Sunday, 31 March 2013

***New Tracks*** [Ghost & Writer, Swim Deep, The Besnard Lakes, Dune Rats, Hiatus feat. Shura)

*Tonight PostModern contain Frank Spinath`s (Seabound) electro-/futurepop side project Ghost & Writer with the stunning opening track 'Gambit' from the new album 'Red Flags'

New Single/Video for 'She Changes The Weather' from Birmingham indiepop foursome Swim Deep,  taken from their forthcoming debut album 'Where The Heaven Are We' out at the end of july.

Montreal's Psych-/IndieRock band The Besnard Lakes with their new single 'People Of The Sticks' from the new 4th album 'Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO'.

Australian Surf-/Garagepop duo Dune Rats with the green version video for 'Red Light Green Light' from their yet untitled debut album out later in 2013.

plus DJ Hiatus feat. Shura from London with a lovely chillout track, 'We Can Be Ghosts Now' from the forthcoming 2nd album 'Parklands' out in may*

Ghost & Writer [Germany-Belgium] - Gambit (2013)
Red Flags 

Swim Deep [England/Birmingham] - She Changes The Weather (2013)
Where The Heaven Are We

 photo 486088_10151400958381489_189600196_n_zpsdf6792d5.jpg The Besnard Lakes [Canada/Montreal] - People of the sticks (2013)
Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO

DUNE RATS [Australia/Brisbane] - Red Light Green Light *Green Version* (2013)

[*Please!!! Don´t imitate this ;-). It´s only a homage to DZ Deathrays’s clip for 'The Mess Up' instead of drinking a bottle of Jagermeister in a song length time, Dune Rats are smoking bongs, tooo much bongs!!! (with Lavender & Tobacco according to their own statement) The homage is clever, the behaviour more than stupid. But this could be a new smoking hymn :-))) * ]

Hiatus *feat. Shura* [England/London] - We Can Be Ghosts Now (2013)

Friday, 29 March 2013

***New Tracks*** (Decades, United Ghosts, The Good Natured, Highasakite, Dan Le Sac)

*Tonight PostModern feature
'In Sequins', the 2nd video from Toronto’s post-punk foursome Decades - taken from their self-titled debut album.

Los Angeles shoegaze band United Ghosts have finally released their debut single 'Holes into the Night' in the UK - the song comes from their forthcoming self-titled debut album.

British pop trio The Good Natured, led by Sarah McIntosh, with the new song 'Lovers' taken from their upcoming debut album 'Prism' - expected this summer.

The video for "In And Out Of Weeks" by norwegian indie-/electropop quintet Highasakite, the title track from their current EP.

And finally
the new video/song 'Four Thousand Thumbnails' by british electronic producer Daniel Stephen aka Dan Le Sac*

DECADES [Canada/Toronto] - IN SEQUINS (2013)

United Ghosts [USA/Los Angeles] - Holes into the night (2011/2013)
United Ghosts

The Good Natured [England/Berkshire] - Lovers (2013)

Highasakite [Norway/Oslo] - In and out of weeks (2013)
In and out of weeks EP

Dan Le Sac [England/Reading] - Four Thousand Thumbnails (2013)

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

***New Tracks*** (Heterotic, Beat Connection, Leo Abraham, Edwyn Collins, Love Dance)

*Tonight PostModern present
the first video from Heteroric's debut album 'Love&Devotion' - 'Blue Lights' is a moody piano-house/electronic pop track with Nick Talbot of Gravenhurst on vocals.

The video for 'Think/Feel', the latest single by tropical psychedelic pop band Beat Connection from their 2012´ album 'The Palace Garden'.

'That’s What You Do' , the lead single from british musician, current pulp guitarist and Brian Eno collaborator Leo Abrahams 6 track mini-album 'Zero Sum'.

Legendary scottish musician Edwyn Collins with 'Dilemna', the first single/video from his new 8th album 'Understated'.

Norway dream-/indiepop quartet Love Dance with the video to 'Safe Sounds' from their new Elevate 7inch.*

Heterotic [England/Brigthon] - Blue Lights *feat. Gravenhurst* (2013)
Love & Devotion

Beat Connection [USA/Seattle] - Think/Feel *feat. Chelsey Scheffe* (2012)
The Palace Garden

Leo Abrahams [England/London] - That's What You Do (2013) 
Zero Sum

Edwyn Collins [Scotland/ Edinburgh] - Dilemna (2013)

Love Dance [Norway/Bergen] - Safe Sounds (2013)
Elevate 7"

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

***New Tracks*** (The Boxer Rebellion, Glasvegas, Les Mistons, Kid Moxie, Sigur Rós)

*Today PostModern feature
'Diamonds',  the first single from british indie rock band The Boxer Rebellion - taken from their as yet untitled upcoming 4th studio album set for release in later 2013.

Brand new single from scottish alternativ rock band Glasvegas from their forthcoming album 'Later...When The TV Turns To Static'

A new track by three-piece psychedelic pop band Les Mistons from East London - Paul Lester from The Guardian decribed their music with the term 'ShoeRave' ^^

Kid Moxie, a Los Angeles-based music project fronted by Greek-born singer/ actress Elena Charbila with their new video 'The Bailer'. They decribed their music as "A blend of powerful beats, pop sweetness and haunting melodies..." 

a new single by icelandic ambient/post-rock outfit Sigur Rós taken from the upcoming album 'Kveikur' out in mid june.*

The Boxer Rebellion [England/London] - Diamonds (2013)

Glasvegas [Scotland/Glasgow] - I'd Rather Be Dead (Than Be With You) (2013)
Later...When The TV Turns To Static

 photo 253605_218023878230782_1075152_n_zps691c5bca.jpg Les Mistons [England/London] - Overcoming Fear (2013)

Kid Moxie [USA/Los Angeles] - The Bailor (2013)

Sigur Rós [Iceland/Reykjavík] - Brennisteinn (2013)

Saturday, 23 March 2013

***New Tracks*** (The Ropes, Hibou, Sulk, Decade in Exile, The Birthday Kiss)

*Today PostModern include another video from New York electronic/alternative-rock band The Ropes - 'America will copy' is taken from their new album 'Post-Entertainment'.

Ethereal surf pop from Seattle - 19-year old Peter Michel aka Hibou with his debut single 'Glow'

London post baggy group Sulk will release their debut album 'Graceless' in mid april - till then you need to check out the fantastic 'Porters Remix' of 'Sleeping Beauty', the b-side from their debut single 'Wishes' from two years ago. 
UK indie band Decade in Exile with the video for the song 'Patti's Town' taken from their current debut ep. One of the band members is Duncan Lloyd, guitarist for Maximo Park,

Leeds/London indie-pop band The Birthday Kiss with a video from their new double a side debut single 'Worth It'.*

The Ropes [USA/New York] - America Will Copy (2013)

Hibou [USA/Seattle] - Glow (2013)

Sulk [England/London] - Sleeping Beauty *The Porters Remix* (2011)  
Wishes 7"

Decade in Exile [England/Newcastle] - Patti's Town (2013) 
Decade In Exile 12'' EP

The Birthday Kiss [England/Sheffield] - Worth It (2013)
Worth It 7"

Thursday, 21 March 2013

***New Tracks*** (Splashh, Suede, Kavinsky, Ghost & Writer, Rough Days For Diamond Trade)

*Tonight PostModern feature...

London based band Splashh - they return with  'Sun Kissed Bliss',  a bonus track from their forthcoming debut album 'Comfort' which is out in june.

Legendary glamrock/britpop band Suede with the new album 'Bloodsport' , their first in over ten years - the video to 'Sabotage' was recorded live at the Maida Vale studios for BBC6Music.

French electro-pop/80s movie-soundtrack-DJ Kavinsky with the video to 'Dead Cruiser' taken from his debut album 'Outrun'.

As a prologue to the new forthcoming album 'Red Flags', Frank Spinath's (Seabound) electropop side project Ghost & Writer with the new single 'Never Take Fire'.

And finally Danish electropop act Rough Days For Diamond Trade, the solo project of Ghost Society guitarist Frederik Sølberg with the video to 'Anywhere', the first single from their current debut EP.*

 photo fanny-jessy-splashh-splashh5_zpsf05849bc.jpeg SPLASHH [England/London] - Sun Kissed Bliss (2013)

Suede [England/London] - Sabotage (2013)

Kavinsky [France/Paris] - Dead Cruiser (2013)

Ghost & Writer  [Germany/Belgium] - Never take fire (2013)
Red Flags

Rough Days For Diamond Trade [Denmark/Copenhagen] - Anywhere (2013)

Monday, 18 March 2013

***New Tracks*** (Feathers, The Flight, Vimes, Little Night Terrors, Father Sculptor)

*Tonight PostModern feature three well-known faces from the last weeks and two new bands...

Four-piece, all-woman, Austin electropop group Feathers with their new video 'Soft', the follow up to the fantastic 'Land Of The Innocent' single. Both tracks are taken from Feathers' debut album 'If All Now Here' which is out in mid april.

East London duo The Flight and their video for 'Hangman', a triphop influenced song from the current debut EP.  

Another video by cologne electronic band Vimes, their new 2nd single 'House Of Deer', the follow-up to last years 'Upstairs'

Leicester britpoppers Little Night Terrors with the video to 'Pure (Hula Hoop Girl)' - released a couple of weeks before their great 'Cherryade', song.
And finally Father Sculptor from Glasgow - they also listenend a lot to britpop. The new single 'Lowlands' come from their debut EP 'Faith & Violence' - out in april*

FEATHERS [USA/Austin] - Soft (2013)
If All Now Here

The Flight [England/London] - Hangman  (2013)
The Hangman EP

VIMES [Germany/Cologne] - House Of Deer (2013)

Little Night Terrors [England/Leicester] - PURE (Hula Hoop Girl) (2013)

 photo All-Moz-cons---Father-Scu-008_zps66cd28f3.jpg   Father Sculptor [Scotland/Glasgow] - Lowlands (2013)
Faith & Violence

Friday, 15 March 2013

***New Tracks*** (Neils Children, Cheatahs, Sad Days For Puppets, Here Is Your Temple, Wampire)

*Tonight PostModern contain the new music video for 'Trust You' by english psychedelic pop band Neils Children, taken from their new album 'Dimly Lit',
London noisepop four-piece Cheatahs with 'Fall', a taster from their debut album which is due for release this year,
Swedish Indiepop/Shoegaze band Sad Days For Puppets with their new video/single 'Cold Hand' taken from the upcoming third album 'Come Closer' out in early may,
another swedish band - dreamy alternative-pop five piece Here Is Your Temple and the title-track and forthcoming single from their 'So High' EP,
as well Portland/Oregon based indie pop band Wampire with their current 7inch 'The Hearse' taken from the album 'Curiosity'*

NEILS CHILDREN [England/Cheshunt] - TRUST YOU (2013)
Dimly Lit

Cheatahs [England/London] - Fall (2013)  

Sad Day For Puppets [Sweden/Stockholm] - Cold hand (2013)
Come Closer

HERE IS YOUR TEMPLE [Sweden/Stockholm] - SO HIGH (2013)
So High EP 

Wampire [USA/Portland] - The Hearse (2013)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

***New Tracks*** (Bibelots, Little Night Terrors, The Levellers, Austra, Woman's Hour)

*Tonight Postmodern present 
London-based five piece alternative rock/britpop band Bibelots with their new song 'Devils Highway', the follow up to the Manta Ray EP from last year.

Another britpop influnced band - Leicester trio Little Night Terrors and their latest track 'Cherryade'.

Legendary Brighton folkpop/-punk band The Levellers have been recording videos for every song on their 2012 album 'Static On The Airwaves - 'Alone in the darkness' is the latest.

The new single by canadian electro-/gothpop trio Austra from their forthcoming second album 'Olympia'
And finally London based electro-/chillpop quartet Woman's Hour with their newest single 'To The End', the A-side to the previously released 'Our Love Has No Rhythm'*

 Photobucket Bibelots [England/London] - Devils Highway (2013) *Jagz Kooner Mix*

LITTLE NIGHT TERRORS [England/Leicester] - Cherryade (2013)

The Levellers [England/Brighton] - Alone In This Darkness (2012) 
Static On the Airwaves

Photobucket Austra [Canada/Toronto] - Home (2013)

Photobucket Woman's Hour [England/London] - To the end (2013)

Monday, 11 March 2013

***New Album*** (Heterotic - Love & Devotion)

*Out next week on Planet Mu*
Heterotic - Love & Devotion
*Full Album Stream*

*The Album bring together two eras of british electronic beats...early 80s electropop stuff and early 90s acid house/ambient sounds - with Nick Talbot, aka Gravenhurst on vocals...*

Sunday, 10 March 2013

***New Tracks*** (Gentlemen, Elephants And Castles, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, Pascal Pinon, Neon Neon)

*Today PostModern include new video by London 5-piece indiepop band Gentlemen
another london indiepop band, Elephants And Castles with their new song 'Concrete Love', 
mexican shoegaze/psych duo Lorelle Meets The Obsolete and a track from the various 'Psych For Sore Eyes' EP which was mastered by Sonic Boom,
iclandic twin sister Pascal Pinon with the track 'Þerney (One Thing)' taken from their second album 'Twosomeness', produced by Alex Somers (Sígur Rós, Jonsí)
plus the new single from Neon Neon - Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals) electronic project will release the second album 'Praxis Makes Perfect' at the end of april*

 Gentlemen [England/London] - Sailor Of The Cosmic Ark (2013)

Photobucket Elephants and Castles [England/London] - Concrete Love (2013)

Photobucket Lorelle Meets The Obsolete [Mexico/Guadalajara] - Medicine To Cure Medicine Sickness (2013)
Psych For Sore Eyes EP

Pascal Pinon [Iceland/Reykjavík] - One Thing (2013)

Photobucket Neon Neon [Wales/Cardiff] - Mid Century Modern Nightmare (2013)
Praxis Makes Perfect

Friday, 8 March 2013

***New Tracks*** (Wall Of Death, Big Deal, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, The Sufis, The Asphodells)

*Tonight PostModern present French post-psychedelic rock trio Wall Of Death with their latest video,
'In your car', the second taster from Big Deal, a London alternative rock duo from the new 2nd album 'June Gloom',
the first single from the new Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album 'Push The Sky Away' which was released in february,
Nashville 60s psychedelic rock influenced band The Sufis and the single 'Where Did She Go' from their self-titled debut from last year
and another fabulous psychedelic disco track by Andrew Weatheralls new project The Asphodells*

WALL OF DEATH [France/Paris] - Tears of Rainbow (2012/2013)
Main Obsessions 

Photobucket Big Deal [England/London] - In Your Car (2013)
June Gloom

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds [Australia/Melbourne] - We No Who U R (2012/2013)
Push The Sky Away

Photobucket The Sufis [USA/Nashville] - Where Did She Go (2012)
The Sufis

The Asphodells (Andrew Weatherall) [England/London] - The Quiet Dignity (Of Unwitnessed Lives)
Ruled By Passion, Destroyed By Lust

Thursday, 7 March 2013

***New Tracks*** (The House Of Love, The Neigbourhood, Norma, Dead Leaf Echo, Skeleton Hands)

*Today PostModern feature 'A Baby Got Back On Its Feet', the first single from The House of Love’s sixth album 'She Paints Words in Red out',
Oklahoma band The Neighbourhood with a new video to their song 'Sweater Weather'- the track is taken from the band´s last year EP 'I´m sorry', 
Swedish Krautpop trio Norma and the second single/video 'Son in Rags' from their album 'The Invisible Mother' released at the end of january,
the new 2nd single 'Birth' from NYC shoegaze band Dead Leaf Echo taken from their upcoming debut LP 'Thought & Language' which was mixed by John Fryer (Cocteau Twins, Lush...)
plus a track from the debut album by Cincinnati  new wave duo Skeleton Hands from their debut album 'Gone* 

Photobucket The House Of Love [England/London] - A Baby Got Back On Its Feet (2013)
She Paints Words in Red

The Neighbourhood [USA/California] - Sweater Weather (2012/2013) 
I`m sorry Ep

Norma [Sweden/Stockholm] – Son In Rags (2013)
The Invisible Mother

Photobucket Dead Leaf Echo [USA/New York] - Birth (2013)
Thought & Language

Skeleton Hands [USA/Cincinnati] - Robot Hands (2013)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

***New Tracks*** (The D.O.T., Younghusband, Trails And Ways, Still Corners, Bering Strait)

After some classics, today PostModern present some new music again. 
The D.O.T. return less than four months after their debut album with a new single 'How We All Lie', taken from their forthcoming 2nd album 'Diary'.

London four-piece psych pop band Younghusband are set to release their third single 'Comets Crossed' of their yet untitled debut album which is out later this year.
You can also listen to the lead single 'Border Cross' by us indie/alt-pop group Trails And Ways of their upcoming debut album, 'Trilingual', due out sometime this year. 

London based indie pop duo Still Corners have a new single, 'Berlin Lovers' comes from the band’s new record 'Strange Pleasures' out in may.

And finally some meditative spacey vibes by 21-year-old Manchester electronica producer Jack Lever aka Bering Strait, the song/video 'Apart' is the title-track of his new EP.

The D.O.T. (Mike Skinner/The Streets & Rob Harvey/The Music) [England/London] - How We All Lie (2013)

Photobucket Younghusband [England/London] - Comets Crossed (2013)

Photobucket TRAILS AND WAYS [USA/Oakland] - Border Crosser (2013)

Still Corners [England/London] – Berlin Lovers (2013)
Strange Pleasures

Bering Strait [England/Manchester] - Apart (2013)
Apart EP

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

***PostModern Classics*** (Billy Bragg, Pop Will Eat Itself, Campag Velocet, Candy Flip, Ostzonensuppenwürfelmachenkrebs)

*Classic PostModern time*
*In this edition you can see singer/songwriter Billy Bragg with 'Accident Waiting to Happen', the third single from his album 'Don't Try This at Home' released in september 1991,
'Wise Up Sucker' from Pop Will Eat Itselfs 1989 album 'This Is the Day...This Is the Hour...This Is This!',
Campag Velocets 'Ain't No Funki Tangerine', the final track from their 2004 album 'It's Beyond Our Control'.
also manchester electronic band Candy Flip with 'Redhills Road', the fourth single from their 1991 Madstock album
plus german noiserock band Ostzonensuppenwürfelmachenkrebs and their 1998 video 'Von Haus aus allein' from the compilation album 'Leichte Teile, Kleiner Rock'* 

Billy Bragg [England/Essex] - Accident Waiting to Happen (1992)  
Don't Try This At Home 

Pop Will Eat Itself [England/Stourbridge] - Wise Up Sucker (1989)
This Is the Day...This Is the Hour...This Is This!

Campag Velocet [England/London] - Ain't No Funky Tangerine (2004)
It's Beyond Our Control

Candy Flip [England/Manchester] - Redhills Road (1991)

Ostzonensuppenwürfelmachenkrebs [Germany/Hamburg] - Von Haus aus allein (1998)
Leichte Teile, Kleiner Rock

Sunday, 3 March 2013

***New Tracks*** (Vimes, Little Boots, Junica, The Ropes, Miss Kittin)

*Tonight PostModern feature Cologne electronic duo Vimes and their debut single/video 'UpStairs' from late 2012,
UK electropop singer-songwriter Little Boots first video from her forthcoming 'Nocturnes' album,
New Zealand indiepop band Junica with their 5th single/video 'You´re my sun' from last years 'The Celebration' album featuring Mike Edwards (Jesus Jones) on guitar and backing vocals,
Indierock duo The Ropes 2nd Video from their latest album 'Post-Entertainment'
plus French electronic act Miss Kittin with her new single 'Bassline' from the upcoming album 'Calling From The Stars'*

VIMES [Germany/Cologne] - UpStairs (2012)

Little Boots [England/Blackpool] - Motorway (2013)

Junica (New Zealand/Wellington] - You're My Sun' ft. Mike Edwards (Jesus Jones)  
The Celebration

The Ropes [USA/New York] - The 57th Floor (2013) 


Miss Kittin [France/Paris] - Bassline (2013)
Calling From The Stars

Friday, 1 March 2013

***New Tracks*** (As Elephants Are, Kool Thing, Karl Hyde, Tricky, Boy Friend)

*Today PostModern contain new singles by uk indiepop band As Elephants Are and Berlin-based Dublin electropop band Kool Thing,
also the first single from Underworld's Karl Hyde upcoming solo album,
a new track by legendary british trip hop producer Tricky
plus the new video by Austin, TX based three-piece electronic/dreampop band Boy Friend*

Photobucket As Elephants Are [England/Buckinghamshire] - Lucifer (2013)

Photobucket Kool Thing [Irland/Dublin] - TV Tower (2013)
Kool Thing

Karl Hyde (Underworld) [England/London] - The Boy With The Jigsaw Puzzle Fingers (2013)

Tricky [England/Bristol] - Nothing's Changed *feat. Francesca Belmonte*
False Idols

Boy Friend [USA/Austin] - Labyrinth (2013) 
Secret City EP