Feiertag der Arbeitslosen - Für ein monatliches Grundeinkommen von viel, viel Geld.
Dafür, dass nur noch sinnvolle Arbeit geleistet wird, bei der keine sinnlosen Produkte entstehen.
Gegen die Wirtschaftswachstumsidiotie, unter der die Menschen und die Umwelt leiden.
Für ein angenehmes Leben."

(…)"Seit sechs Jahren demonstriert eine kleine Menschentraube am 2. Mai in Berlin gegen den Zwang zur Lohnarbeit. Sie rufen zum gemeinsamen Protest wider die Arbeit auf: Künstler, die lieber ihrem kreativen Schaffen nachgehen möchten, sind ebenso mit von der Partie wie Eltern, die sich ihren Kindern mehr verpflichtet fühlen als ihrer Arbeit. Aber auch Menschen, die einfach nicht von der Lohnarbeit überzeugt sind, weil Maschinen das viel besser könnten und der Arbeitsmarkt nicht genug Platz biete, fühlen sich bei der Demo gut aufgehoben. " (…)