Friday, 26 April 2013

***New Tracks*** (Jagwar Ma, Childhood, Inspiral Carpets, Low Sea, Laki Mera)

*Tonight's new edition of PostModern present

Australian psychedelic indie-dance duo Jagwar Ma with the new single 'Man I Need', the follow up to their debut single 'The Throw'.
Their debut album is out in june. 

London psychedelic indierock/-pop quartet Childhood with their stunning new single 'Solemn Skies'

'MADCHESTER' legends Inspiral Carpets are back with the new single 'Fix Your Smile'

Irish electro-/dreampop duo Low Sea with their new video 'Sentimental Games' taken from the new album 'Remote Viewing'

Glasgow electronic folkpop trio Laki Mera with the new single 'Sweet Warm Dance' from the forthcoming second album 'Turn All Memory To White Noise' which is out in mid june*

 photo jagwar-ma-580x349_zpsf9fee543.jpg Jagwar Ma [Australia/Sydney] - Man I Need (2013)

 photo Childhood_zpsa5860086.jpg Childhood [England/London] - Salomon Skis (2013)

Inspiral Carpets [England/Manchester] - Fix Your Smile (2013)

Low Sea [Irland/Dublin] - Sentimental Games (2013)
Remote Viewing

Laki Mera [Scotland/Glasgow] - Sweet Warm Dance (2013) 
Turn All Memory To White Noise

Monday, 22 April 2013

***New Tracks*** (Archdukes, John Grant, Sally Shapiro, Small Black, Lowlakes)

*Tonight PostModern feature...
'Soft Focus' the new single/video by australian dreamgaze quartett Archdukes.

GMF, the latest video by American singer-songwriter John Grant‘s  new album 'Pale Green Ghosts'.

New video for 'If it doesn´t rain tonight' by Swedish italo disco artist Sally Shapiro, taken from the album 'Somewhere else'

Brooklyn synth/chillwave four-piece Small Black with the first single 'Free At Dawn'  from their upcoming album 'Limits of Desire' 

Melbourne dream-/darkpop four-piece Lowlakes with their new video 'Cold Company' from the forthcoming as yet untitled debut album*

ARCHDUKES [Australia/Queensland] - SOFT FOCUS (2013)

John Grant [USA/Denver] - GMF (2013) 
Pale Green Ghosts

Sally Shapiro [Sweden/Lund] - If It Doesn't Rain Tonight (2013)  
Somewhere Else

 photo Small-Black-PR-2010_zps9bd61c4a.jpg Small Black [USA/Brooklyn] - Free At Dawn (2013)
Limits Of Desire

Lowlakes [Australia/Melbourne] - Cold Company (2013)

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

***New Album*** (Solar Bears - Supermigration)

*Dublin electronic duo Solar Bears came to prominence with their critically lauded masterpiece album 'She Was Coloured In' from 2010. 
They were formed in 2009 and took their name from Solaris - Andrei Tarkovky's 1972 sci-fi psychodrama.
Today was the release of their long-awaited second album 'Supermigration'- *nostalgic electronic sci-fi meets pop/chillwave*
The album features two guest vocalists - Sarah P of Keep Shelly In Athens and former Air collaborator Beth Hirsch*

Solar Bears [Irland/Dublin] - Supermigration Film (2013) 

Solar Bears - Rainbow Collision *Live* (2013)

*Recorded in Delgany, Ireland in the band's studio.
John Kowalski and Rian Trench, the two producers/musicians perform  'Rainbow Collision ',  the final track from the new album 'Supermigration' 

 *And you can still listen to the album in full...  
(embedding doesn´t work anymore)

Monday, 15 April 2013

***New Tracks*** (Life Model, Baby Strange, The Machine Room, Parks, Squares and Alleys, Wall)

*Tonight's PostModern include
Glasgow five-piece noisepop/shoegaze newcomers Life Model with their second single 'Persistent' taken from the debut EP 'Life Model'.

Baby Strange - another Glasgow-based indie outfit - this time with a bit more postpunk feeling - and their new single 'Pure Evil'.

Edinburgh Indiepop band The Machine Room with their new single 'sweden' - which is part of the Label Fandango’s '12 singles in 12 months' anniversary series.

19 year old Russian based indie/dreampop artist Parks, Squares and Alleys with his new single 'Youth'
And finally
London singer-songwriter WALL with the track 'Left To Wonder' from her current 'Shoestring' EP*

 photo 644330_332428110200421_152917121_n_zps3381c23b.jpg Life Model [Scotland/Glasgow] - Persistent (2013)
Life Model EP

Baby Strange [Scotland/Glasgow] - Pure Evil (2013)

 photo 167207_494470553196_2313394_n_zpsb19f177b.jpg  The Machine Room [Scotland/Edinburgh] - Sweden (2013) 

 photo ParksSquaresandAlleysx_d2675497_zps39a2d65d.jpg Parks, Squares and Alleys [Russia/Khabarovsk] - Youth (2013)

Wall [England/London] - Left To Wonder (2013)
Shoestring EP

Sunday, 14 April 2013

***New Tracks*** (Empress Of, Bored Nothing, Valleys, Picnic, Nights)

*This Edition of PostModern feature...
Lorely Rodriguez a.k.a. Empress Me with her new ethereal/shoegazey single 'Hat Trick',  the follow up to last years 'Don´t tell me'.

The new video 'Echo Room' by australian lo-fi guitarpop guy Fergius Miller a.k.a. Bored Nothing from his self-titled debut album which was released in november last year.

Montreal electronic art/pop duo Valleys with their single/video 'Hounds'  from the upcoming album 'Are You Going To Stand There And Talk Weird All Night', out at the end of april.

Estonia dreampop trio Picnic with their new single ' Forget Yourself Through The Beauty' taken from the fortcoming 2nd album 'The Weather's Fine', coming in may

as well
us alternativ/shoegaze rock band Nights with 'Walkaway', the opener from their debut album 'Whisper'*

Empress Of [USA/Brooklyn] - Hat Trick (2013)
Systems EP 

Bored Nothing [Australia/Melbourne] - Echo Room (2012/2013)
Bored Nothing

Valleys [Candada/Montreal] - Hounds (2013)
Are You Going To Stand There And Talk Weird All Night?

 photo 8171_568930843146789_1450921100_n_zps888a2b86.jpg Picnic [Estonia/Tallinn] - Forget Yourself Through The Beauty  (2013)
The Weather's Fine

 photo 30404_426591173267_5600897_n_zps0184d2bf.jpg Nights [USA/Ohio City] - Walkaway (2013)

Friday, 12 April 2013

***New Tracks*** (Chumbawamba, Sulk, The Courteeners, Battleship, The Rumour Said Fire)

*In this Edition of PostModern
British Anarcho Pop/Punk collective Chumbawamba with the song 'Waiting for Margaret to go' - back in 2005 they pre-sold their Ep 'In Memoriam: Margaret Thatcher' which they would keep under wraps until the prime minister passed away...

Only three days left till 'Graceless', the debut by London post-baggy band 'Sulk' will drop. Just before, they announced the release of their new single 'The Big Blue' out at the end of may...

New Single 'Van Der Graaff' from manchester britpoppers The Courteeners taken from the band's third studio album 'Anna'

Australian Indiepop band Battleship with their new single 'As You’d Begun' which come from their debut mini-album 'To You' released in november last year.

And finally
'The Oracle' by Copenhagen based Indiepop band The Rumour Said Fire, the first single/video to be taken from their debut album 'Dead Ends'*

Chumbawamba [England/Leeds] - Waiting for Margaret to go (2005/2013)
In Memoriam: Margaret Thatcher

Sulk [England/London] - The Big Blue (2013)

The Courteeners [England/Manchester] - Van Der Graaff (2013)

Battleship [Australia/Melbourne] - As You’d Begun (2012/2013)
To You

The Rumour Said Fire [Denmark/Copenhagen] - The Oracle (2013)
The Arrogant

Monday, 8 April 2013

***New Tracks*** (Thought Forms, Bleached, The National, College, DJ Koze)

*Tonight PostModern present...
'Ghost Mountain, You and Me', the second single/video from british Indie-/Noiserock trio Thought Forms new 2nd album 'Ghost Mountain'

New Single 'Dead in your head' from Bleached, a Los Angeles based IndieRock sister Duo. The Song come from the band’s debut album 'Ride Your Heart'. 

US IndieRock band The National with 'Demons', the first single from their forthcoming album 'Trouble Will Find Me' which is out at the end of may.

Paris-based Dream-/SynthWave producer David Grellier a.k.a. College, famous for his 'A Real Hero' Song with Electric Youth from the 'Drive' soundtrack, with his new single 'Révélation' from the new album 'Heritage' 

And finally
'Nices Wölkchen', the latest single from german electro musician DJ Koze, a collaboration with Apparat from his new album 'Amygdala' which was out at the end of march.*

Thought Forms [England/Wiltshire] - Ghost Mountain, You and Me (2013)
Ghost Mountain

 photo Bleached_zpsc787096a.jpg Bleached [USA/Los Angeles] - Dead In Your Head (2013)
Ride Your Heart

The National [USA/Brooklyn] - Demons (2013)
Trouble Will Find Me

College [Paris/Nantes] - Révélation (2013)

DJ Koze & Apparat [Germany/Flensburg-Hamburg] - Nices Wölkchen (2013)

Saturday, 6 April 2013

***New Tracks*** (Only Real, Jaws, Menace Beach, Ice Choir, Sohn)

*Tonight PostModern feature...
West London grimey psychedelic pop project Only Real with their new video 'Blood Carpet'  from the double A Side 7inch single 'Backseat Kissers /Blood Carpet'

'Breeze' from Birmingham boys JAWS - the Song is the b-side from their latest single 'Friend Like You' and also the first track from the forthcoming 'Milkshake' EP

Leeds based fuzz-pop band Menace Beach with their new video taken from the double A-Side single 'Drop Outs' / 'Tastes Like Medicine'

New Video from New Wave/Synthpop band Ice Choir aka Kurt Feldman (Pains Of Being Pure Heart/Depreciation Guild), a duet with Chairlift's Caroline Polachek. The Song come from Ice Choir's  debut album 'Alfar' from last year.

And finally
UK-born and Vienna-based Ambient/Soul-Pop producer SOHN with his lastest single 'Bloodflows'*

Only Real [England/London] - Blood Carpet (2013)
Backseat Kissers / Blood Carpet 7"

 photo 2013jaws260313_zpse3558e47.jpg Jaws [England/Birmingham] - Breeze (2013)
Milkshake EP

MENACE BEACH [England/Leeds] - DROP OUTS (2013) 
Drop Outs / Tastes Like Medicine 7"

Ice Choir feat. Caroline Polachek [USA/Brooklyn] - Everything Is Spoilt By Use (2012/2013)

SOHN [Austria/Vienna] - Bloodflows (2013)

Friday, 5 April 2013

***New Tracks*** (Sister Crystals, Binary, Princess Chelsea, Souldout, Low Sea)

*Tonight PostModern feature... 
Chicago-based shoegaze band Sister Crystals with the first single 'For So Long' from their forthcoming debut album out in late spring.

London 4-piece Indierock band Binary with G.O.D., a track from their debut EP 'Amber'

New Zealand's Princess Chelsea is back with a new single,  'We’re So Lost' is taken from her forthcoming second album 'The Great Cybernetic Depression', released later this year

Electronic pop duo SOULDOUT from Belgium with the video/single to their song 'Off Glory', taken from the third album 'More', released in february.

Irish psychedelic shoegaze/goth band Low Sea with their latest video 'Acid Ocean', the 2nd single from the new album 'Remote Viewing'*

  photo sistercrystals2013_zpseafc8f47.jpg   Sister Crystals [USA/Chicago] - For So Long (2013)

Binary [England/London] - G.O.D. (2013)
Amber EP

 photo 602879_10151736888643146_1826517423_n_zpsb7ef5696.jpg
Princess Chelsea [New Zealand/Auckland] - We´re lost (2013)
The Great Cybernetic Depression

SOLDOUT [Belgium/Brussels] - Off Glory (2012/2013)

Low Sea [Irland/Cork] - Acid Ocean (2013)
Remote Viewing

Monday, 1 April 2013

***New Tracks*** (Tying Tiffany, Nightmare Air, Neils Children, Tricky, Welle:Erdball)

*Tonight PostModern present the new video from Italy's Tying Tiffany - 'One Second' is a dark&dreamy pop song taken from her current 'One' EP 

Los Angeles Noisepop/Shoegaze band Nightmare Air featuring Dave Dupuis of Film School with the 2nd video from their debut album 'High in the Lasers'.

New video from british psychedelic pop band Neils Children, the song 'Dimly Lit' is the title track from their new album.

Trip-Hop pioneer Tricky with his new second song/video to emerge from the forthcoming album 'False Idols' - he sampled 'Love Is a Chain Store' by The Ropes.

As well
'Zombies im Kaufhaus' from german minimal/ndw/synthpop band Welle:Erdball taken from their new Computerklang EP*

Tying Tiffany [Italy/Padua] - One Second (2013)
One Ep

Nightmare Air [USA/Los Angeles] - Icy daggers (2013)
High in the Lasers

NEILS CHILDREN [England/London] - DIMLY LIT (2013)
Dimly Lit 

Tricky feat. Francesca Belmonte [England/Bristol] - Does It (2013) 
False Idols

Welle:Erdball [Germany/Hannover] - Zombies im Kaufhaus (1996/2013)
Computerklang EP