Tuesday, 30 July 2013

***New Tracks*** (Sister Crystals, Vulkano, Yuck, Juveniles, Keep Shelly in Athens)

*Tonight PostModern include...

Chicago-based psychedelic dream-pop band Sister Crystals with their single/video 'White' from the new self-titled debut album

Scandinavian postpunk duo Vulkano with their debut single/video 'Vision Tricks' 

London shoegaze outfit Yuck with the new single/video 'Rebirth' from their sophomore album due out later this year. 

New video for French electro-pop duo Juveniles’ latest single 'Washed Away', taken from their self-titled debut album.

Greek chill/indie/electro duo Keep Shelly in Athens with their new single 'Recollection' from the forthcoming debut album 'At Home' out in september*

 Sister Crystals [USA/Chicago] - White (2013)
Sister Crystals

´Vulkano [Sweden/Stockholm] - Vision Tricks (2013)

Yuck [England/London] - Rebirth (2013)

JUVENILES [France/Rennes] - WASHED AWAY (2013)

Keep Shelly in Athens [Greece/Athens]- Recollection (2013)
At Home 

Saturday, 27 July 2013

***New Tracks*** (Hoodlums, Young*Husband, Ghostpoet, Shinies, Au Palais)

*Tonight PostModern feature...

London based five piece indierock/-pop band Hoodlums with the single/video 'Anything Goes' from their debut 'Virtue EP'

New Single from London psychedelic pop fourpiece Young*Husband from the debut album 'Dromes' - out in mid september

'Cold Win', the second single/video from electronic/trip-/hip-hop artist Ghostpoet's latest album 'Some Say I So I Say Light'

Manchester indierock band Shinies with their new single 'Taste', taken from the debut EP 'Tangle'

and finally
Toronto/London electropop duo Au Palais with 'Thrones', their latest single and follow up to debut EP 'Tender Mercy' from 2011*

HOODLUMS [England/London] - Anything Goes (2013)
Virtue EP

Young*Husband [England/London] - Silver Sisters (2013)

Ghostpoet [England/London] - Cold Win (2013)
Some Say I So I Say Light

 photo Shinies-650x433_zpsd03df7ad.jpg Shinies [England/Manchester] - Taste (2013)
Tangle Ep

 photo 556313_404649206272579_2014212151_n_zps7cf48244.jpg AU PALAIS [Canada/Toronto] - Thrones (2013)

Friday, 19 July 2013

***New Tracks*** (Swim Deep, Ariel Pink, Hologram, Soft Metals, Ultrasound)

*Friday night's PostModern feature...

Birmingham alt-pop fourpiece Swim Deep with 'Crush', a new bonus track from their debut album 'Where the Heaven Are We' which is out at the beginning of august.

Lo-Fi psychedelic pop artist Ariel Pink & Jorge Elbrecht from indiepop band Violens teamed up for their first ever collaborative split 7inch 'Hang On To Life'

French Indiepop duo Hologram with the title track/video of their debut EP 'Absolute Zero'.

Portland electronic duo Soft Metals with 'In The Air', the 2nd single from their new second album 'Lenses'*

and finally
90s indie/britpop band Ultrasound from London with the latest single/video 'Between Two Rivers' taken from their comeback album 'Play For Today' from last year september.*

 photo 972015_536399176419771_119322803_n_zpsfbf82cf1.jpg Swim Deep [England/Birmingham] - Crush (2013)
Where the Heaven Are We 

 photo ariel-pink-jorge-elbrecht_zpsaed5d35e.jpg Ariel Pink & Jorge Elbrecht (Violens) [USA/Miami-Brooklyn] - Hang On to Life (2013)   
Hang on to Life/No Real Friend 7"

Hologram [France/Paris] - Absolute Zero (2013)
Absolute Zero Ep

 photo 1011370_10151660169324165_697960224_n_zps14a8e0bc.jpg Soft Metals [USA/Los Angeles] - In The Air (2013)

Ultrasound [England/London] - Between Two Rivers (2012/2013)
Play For Today

Thursday, 18 July 2013

***New Tracks*** (Suburban Living, Mazzy Star, Neøv, Goldfrapp, Westbam)

*Thursday night - PostModern time featuring...

Suburban Living, the indiepop project of Virginia's Wesley Bunch with his latest single/video 'Always Eyes'

90s dream-/folkpop duo Mazzy Star with the new single 'California' from the new album 'Seasons of Your Day', their first in 17 years - out at the end of september.

Last weeks 'Mellow' video from finnish dreampop/shoegaze act . 'Windvane' was the first release.

British electronic duo Goldfrapp return with a new single. 'Drew' is a first taster from their forthcoming album 'Tales of Us'

and finally
'She Wants' featuring Bernhard Sumner (New Order), the second single/video from techno legend Westbam's recent album 'Götterstrasse'*

Suburban Living [USA/Virginia Beach] - Always Eyes (2013)
Always Eyes 7"

Mazzy Star [USA/Los Angeles] - California (2013)
Seasons of Your Day

 photo 382079_239488072848394_1561921187_n_zpse99fa827.jpg Neøv [Finland/Kuopio] - Windvane (2013)
Orange Morning

Goldfrapp [England/London] - Drew (2013) 
Tales of Us

Westbam [Germany/Berlin] *feat. Bernhard Sumner* - She Wants (2013)

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

***New Tracks*** (Luke Haines, No Joy, Night Flowers, Weekend, Helen Love)

Wednesday night's edition of PostModern feature...

Ex-Auteurs frontman Luke Haines with 'Rock n Roll Animals'. 
The new single is also title track from his new forthcoming solo album - out
in two weeks' time,

Montreal shoegazers No Joy with 'Hare Tarot Lies', the 2nd single/video from the band's 2nd album 'Wait To Pleasure'

London-based indiepop/shoegaze outfit Night Flowers with the song 'North' from their debut double A-side 7" 'Single Beds / North'

Brooklyn Post-Punk/Shoegaze trio Weekend with 'It´s allright', the 2nd single from their new second album 'Jinx' 

Helen Love's new single 'Atomic'. The Indiepop band from Wales will release their new album 'Day-Glo Dreams' at the end of july*

Luke Haines (ex-The Auteurs) [England/London] - Rock n Roll Animals (2013)
Rock And Roll Animals 
get Proxtube if you live in a GEMA infested area  

No Joy [Canada/Montreal] - Hare Tarot Lies (2013)
Wait To Pleasure

Night Flowers [England/London] - North (2013)
Single Beds / North 7inch

 photo Weekend3_zpsb5c8f16f.jpg Weekend [USA/Brooklyn] - It's Alright (2013)

HELEN LOVE [Wales/Swansea] - Atomic (2013)
Day-Glo Dreams 
get Proxtube if you live in a GEMA infested area ← 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

***New Tracks*** (Marnie, Wide Eyed, The Hundredth Anniversary, IYES, Moderat)

*The Weekend Edition Of Postmodern includes...

Helen Marnie of Ladytron with the beautiful 'Hearts On Fire' from her solo debut album 'Crystal World'

Alternative Rock band Wide Eyed, a fresh name on the Birmingham indie scene with their excellent new single 'Tell Me'. 

Brighton four-piece indiepop band The Hundredth Anniversary with their latest single 'The Jump'

Another Brighton act  - indie electronic newcomers IYES with their blissfull track 'Daddy'   

german electronic act Moderat (comprised of Modeselektor and Apparat) with the first single/video from their forthcoming album 'II'*

Marnie [England/London] - Hearts On Fire (2013)
Crystal World

 photo 1044834_491937067551950_1392137019_n_zps9540500c.jpg   WIDE EYED [England/Birmingham] - Tell Me (2013)

The Hundredth Anniversary [England/Brighton] - The Jump (2013)

IYES [England/Brighton] - Daddy (2013)

Moderat [Germany/Berlin] - Bad Kingdom (2013)

Friday, 12 July 2013

***New Tracks*** (Henric de la Cour, I Break Horses, Fan-Tan, Selebrities, Black Swan Lane)

*Friday night's edition of PostModern include...

'Chasing Dark', the first track to be released from swedish darkpop musician Henric de la Cour's (Yvonne, Strip Music) new 2nd solo album 'Mandrills' - out in september.

Another swedish artist - shoegaze/electropop duo I Break Horses with their brand new single 'Denial' 

Brooklyn indie/postpunk band Fan-Tan with their single/video 'Window' taken from the debut lp 'A Strange Game' which was released in march.

Brooklyn once more - Selebrities, self-described as "voguish summertime goth/pop/new wave" band with 'You´re Gone'. another track from their new 2nd album 'Lovely Things'

and finally
Post Punk band Black Swan Lane around Mark Burgess (The Chameleons) with the video to 'Relax And Breath' from their new fifth studio album 'The Last Time In Your Light'*

  photo tumblr_ltlsjww71D1r209ip_1320080114_cover_zps3cf89f8c.jpg Henric De La Cour [Sweden/Stockholm] - Chasing Dark (2013)

 photo i-break-horses_zpsb3978fb6.jpeg I Break Horses [Sweden/Stockholm] - Denial (2013)

Fan-Tan [USA/Brooklyn] - Window  (2012/2013)
A Strange Game

 photo 155749_10151441164309667_1950233384_n_zps7c5a22bc.jpg Selebrities [USA/Brooklyn] - You're Gone (2013)
Lovely Things

Black Swan Lane [USA/Atlanta] - Relax and Breathe (2013)
The Last Time In Your Light

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

***New Tracks*** (NEØV, Bleeding Rainbow, Sulk, Club 8, Mineral)

*Tonight PostModern present...

'Mellow' by Finnish shoegaze/dream pop quintet NEØV. The song is featured on their debut longplayer 'Orange Morning' which was out in february.

Philadelphia noise-/indiepop band Bleeding Rainbow with the video to their song 'Pink Ruff', taken from the album 'Yeah Right' - released at the end of april.

London post baggy five piece Sulk with 'There Is A Light In You', the b-side from their latest single 'The Big Blue'

Swedish electropop duo Club 8 with the video to their single ' Stop Taking My Time' from their latest album 'Above The City'

the new video from Craig Walker's (Archive,Power Of Dreams) indie/electronic band Mineral. 'Atoms' is the first release on Alan McGee's (Creation Records Mastermind) new label '359 Music'*

NEØV [Finland/Kuopio] - MELLOW (2013)
Orange Morning

Bleeding Rainbow [USA/Philadelphia] - Pink Ruff (2012/2013)
Yeah Right

 photo 418337_380240385377253_1941666623_n_zpsafa7d95c.jpg Sulk [England/London] - There Is A Light In You (2013)
The Big Blue 7"

Club 8 [Sweden/Stockholm] - Stop Taking My Time (2013)
Above The City

Mineral [Irland/Dublin] - Atoms (2013)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

***New Tracks*** (Department M, Placebo, Low Sea, Manic Street Preachers, New Desert Blues)

*Tuesday Night's Edition of PostModern feature... 

Leeds based indie industrial/synthpop influenced act Department M, headed by former Grammatics frontman Owen Brinley, with the debut single/video for the song 'The Second Prize'.

'Too Many Friends', the new single by alternative rock band Placebo ,taken from their forthcoming seventh studio album 'Loud Like Love'.

Irish psychedelic shoegaze/goth duo Low Sea with their new video for 'Afflictions Of Love',  taken from the album 'Remote Control'.

'Rewind The Film', the title track and first taster of welsh rock legends Manic Street Preacher's new album, out in september.

Hampshire-based indie rock outfit New Desert Blues with their new single/video 'Adam'*

 Department M [England/Leeds] - The Second Prize (2013) 

Placebo [England/London] - Too Many Friends (2013)
Loud Like Love

Low Sea [Irland/Cork] - Afflictions Of Love (2013)
Remote Control

Manic Street Preachers [Wales/Blackwood] *feat. Richard Hawley* - Rewind The Film (2013)
Rewind The Film

New Desert Blues [England/Hampshire] - Adam (2013)

Sunday, 7 July 2013

***New Tracks*** (Maps, Sivu, Pale Seas, Soosh, Picnic)

*Tonight PostModern feature a more chillout zone influenced editon including...

Northamptons James Chapman a.ka. Indie/Electro pop project Maps with the track 'I Heard Them Say', taken from his great new 3rd album 'Vicissitude'

British singer/songwriter Sivu with his new video for 'Bodies', the lead track from the new EP with the same name.

 'Evil is Always One Step Behind ', a new track from Southampton dream folk band Pale Seas. Their debut album 'Places to Haunt' is out later this year.

The video to 'Open Hearts' from glasgow electronic dream hop artist Soosh. His debut lp 'Colour is Breathe' was released in february this year.

'Goodnight', a track from the new 2nd album 'The Weather’s fine' by Estonian shoegaze band Picnic*

 photo Maps_-_credit__Phil_Sharp_1372958859_crop_550x368_zpsde73e3ac.jpg   Maps [England/Northampton] - I Heard Them Say (2013)

 Sivu  [England/London] - Bodies (2013)
Bodies EP

Pale Seas [England/Southampton] - Evil Is Only One Step Behind (2013)
Places to Haunt

Soosh [Scotland/Glasgow] - Open Hearts *feat. Carmel Khavari* (2013)
Colour is Breathe

Picnic [Estonia/Tallinn] - Goodnight (2013)
The Weather's Fine

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

***New Tracks*** (SPC ECO, Washed Out, Travis, No Middle Name, Swimming Lessons))

*This edition of PostModern feature...

'Delusional Waste', the new single from nu shoegaze electronic musicical group SPC ECO, the band from CURVE's Dean Garcia and his daughter Rose Berlin.

Ernest Greene a.k.a. Washed Out with 'Don´t Give Up',  the second single from his upcoming new album 'Parascosm'

'Where You Stand', the title track and first single from britpop band Travis. Their seventh album is out at the end of august.

No Middle Name, the indiepop project of David Bailey with the debut video/single 'Another Season' 

Leeds based bedroom electro-/dreampop artist Ben Lewis a.k.a. Swimming Lessons with the debut single/video 'Double'

SPC ECO [England/London] - Delusional Waste (2013)

Washed Out [USA/Georgia] - Don't Give Up (2013)

Travis [Scotland/Glasgow] - Where You Stand (2013)
Where You Stand

No Middle Name [England/London] - Another Season (2013)

Swimming Lessons [England/Leeds] - Double (2013)

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

***New Tracks*** (Astral Pattern, Weekend, White Lies, Lungs, Boardwalk)

*Tonight PostModern feature...

Psychedelic dream pop band Astral Pattern (ex members of S.C.U.M) with the video to 'Faraway'. After 'Sitting In The Sun', this is the 2nd release from their debut EP 'Light Poems'

Brooklyn Post-Punk/Shoegaze trio Weekend with the first single from their forthcoming second album 'Jinx'

Latest video from uk postpunk band White Lies for their single 'There Goes Our Love Again' from the forthcoming new third album 'Big Tv'
L U N G S, a new indie-/dreampop project of former Guillemots guitarist MC Lord Magrão. The debut double A-side single 'Faraway / Lone is out at the end of july.

and finally
'I'm To Blame', the debut single from Los Angeles lo-fi dream-pop duo Boardwalk

Astral Pattern [England/London] - Faraway (2013)
Light Poems EP 

 photo 555098_585717911441474_1117062886_n_zps11430fb4.jpg Weekend [USA/Brooklyn] - Mirror (2013)

White Lies [England/London] - There Goes Our Love Again (2013)
Big Tv

 photo 969562_662495160433841_1487595450_n_zpsa47ed4bc.png   L U N G S [England/London] - Faraway (2013)
Faraway/Lone 7"

 photo 485622_431925886904079_656080779_n_zps4f0d59d9.jpg BoardWalk [USA/Los Angeles] - I'm To Blame (2013)

Monday, 1 July 2013

***New Tracks*** (Lanterns On The Lake, Ghosting Season, Happy Families, Sisu, Pure Bathing Culture)

*Tonight PostModern present...

'Another Tale From Another English Town' the new single/video from dreamy indie rock five piece Lanterns On The Lake - taken from their new album 'Until The Colours Run' out later this year.

Manchester electronic duo Ghosting Season with their new single/video 'Apophenia'

Debut single 'New Forgetting' from uk noise/shoegaze duo Happy Families. The band was formed by Lawrence Chandler (Bowery Electric) and visual artist Lucia Rivero.

SISU – a indie/electronic rock/wave project fronted by Dum Dum Girls drummer Sandra Vu with the title track from the new 'Light Eyes EP'

Portland's 80s influenced dreampop band Pure Bathing Culture with the single 'Pendulum' from their upcoming debut LP 'Moon Tides' *

Lanterns On The Lake [England/Newcastle] - Another Tale From Another English Town (2013)
Until The Colours Run 

Ghosting Season [England/Manchester] - Apophenia *feat. T E Morris* (2013)

 photo Happy_Families_1369926794_crop_550x302_zps6ec5fe5e.jpg Happy Families [England/London] - New Forgetting (2013)

 photo 532537_10151629022099719_179859064_n_zps595d2645.jpg SISU [USA/Los Angeles] - Light Eyes (2013)
Light Eyes EP

 photo 580416_494062353997034_1708144215_n_zps25efc5ef.jpg   Pure Bathing Culture [USA/Portland] - Pendulum (2013)
Moon Tides