Sunday, 31 July 2011

*New Album*Zomby - Dedication*


ZOMBY [england] - Natalia´s Song (2011)

*All tracks are taken from Zomby's 2nd Album 'Dedication',  a great melodic future dubstep/garage/16-bit ambient album released on july 11th, 2011 via 4AD Records.

Zomby [england] - Alothea (2011)

Zomby [england] - Riding With Death (2011)

Zomby [england] - Digital Rain (2011)

Zomby [england] - A devil lay here (2011)

Friday, 29 July 2011

New Singles & Songs (Fixers, Other Lives, Oh Minnows, Erika Spring)

Fixers [england] - Swimhaus Johannesburg (2011)

*Fixers , a five-piece neo-psychedelic indiepop/dance band from oxford will release their new single 'Swimhaus Johannesburg' on august 22th, 2011 via Vertigo Records.

Other Lives [usa] - Tamer Animals (2011)

*Other lives, a indiepop/folk band from Oklahoma will release their 2nd album Tamer Animals on august 29th, 2011.

Oh Minnows [usa] - Everyday (2011)

*'Everyday' the current single from indiepop band Oh Minnow's debut album 'For Shadows',  which was released on july 25th, 2011 via Young and Lost Club.


Erika Spring [usa] - 6 more weeks (2011)

*This is the debut solo single from Brooklyn-based synth pop artist Erika Spring (Au Revoir Simone) from her upcoming split 7inch with us indiepop band Violens out via Friendly Fire Recordings on august 2nd, 2011.

*check more from Au revoir simone...

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New Singles & Songs (Thees Uhlmann, The Twang, Alpines)

Thees Uhlmann [ger] - Zum Laichen&Sterben ziehen die Lachse den Fluß hinauf (2011)

*Thees Uhlmann, singer of german band Tomte from will release his first self-titled soloalbum on august 26th, 2011.

The Twang [england] - Paradise (2011)

*New Single by indie-ravepoppers The Twang from Birmingham. Their third album is announced for a early 2012

*Free download on their facebook page...

Alpines [england] - Cocoon (2011)

*South London electronic-pop duo Alpines will releases their new single 'Cocoon' on august 22th, 2011. A debut album is announced for next year...

Friday, 22 July 2011

*Forgotten Classics* (Björk, Thomas Newman, Morcheeba, Thievery Corporation, Pulp, Ride, Northside, Cardiacs, Modern Eon, Noel Harrison, Arthur Lee Harper)

Björk [iceland] - Pagan Poetry (2001)

*Björk Guðmundsdóttir  known as Björk is an Icelandic singer-songwriter. Her musical style is a mixture of rock, jazz, electronic dance music, classical and folk.
'Pagan Poetry' was the 2nd single from the album Vespertine, released in august 2001.

Thomas Newman [usa] - Any Other Name *OST American Beauty* (1999)

*This track is a original film score for the 1999 film American Beauty, composed by Thomas Newman.

Morcheeba [england] - Trigger Hippie (1996) 

*Trigger Hippie' comes from 'Parts of the Process',  the debut album by british trip hop band Morcheeba.

Thievery Corporation [usa] - Shaolin Satellite (1996)

*'Shaolin Satellite' appears on the debut album 'Sounds From the Thievery Hi-Fi' by Washington D.C.-based musicians  Thievery

*Try also tracks from their new album 'Culture of fear'... 

Pulp [england] - Countdown (1991)
*'Countdown' was the second single from the 1991' album 'Separations' by British indiepop band Pulp.

Ride [england] - Howard Hughes (1992)

*Ride were a British alternative rock band formed in 1988 in Oxford, England, consisting of Andy Bell (now in Oasis/Beady Eye), Mark Gardener, Laurence Colbert, and Steve Queralt.
The band were initially part of the 'shoegazing' scene. 'Howard Hughes' is the b-side of Ride's single Twisterella which was released 1992 on their 2nd album 'going blank again'

Northside [england] - Shall We Take A Trip (1990)

*Northside were a British band from Manchester. Formed in 1989, they released only one album called Chicken Rhythms on Factory Records in 1991 - The band became  part of  indie-rave scene.
The single 'Shall We Take A Trip' was banned by the BBC for its many references to drugs (specifically LSD)

Cardiacs [england] - Is This The Life? (1988)

* Cardiacs are an English alternative rock/psychedelic pop band formed in 1977 and led by Tim Smith.
'Is this the life' was a top 10 single in england and appears on their 1988' album 'A Little Man And A House And The Whole World Window'

Modern Eon [england] - Child's Play (1981)

*Modern Eon was a Ethereal Post Punk from Leeds. 'Child´s play' comes from the album 'Fiction Tales' and was released as a single in 1981.

Noel Harrison [england] - Windmills Of Your Mind (1969)

*'The Windmills of Your Mind' is a song by Noel Harrison and was the theme tune to the film The Thomas Crown Affair. The track won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1968 and reached #8 in the UK Singles Chart.

ARTHUR LEE HARPER [usa] - Sunshine soldier (1968)

*Arthur Lee Harper was a us singer/songwriter. This track is taken from his dreamy-folk-psychedelia influenced album 'Dreams and Images' released in 1968.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

*New Singles & Songs* (PeterLicht, I Break Horses, Elephant, M83, Pallers, Violens, Dave.I.D, Samiyam, Crookers/Dr Gonzo)

PeterLicht [ger] - Neue Idee (2011)

*New Single by PeterLicht taken from his forthcoming 5th album 'Das Ende der Beschwerde' out in october...

*More from PeterLicht...

I Break Horses - [sweden] - Hearts *Tom Rowlands RAR Mix* (2011)

*Tom Rowlands from the Chemical Brothers did a excellent Rmx from the current I break horses single. The swedish duo will release their debut album on august 15th, 2011 via Bella Union Records.

*Try also the original version if you like...

Elephant [england] - Allured (2011)

*Elephant is a dreampop/indietronica duo from London. Their second single 'allured' was released on july 18th, 2011 via Memphis Records.

M83 [france] - Midnight City (2011)

*M83 is an electronic/dream pop act by French musician Anthony Gonzalez. This is the first single to be taken from the new double album 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming' out in october...

*Free download

Pallers [sweden] - Come Rain, Come Sunshine (2011)

*Swedish blissed-out, Balearic-influenced electronica duo Pallers, consisting Johan Angergård (Club 8/Acid House Kings/The Legends) and Henrik Mårtensson released the brand new free download single 'come rain, come sunshine'.
With this new track, they also announced their new album 'The Sea of Memories' which will be released on September 27th, 2011 via Labrador Records.

*Free download

Violens [usa] - Totally True (2011)

*New Yorks Indiepop band Violens with another brand new song...

*For more to listen/read about Violens you can also check these 3 links...

Dave.I.D [england] - SumR (2011)

*Uk based artist Dave I.D.‘s debut album is a mix of experimental electronic/rock music and was released on june 13th, 2011 via Berlin's !K7 label.

Samiyam [usa] - My Buddy (2011)

*Sam Baker, alias Samiyam, is an instrumental Hip-Hop producer from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is best known for his work with experimental producer Flying Lotus and his 8-bit Video Game inspired Hip-Hop beats.
The new 2nd 'Sam Baker's Album' was released on june 22th, 2011

Crookers [italy] - Dr Gonzo Anthem (2011)

*This track is taken from the new 'Gonzo Anthem EP' (out june 27th, 2011) , a three track excursion to planet Gonzo where Italian duo Crookers seem to be spending most of their time these days.  Dr.Gonzo’s Anthem is a melodic wonderment, that sounds like the soundtrack to an unreleased 80’s sci fi flick, just when your thinking what a lovely tune, it turns psychotic!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

*New Album*Ear PWR - Ear PWR*

EAR PWR [usa] - Mountain Home (2011)

*EAR PWR is a electropop duo from North Carolina which combines bubblegum pop and analog synthesizers with dirty disco, funky beats and silly lyrics. Their new self-titled 2nd album was released on may 24th, 2011 via Carpark Records.

Ear Pwr [usa] - Lake (2011)

EAR PWR [usa] - North Carolina (2011)

Ear Pwr [usa] - Baby Houses (2011)

*Try also their current single 'national park'

EAR PWR [usa] - Future Eyes (2009)

*Official Video for the single 'Future eyes' taken  from their debut album Super Animal Brothers III, released in 2009.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Streets - Live@MELT! 2011

The Streets [england] - Turn The Page (MELT! 2011)

*The Streets for the last time, their last tour...Mike Skinner says The Streets will split after their fifth album 'Computers and Blues' and a couple of gigs in 2011.
Enjoy this great freaky clips from Melt! 2011 in Ferropolis-Gräfenhainichen/Germany from last saturday (16.07.2011)

The Streets [england] - Fit But You Know It (MELT! 2011)

The Streets [england] - Going Through Hell feat. Robert Harvey from THE MUSIC (MELT! 2011)

Friday, 15 July 2011

*New Singles & Songs* (Casper feat. Thees Uhlmann, Brockdorff Klang Labor, The Neon Lights, The Pierces, Saturday Night Gym Club, Man Without Country, Lanterns On The Lake,The Raveonettes, Dutch Uncles, Hype Williams, Clockwork Orchestra, All the Young)

Casper feat. Thees Uhlmann [ger] - XOXO (2011)

*Casper is a german rapper from Bielefeld, now living in berlin. This track is a collaboration with Thees Ullman from Tomte and taken from Casper's new 2nd album 'XOXO' released on july 9th. Thees Ullman's first solo album is announced for august 26th, 2011.

Brockdorff Klang Labor [ger] - Festung Europa (2011)

*Brockdorff Klang Labor is an electropop trio from Leipzig/germany. 'Festung Europa' is the winner of the Protest Song contest from music magazine spex and radio station byteFM.

The Neon Lights [england] - Bedroom Party (2011)

*The Neon Lights is an electronica/dance project from liverpool well known for their The XX rework. This track is their current single.

The Pierces [usa] - It Will Not Be Forgotten (2011)

*The Pierces are an alternative folk-pop sister duo from alabama now based in new york. 'It will not be forgotten' is the next single from their fabulous 4th album 'You and I' which is finally out on august 5th, 2011 in germany.

*Try also the videos for their single 'glorious'


* 'You´ll be mine'

Saturday Night Gym Club [irland/england] - I Know *Featuring Ellie Walker* (2011)

*Saturday Night Gym Club is a  indie/electronica band with members based in Belfast, Manchester and Cambridge. 'I know' which features vocals from Ellie Walker is taken from their debut ep which was out at the end of june . Their second ever gig was at Radio 1’s One Big Weekend on the BBC Introducing Stage at the end of may.

Man Without Country [wales] - Inflammable Heart (2011)

*Man without country is a Electronic/Shoegaze duo from cardiff. Their debut album 'foe' (tba) was mixed by Ken Thomas (Sigur Ros and M83)

*You can also listen to their debut single 'King Complex' out on August 15th, 2011.

Lanterns On The Lake [england] - You're Almost There (2011)

*Laterns on the lake is a six-piece cinematic post-rock/indie folk-pop band from Newcastle. Their DEBUT ALBUM 'Gracious Tide, Take Me Home' is OUT on SEPTEMBER 19th, 2011 via Bella Union.

*Free Download...


*Danish indie rock duo The Raveonettes released the 2nd single from their current album 'Raven In The Grave' on june 13th, 2011.

*Try also the album track 'Forget that you´re young'

Dutch Uncles [england] - X-O (2011)

*'X-O' is the current single from manchester indie band Dutch Uncles. It was released on july 4th, 2011 and is taken from their  2nd ' album 'Cadenza' .

*check also this entry for the single 'face in' from their debut album.

Hype Williams [usa] - Rise Up (2011)  

*Hype Williams aka Inga Copeland and Dean Blunt is electronic duo based in London/Berlin.
Their music can be described as spacey, hazy, psychedelic hip-hop-influenced electronic dub.
The lastest album 'One Nation' was released on march 22th, 2011 via Hippos In Tanks. This new track is taken from the brand 'Kelly Price W8 Gain Vol. II EP'  which was out on july 4th, 2011 via hyperdub records.


Clockwork Orchestra [irland] - Heaven Or Helsinki (2011)

*Heaven Or Helsinki' is the latest release from irish electronic-video project Clockwork Orchestra.The old school 8-bit style video was animated by Stefan Evans. A debut album will be released later this year.

All the Young (england) - Welcome Home (2011)

*All The Young is a british alternative rock band from Stoke on Trent. They released their second single 'Welcome Home' on July 4, 2011 via Midlands Calling

Monday, 11 July 2011

*New Album*John Maus - We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves*


John Maus [usa] - Hey Moon (2011)  

*I already posted a couple of single songs some weeks ago from this excellent album ...

*Official video for the song 'believer'

*'Cop Killer'

*'Quantum Leap'

...but now i thought the album deserves another own special post...

*We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves is the third album from American composer and political philosophy and theory instructor John Maus. He kneels at the altar of ’80s-era synth pop in the otherworldly haze of keyboards, bells, and ghostly chanting.

*Read more about the album...

John Maus [usa] - And the Rain (2011)

John Maus [usa] - Keep Pushing On (2011)

JOHN MAUS [usa] - Head For The Country (2011)

*Official Video for Head for the 'country' taken from the album 'We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves' released on June 28th, 2011 on Upset The Rhythm / Ribbon Music.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

*New Album*Thievery Corporation - Culture of Fear*


Thievery Corporation [usa] - Take My Soul (2011)

*Washington D.C.-based musicians and DJs Eric Hilton and Rob Garza form Thievery Corporation in 1995. Inspired from British trip-hop artists like Massive Attack or Portishead, Thievery Corporation combined downtempo electronica grooves with reggae sounds and socio-political lyrics.
*The new 8th album 'culture of fear' was released on june 28th, 2011 on ESL Music

Thievery Corporation [usa] - Tower Seven (2011)

Thievery Corporation [usa] - Is it over (2011)

Thievery Corporation [usa] - Fragments (2011)

Thievery Corporation [usa] - Free (2011)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

*New Album*Washed Out - Within and Without*


Washed out [usa] - echoes (2011)

*Washed Out is the one-man chillwave/dream-pop/bedroom synthpop project from Ernest Greene, a 28 year old guy from South Carolina.
*His debut album 'Within and Without' is out on july 12th, 2011 via sub pop .

Washed out [usa] - Far Away (2011)

Washed out [usa] - Belong (2011)

Washed Out [usa] - A Dedication (2011)

Monday, 4 July 2011

*FLEET FOXES* Paris Show at Salle Pleyel *Live* on the net tonight

*For those who missed the gig on monday night, check out this video of the live stream...


*Tonight The Fleet Foxes Paris show at Salle Pleyel will stream live on the net around 9:15cet.
*See it here if you like...

*Get ready for the gig while watching some Glasto impressions*

Fleet Foxes [usa] - Sim Sala Bim *Live Glastonbury 24.6.2011*

Fleet Foxes [usa] - Blue Ridge Mountains / Your Protector / White Winter Hymnal *Live Glastonbury 24.6.2011*

*TV-MOVIE OF THE DAY* (Es kommt der Tag)


Es kommt der Tag
Drama BRD 2009

Regie: Susanne Schneider
Darsteller: Katharina Schüttler, Iris Berben, Jaques Frantz, Sebastian Urzendowsky, Sophie-Charlotte Kaissling-Dopff

*ARD*   MONTAG 04.07.2011 22:45Uhr - 0:30Uhr

*EINSFESTIVAL* FREITAG    08.07.2011 20:15Uhr - 22:00Uhr
*EINSFESTIVAL* SAMSTAG 09.07.2011 02:15Uhr - 04:00Uhr
*EINSFESTIVAL* FREITAG    15.07.2011 22:55Uhr - 00:40Uhr

* Ein Familiengeheimnis reicht zurück in die Zeit des deutschen Herbst. Nach über 25 Jahren steht Alice Rybka (Katharina Schüttler) zum ersten Mal ihrer Mutter gegenüber: Judith Müller (Iris Berben) lebt auf einem kleinen Weingut im Elsass mit einer neuen Familie und einer neuen Identität. Ihre Tochter Alice gab sie in den 70er Jahren zur Adoption frei, um sich dem bewaffneten Kampf der Bewegung 2 Juni anzuschließen...

Sunday, 3 July 2011

*New Singles & Songs* (Glasvegas, Ear Pwr, Gus Gus, Netsky )

Glasvegas [scotland] - Shine like stars (2011)

*Video for the new single 'Shine like stars' out on july 18th, 2011, taken from their 2nd album 'Euphoric Heartbreak' released in april this year.

Ear Pwr [usa] - National Parks (2011)

*North Carolina electronic duo EAR PWR released their second, self-titled album on May 24, 2011 via Carpark Records. This is the official video for the single 'National Parks'

Gus Gus [iceland] - Selfoss (2011)

*This is the first Track from 'Arabian Horse' the new album by electronic band GUS GUS which was released on may 23th, 2011.

Netsky [belgium] - The Lotus Symphony (2011)

*Netsky (real name: Boris Daenen) is a Belgian drum and bass / liquid funk style producer.
This track is taken from the 'Hospitality: Festival Drum & Bass sampler' which was released on july 1st, 2011.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

*Movies of the day* (Der Name der Leute / The Tree Of Life)


Der Name der Leute
Satire / Komödie Frankreich 2010

Regie: Michel Leclerc
Darsteller: Sara Forestier, Jacques Gamblin, Carole Franck, Zinedine Soualem

*Bahia (Sara Forestier) eine lebenslustige, extrovertierte idealistische Politaktivistin schläft mit Männern aus dem politisch konservativen Lager, um sie von ihren linken Ideen zu überzeugen...bis sie den introvertierten jüdischen Ornithologen Arthur Martin (Jaques Gamblin) trifft...
*Schräg romantische Love-Story um traumatische Familiengeheimnisse und gesellschaftliche Konflikte.


The Tree of life - Der Baum des Lebens
Drama USA 2010

Regie: Terrence Malick
Darsteller: Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Jessica Chastain, Tom Townsend, Kimberly Whalen

*Das weltumspannende, das die Welt zusammenhaltende Wesen vom Lebensbaum ist die Ausgangsidee von The Tree of Life, die hier auf eine scheinbar ganz normale Familie im mittleren Westen der USA in den 60er Jahren übertragen wird. Wir sehen die Welt durch die Augen des jungen Jack: neugierige, weltoffene, staunende Augen. Wie auch seine Mutter (Jessica Chastain) vermag er mit seiner Seele die Welt zu schauen. Sein Vater (Brad Pitt) jedoch, ein Pragmatiker, trichtert dem Kind „die Realitäten“ der Welt ein, einer Welt, in der jeder sich selbst der Nächste ist. Hin- und hergerissen zwischen diesen verschiedenen Ansichten muss Jack im Zuge seiner Kindheit erfahren, dass das Leben auch düstere Seiten und viel Leid bereithält. Als Erwachsener (gespielt von Sean Penn) ist ihm die Welt nur noch Rätsel und er eine darin verlorene Seele. Was ist der große Plan, was bedeutet The Tree of Life, und was ist Jacks Stellung im Universum? Das 'Schicksal' hält eine wundersame Antwort für ihn parat…

Friday, 1 July 2011

*New Singles & Songs *Chillout-Zone* (Tuccillo, ZZT, Pryda, Abyss, Bocca Grande, Photek, Feed Me)

Tuccillo [italy] - Disco En Paradiso (2011)

*Giuseppe Tuccillo is a Italian DJ and producer based in Ibiza. This track is taken from the 'Disco en Paradiso ep' which was released on may 17th, 2011 

ZZT [germany] - ZZAFRIKA *julio bashmore rmx* (2011)

*ZZT is a collaboration between german dance project Zombie Nation and canadian dj Tiga. This rmx is taken from the 'Zzafrika Remixes ep' released on may 30th.

Pryda [sweden] - Mirage (2011)

*Eric Prydz is a swedish dj, being responsible for numerous hit singles in the commercial scene as well as the underground industry. His new single 'Mirage' was released on june 13th, 2011.

Abyss [italy] - Birdsong (2011) *Flowers and Sea Creatures Rmx*

*Abyss aka. Giuseppe Morabito is Progressive-/Tech-/House & Minimal producer from Naples, Italy.
This rmx by canadian electronica duo Flowers And Sea Creatures is taken from his new 'birdsong ep' released on june 27, 2011 via Buzzin' Fly Records

Bocca Grande [japan] - Procedere *Morgan Geist Remix* (2011)

*Bocca Grande is a Japanese duo formed by music producer Kousuke Ishida aka Trio and former piano teacher Yuka Kobayashi. The single with the original version and this Morgan Geist Remix was out on may 27th, 2011 via Rebirth.

Photek [england] - Aviator (2011)

*Photek aka. Rupert Parkes is a British born dj/producer, who now resides in Los Angeles. 'Aviator' is the title track off his latest ep which was released on june 13th, 2011.

Feed Me [england] - Pink Lady (2011)

*Feed Me is Jon Gooch (AKA Spor)’s electro/house/breaks project. His new EP 'Feed Me To The Stars' which also included this track was out on june 3rd via mau5trap.