Sunday, 29 June 2014

***New Tracks*** (Flyying Colours, Toy, Odonis Odonis, The Daysleepers, Superfood, Tripwires, Ballet School, Heidi Happy, Austra, Pale Seas)

***Tonight PostModern feature 10 definitely worth listening new indie songs from the likes of....

Melbourne noisepop/shoegazers Flyying Colours with their new video/single 'Not Today' out July 14th on club ac30 (uk/europe) / july 1st on shelflife (usa)

'As We Turn',  the latest single from psychedelic/indierock five-piece Toy, taken from their second album 'Join The Dots' - released in december last year.  

Toronto shoegaze band Odonis Odonis with their video for 'Highnote' taken from the 2nd album 'Hard Boiled Soft Boiled', released april 15th on Buzz Records.

Shoegaze/dreampop band The Daysleepers are back with a new single. 'Dream Within a Dream World' is the first sign from the band since their 2008' debut album 'Drowned in a Sea of Sound'.

Birmingham indie/britpop four-piece Superfood with new single 'Right on satellite' out july 28th via Infectious Music.  

Reading psychedelic-/britpop foursome Tripwires are currently working on their second album, the follow-up to their 'Spacehopper' debut from last year.''Total Fascination Stuff' is a first taster...

Berlin indiepop trio Ballet School with 'Cherish', the lead single to their full-length debut 'The Dew Lasts An Hour' - out via Bella Union Records on september 9th.

Swiss folk/electropop artist Heidi Happy with the video for 'La Danse' from her new 5th album 'Golden Heart'

New single/video from electropop band Austra. 'Habitat' is the follow up to last year’s Olympia album.

'Evil is Always One Step Behind', the new video by Southampton indie-/folkpop newcomers Pale Seas taken from the debut ep 'Places to Haunt' out july 28th 2014 on Native Pop Records.***

Flyying Colours [Australia/Melbourne] - Not Today (2014)

Toy [England/Brighton] - As We Turn (2013/2014)
Join The Dots

Odonis Odonis [Canada/Toronto] - Highnote (2014)
Hard Boiled Soft Boiled

The Daysleepers [USA/New York] - Dream Within a Dream World (2014)

Superfood [England/Birmingham] - Right On Satellite (2014)

Tripwires [Reading/England] - Total Fascination Stuff (2014)

Ballet School [Germany/Berlin] - Cherish (2014) 
The Dew Lasts An Hour

Heidi Happy [Switzerland/Luzern] - La Danse (2014)
Golden Heart

Austra [Canada/Toronto] - Habitat (2014)
Habitat EP

Pale Seas [England/Southampton] - Evil is Always One Step Behind (2014)
Places to Haun Ep

Monday, 16 June 2014

***Forgotten Classics*** (New Order, The Charlatans, The Telescopes, The Posies, The Shamen, Future Sound Of London, Slowdive, Ned's Atomic Dustbin, Northside, Chumbawamba, Levitation)

***Tonight's classic PostModern edition feature...

Manchester indie/new wave legends New Order with 'World in Motion',  their theme to England's 1990 World Cup campaign. It was the band's only number one hit in the UK singles chart.

Another band from the north - Manchester Rave lads The Charlatans and their video for 'I Dont Want To See The Sights' from the 2nd album 'Between 10th and 11th', released in march 1992.

Psychedelic rock/shoegaze band The Telescopes from Staffordshire with their video/single 'Flying', released in 1991 on Alan McGees fabulous Creation Records label.

'Dream All Day' by american alternative rock band The Posies. The Song was released as the first single from their album 'Frosting on the Beater' in 1993.

Scottish psychedelic-influenced electronic dance music band The Shamen with their 1991 single 'Pro›gen' ('Land of Oz' Mix) taken from the album 'En-Tact'.

British electronic music band Future Sound of London with 'Cascade', the first single from their 1994 'Lifeforms' album.

'Ballad of Sister Sue' by Reading shoegaze/dreampop band Slowdive from their 1991 debut album 'Just For A Day'.

West Midlands indierock five piece Ned´s Atomic Dustbin with 'Stuck', the band's final single before they split in 1995. The track appeared on the album 'Brainbloodvolume'

Another band from the end 80s/early 1990's Madchester/Baggy scene. Northside with 'Rising Star', the 2nd single from the album 'Chicken Rhythms', their only full length studio lp, released on factory records in september 1991.

Anti-fascist single 'Enough is Enough' from 1993, a collaboration between british anarcho-punk-pop band Chumbawamba & hip-hop group Credit to the Nation.

London psychedelic/indierock band Levitation with their video for 'Even When Your Eyes Are Open' from the ep with the same name, released in april 1993***

New Order [England/Manchester] - World In Motion (1990)

The Charlatans [England/Manchester] - I Dont Want To See The Sights (1992)
Between 10th and 11th

The Telescopes [England/Staffordshire] - Flying (1992)
The Telescopes

The Posies [USA/ Washington] - Dream All Day (1993)
Frosting on the Beater

The Shamen [Scotland/Aberdeen] - Pro›gen *Land of Oz' Mix* (1991)

Future Sound Of London [England/Manchester] - Cascade (1993)

Slowdive [England/Reading] - Ballad of Sister Sue (1991)
Just For A Day

Ned's Atomic Dustbin [England/ Stourbridge] - Stuck (1995) 

Northside [England/Manchester] - My Rising Star (1991)
Chicken Rhythms

Chumbawamba & Credit To The Nation [England/Leeds] - Enough is Enough (1993)

Levitation [England/London] - Even When Your Eyes Are Open (1993)
Even When Your Eyes Are Open EP

Friday, 13 June 2014

***New Tracks*** (Field Mouse, By The Sea, Glasvegas, Lowtide, BOFC, Washed Out, Jens Friebe)

***After the full packed edition from last night, here´s another well-filled edition of PostModern with new music...

Brooklyn's Field Mouse will release their indie-/dreampop debut full-length 'Hold Still Life' on july 22th via Topshelf Records, 'Two Ships'  is the lead single...

Merseyside alternative pop group By the Sea are back with the new single 'I See A Crystal Sky'.
After their self-titled debut album from 2012, the six-piece band will release their second album 'Endless Days, Crystal Sky' on august 18th via their own War Room Records

Scottish alternative rock band Glasvegas with their new single/video 'Secret Truth', taken from the same-named ep, out june 30th, also on last years 'Later… When the TV turns to static' album.

'Held', the new single and follow up to 'Blue Movie' by Melbourne dreampop/shoegaze quartet Lowtide from their forthcoming self-titled debut album, out on july 18th via Lost & Lonesome Records.

BOFC, the electropop  project by Dean Garcia (Curve/SPC ECO) and his daughter Rose Berlin with the new video for 'Fuck You', taken from the debut album 'The Art Of Pop', released april 23th via bandcamp.

American Chillwave artist Washed Out aka. Ernest Greene with the new video for 'Weightless'. The song  appeared on the 'Paracosm' album, released via Sub Pop in august last year.

'Schlaflied', the lead track from the upcoming 5th studio album 'Nackte Angst zieh dich an wir gehen aus' by Berlin based indie musician Jens Friebe***

Field Mouse [USA/Brooklyn] - Two Ships (2014)
Hold Still Life

By The Sea [England/Liverpool] - I See A Crystal Sky (2014)
Endless Days, Crystal Sky

Glasvegas [Scotland/Glasgow] - Secret Truth (2013/2014)
Later… When the TV turns to static 
Secret Truth EP

Lowtide [Australia/Melbourne] - Held (2014) 

 BOFC [England/London] - FUCK YOU (2014)
The Art Of Pop

Washed Out [USA/Georgia] - Weightless (2013/2014)

Jens Friebe [Germany/Berlin] - Schlaflied (2014)
Nackte Angst zieh dich an wir gehen aus 

***New Tracks*** (Climbing Boys, Real Lies, Towns, Big Deal, Bloom, Lola Colt, Princess, Split Seconds, Stargazy, Archive)

***Thursday nights PostModern feature a full packed edition of new music from the likes of...

London based indie/post-punk band Climbing Boys with their debut single/video 'Conjoining Rite', released may 26th on Birthday Records.

Electropop trio Real Lies, also from London with a new video for 'North Circular', the follow up track to their previous singles 'World Peace' and 'Deeper'. 'North Circular' is taken from their forthcoming double-AA 12" single.

'Head Off', the latest single by Bristol based four-piece psychedelic indierock band Towns from their debut album 'Get By', which was released on june 2nd via Howling Owl Records.

Indie rock duo Big Deal are back with new material. On July 14th they will release their new 'Sakura EP ' via Mute Records - 'Always Boys' is the first single.

'Daydream', the debut single by Winchester-based indie/dreampop four piece Bloom.

London, UK psychgaze 6-piece band Lola Colt with 'Diamonds', the second single from their debut ep 'Vacant Heart' released june 3rd on Black Tigress Records.

Dublin noisepop quartet Princess with the new single 'Neverlook' , the follow up to their debut EP ‘Black Cat', out June 23rd.

''Halfway There', the new single/video by Melbourne via Perth indiepop quintet Split Seconds from their forthcoming ep 'Neil Young and Dumb'.

'Half Life', the latest single by Brooklyn band Stargazy from their 'new Ep 'The Fashion', released may 27th via FSDR Records.

and finally
South London-based electronic/triphop collective Archive with 'Axiom',  the title track from their new 9th studio album and also the name of their debut film which was premiered at the Sundance Festival/London in april.***

 Climbing Boys [England/London] - Conjoining Rite (2014)
Conjoining Rite 7" 

Real Lies [England/London] - North Circular (2014)

Towns [England/Bristol] - Heads Off (2014)
Get By

Big Deal [England/London] - Always Boys (2014) 
Sakura EP

Bloom [England/Winchester] - Daydream (2014)

Lola Colt [England/London] -  Diamonds (2014)
Vacant Hearts EP

Princess [Irland/Dublin] - Neverlook (2014)

Split Seconds [Australia/Melbourne] - Halfway There (2014)
Neil Young and Dumb EP

STARGAZY [USA/Brooklyn] - Half Life (2014)
The Fashion EP

Archive [England/London] - Axiom (2014) 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

***New Tracks*** (Kasabian, The Vacant Lots, Pete Fij&Terry Bickers, Donna Regina, Kult Country, The Death Of Pop)

***Wednesday nights PostModern feature...

'Bow', track 12 from Kasabians  new fifth studio album '48:13'. The british alternative rock band will release their new lp on june 6th.

Vermont-based psych-rock duo The Vacant Lots with their new single/video 'Before The Evening's Thru '  from the debut album 'Departure' - out via Sonic Cathedral on june 30th.

'Out Of Time', the new single by former creation records artists Pete Fij (Adorable / Polak) & Terry Bickers (House of Love / Levitation) taken from the album 'Heart Surgery' - out July 7th.

Cologne electronic indie pop group Donna Regina are back with a new album.
'Holding the mirror for Sophia Loren' is the title track from their 12th studio lp, released may 16th via Karaoke Kalk 

Manchester based noisepop outfit Kult Country and their new single 'Trembling Moon'  - out june 30th on No Self Records.

'Whenever', the new single by Bournemouth-based five-piece indie/shoegaze band The Death Of Pop from the forthcoming EP 'Fifths' out July 28 on Art is Hard Records.***

Kasabian [England/Leicester] - Bow (2014)
→ get Proxtube if you live in a GEMA infested area ←

The Vacant Lots [USA/Burlington] - Before The Evening's Thru (2014)  

Pete Fij (Adorable/Polak) [Worthing]  Terry Bickers (House Of Love/Levitation) [Brighton] - Out Of Time (2014) 
Broken Heart Surgery

Donna Regina [Germany/Cologne] - Holding the mirror for Sophia Loren (2014)
Holding the mirror for Sophia Loren

Kult Country [England/Manchester] - Trembling Moon (2014)

The Death of Pop [England/London] - Whenever (2014)