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***post modern best 30 favourite albums 2017***


***here's our top 30 albums list for 2017...
click on the album cover to watch a music video or/and listen to a single, released from the lp***

Airiel [USA/Chicago] - Molten Young Lovers

*swirling guitars, lifeblood soaked vocals, what a shoegaze album!!!

Label: Shelflife Records
Genre: Noisepop, Shoegaze


neon waltz

Neon Waltz [Scotland/ John O' Groats] - Strange Hymns  

*gorgeous debut album from britains most northerly indie band, psychedelic melodic britpop at its best!

Label: Ignition Records
Genre: Indierock, Britpop, Psychedlia



RIDE [England/Oxford] - Weather Diaries 

*comeback album from oxford indie/shoegaze heroes ride, their first in 21 years. 
'weather diaries' was definitely worth the the wait!  
great classic songwriting, beautiful harmonies combined with some modern elements from long-term experience producer erol alkan.

Label: Wichita Recordings
Genre: Indierock, Shoegaze 



The Charlatans [England/Manchester] - Different Days  

*classic charlies album, they never disappoint! 
the album is full of guests...former the verve drummer pete salisbury, new order's stephen morris, a certain ratio's donald johnson, paul weller, johnny marr...

Label: BMG 
Genre: Indierock, Britpop


pigeon detectives

The Pigeon Detectives [England/Leeds] ‎– Broken Glances 

*a true surprise! the 5th studio album from leeds indierock band the pigeon detectives sounds more mature, shimmering and reflective than their previous releases...

Label: Dance to the Radio
Genre: Indierock, Britpop 


little cub

Little Cub [England/London] - Still Life  

*fine debut album from this london electropop trio! 
poetic lyrics combined with traditions of progressive british pop...

Label: Domino
Genre: Electropop 


pale seas

Pale Seas [England/Southampton] - Stargazing For Beginners  

*long-awaited debut full- length, melancholic britpop masterpiece with subliminal 60s folk-vibes.

Label: Abbey Records 
Genre: Indierock, Dreampop, Folk 



Slowdive [England/London] - Slowdive  

*british shoegaze icon's comeback record (their first in 22 years). beautiful spooky melodies, trance-like dream pop qualities...

Label: Dead Oceans
Genre: Shoegaze, Dreampop 


shed seven

Shed Seven [England/York] - Instant Pleasures 

*another comeback album, and what a phenomenon
york's finest britpop band sound better than ever

Label: Infectious Music
Genre: Britpop



Trampolene [Wales/Cardiff] - From Swansea To Hornsey  

*another long awaited debut! energetic in-your-face indierock , liam gallagher support...they should be huge!

Label: Mi7 Records
Genre: Indierock



Splashh [England/London] - Waiting A Lifetime  

*great 2nd album from aussie via london indierock band splashh...sludgy grunge guitars and fuzzy vocals dripping with reverb...

Label: Cinematic Music Group
Genre: Indierock, Fuzzpop


hundreths - rare

Hundredth [USA/Myrtle Beach] - Rare  

*a change of direction - hardcore band goes shoegazy/postpunk...hundreth's new album kicks-ass!.

Label: Hopeless Records
Genre: Shoegaze, Noisepop, Wave 



Red Love [USA/Los Angeles] - Red Love  

*matt tong (ex-bloc party drummer ) and producer alex newport (death cab for cutie/at the drive-in) teamed up for a mesmerizing befogged psychedelic shoegaze album...

Label: Bandcamp
Genre: Indierock, Noisepop, Postrock 


drab maj

Drab Majesty [USA/Los Angeles] - The Demonstration  

*hypnotizing ethereal post-punk melodies and dreamy vocals.
drab majesty's second album is full of '80s gothy atmosphere.

Label: Dais Records
Genre: New Wave, Post-Punk, Ethereal


cigarettes after

Cigarettes After Sex [USA/El Paso] - Cigarettes After Sex  

*sensual vocals, heartache, romanticism...cigarettes after sex' dreamy slowcore enthrall you from the very first moment.

Label: Partisan Records
Genre: Dreampop, Slowcore 


star tropics

Star Tropics [USA/Chicago] - Lost World  

*dreamy jangle pop with lovelorn boy/girl melodies.
chicago's star tropics debut album reminiscent of sarah records stuff - the pure joy! 

Label: Shelflife
Genre: Indiepop, Dreampop, Twee 


saint etinne

Saint Etienne [England/London] - Home Counties  

*ninth studio album from legendary english indie dance trio saint etienne, a concept album about the collection of counties that circle london...and as always - a whole range of glistening electronic pop gems!

Label: Heavenly
Genre: Indiepop, Electronica 



The Horrors [England/London] - V  

*hypnotizing industrial 80s atmospheric 5th studio album from uk  psychedelic lads the horrors.

Label: Caroline Distribution
Genre: Indierock, Electronica, Psychedlia 



Echobelly [England/London] - Anarchy And Alchemy  

*90s britpop/new wave of new wave band echobelly return with their first new album in 13 years. 
'anarchy and alchemy' is a noteworthy and tasteful comeback with a fine sense for melodies.

Label: Fauve Records
Genre: Indierock, Britpop 



Desperate Journalist [England/London] - Grow Up  

*impressive second full-length release for the british indierock/post-punk band around charismatic singer jo bevan. 
both gentle and savage songwriting, perfectly formed pop songs.

Label: Fierce Panda Records
Genre: Indierock, Post-Punk 



Easy [Sweden/Stockholm] - A Heartbeat From Eternity  

*how many comebacks is that now??? here's another one! 
90s swedish indie band easy return with a fresh album full of great british inspired pop melodies...

Label: A Turntable Friend Records
Genre: Indierock, Sweden-Pop 



Liam Gallagher [England/Manchester] - As You Were  

*solid debut from oasis frontman liam...mixing rock 'n' roll tunes with beautiful ballads, the album is easily confused with an oasis album - and it would definitely rank as one of the better ones...

Label: Warner Bros. Records
Genre: Indierock, Britpop 



INHEAVEN [England/London] - INHEAVEN  

*noisy anthemic indierock debut album from this south london four-piece, lot influenced by 90s college rock/grunge...

Label: Cult Records
Genre: Indierock 



Black Grape  [England/Manchester] - Pop Voodoo  

*comebacks for the nth time ;-) 
black grape formed from the ashes of madchester heroes happy mondays.
'pop voodoo' is the band's first new material in 20 years and definitely a enjoyable trip of boppy indie funk.

Label: Universal Music
Genre: Funk, Rock, Madchester 


burnuin hearrts

Burning Hearts [Finland/Helsinki] - Battlefields

*beautifiul 3rd album with heartwarming melodies of finnish dreamy indie pop band burning hearts.

Label: Solina Records
Genre: Indiepop 



Pete Fij / Terry Bicker [England/Brighton] - We Are Millionaires 

*creation records couple pete fij (adorable/polak) and terry bicker (house of love/levitation) join up for their second album 'we are millionaires'.
mojo magazine described it as 'minor key, acoustic introspection done so beautifully it’s as if they’re singing to one another in the dustlight of a pub back room'.  
there is nothing more to say about that!

Label: Broadcast Recordings
Genre: Acoustic/Alt-Rock


https _images.genius.com_8e33e89bd86300aea9a12aa1005b2bf1.1000x1000x1
Alvvays [Canada/Toronto] - Antisocialites  

*2nd jangly twee pop album from toronto's alvvays. 
'antisocialites' is full of catchy and glorious melodies and vocals to fall in love with...

Label: Polyvinyl Record
Genre: Indiepop, Dreampop, Twee 



Austra [Canada/Toronto] - Future Politics  

*third full-length release for the canadian electropop band austra.
thematically they create a better system for the future, musically captivating anthems for both dancefloor and living room.

Label: Domino
Genre: Electropop 



The Jesus And Mary Chain [Scotland/East Kilbride] - Damage And Joy  

*comeback comeback comeback...'damage and joy' is the seventh studio album by scottish noisepop-/rock veterans the jesus and mary chain, their first album in 19 years and a solid return!

Label: Artificial Plastic Records
Genre: Indierock 



Morrissey [England/Manchester] - Low In High School  

*while the smiths frontman morrissey's new album is musically sort in electropop and glam with some pretty melancholic melodies, he lyrical processing the current political world situation in his very own controversy style...

Label: BMG
Genre: Indierock , Britpop

Thursday, 14 December 2017

***post modern best of...favourite singles/songs 2017***


 #indierock             #shoegaze             #britpop             #madchester

*here is our best of singles/songs list, 50 of our favourite tunes for 2017 in no particular order. 

click the link and watch the full music video or/and listen to the song.

*alternatively you can watch all videos back to back on our youtube channel...  

The Creases - Is It Love

High Hazels - Sequin Eyes

Shambolics - Love Collides

Mew - 85 Videos

The Spitfires - Move On 

Ivory Wave - Separate Beat
The Cranberries - Why

Lo Moon - Loveless

Violet Youth - Reliable Sources 

The Primitives - Oh Honey Sweet

High Contrast - Shotgun Mouthwash

Neon Waltz - Bring Me To Light

The Horrors - Something To Remember Me By

White Room - The Blue

Splashh - Closer

Public Service Broadcasting - Turn No More ft. James Dean Bradfield

Phantom Isle - Nightmare

The Vryll Society - Shadow of a Wave

PALE | SEAS - Someday

Airiel - This Is Permanent

Crying Lions - Young & Careful

Ride - Lannoy Point 

Slowdive - Star Roving

Sway - To Be A Man

MGMT - Little Dark Age

Shed Seven - Enemies and Friends

Burning Hearts - In My Garden

The BOHOs - Elliot's Song

Trampolene - Beautiful Pain

Star Tropics - Another Sunny Day

The Scarletts - In The Mirror

The Popguns - Sugar Kisses

Orbital - Copenhagen

Liam Gallagher - Chinatown

The Charlatans - Different Days

Belle and Sebastian - We Were Beautiful

Fever Dream - Youth (Is Wasted On The Old)

Honey Lung - Sophomor 

Little Cub - My Nature

The Pigeon Detectives - Enemy Lines

Hundredth - Shy Vein

Drab Majesty - Dot In The Sky

Cigarettes After Sex - Apocalypse

Echobelly - Reign On

Saint Etienne - Out Of My Mind

Black Grape - Nine Lives

Alvvays - Plimsoll Punks

Austra - I Love You More Than You Love Yourself 

Tees - Boy

Morrissey - Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up on the Stage

Friday, 1 December 2017

***new singles&videos***december 1st, 2017***don't be real, be postmodern***

***this week's postmodern features the best new indie and alternative singles & video releases...

#indierock #shoegaze #britpop #madchester

*Air Formation
*Shed Seven
*Shiva And The Hazards
*Sky Between Leaves
*The Big Pink feat. Io Echo
*Everything By Electricity
*Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds 
*Liam Gallagher
*Pretty City
*Method Actress


brighton/uk noisepop/shoegaze outfit AIR FORMATION have premiered their terrific new single 'vanishing act'.
their fifth studio album ''near miss' is set to be released next year, march 9th on club ac30.

Air Formation [England/Brighton] - Vanishing Act
Near Miss


britpop heroes Shed Seven have dropped the video for 'better days', a track from their amazing comeback lp 'instant pleasures'.
the album was released on november 10th through infectious music.

Shed Seven [England/York] - Better Days
Instant Pleasures


new video from london/uk indierock/britpop outfit Echobelly.
'faces in the mirror' is the third release from their 'anarchy & alchemy' album, released earlier this year, may 26th via nuclear blast records.

Echobelly [England/London] - Faces in the Mirror
Anarchy & Alchemy


'my dear mary anne' is a fine taster from melbourne/australia indierock/psychedelia outfit Shiva and the Hazards' debut ep 'future cult classics' - released october 20th...

Shiva And The Hazards [Australia/Melbourne] - My Dear Mary Anne
Future Cult Classics Ep


class new single from london/uk based post-punk/neo-psychedelia based band Sky Between Leaves !

Sky Between Leaves [England/London] - Hetty Merton


epic new tune from london/uk indierock/electronica outfit The Big Pink
'how far we've come' is a collaboration with los angeles indierock/shoegaze band Io Echo and also features Yeah Yeah Yeahs' nick zinner on guitars. 
the single will be out on 'alternative record store day - blue monday' november 27th on very limited edition used medical x-ray pressing and blue-and-clear flexi vinyl limited to 100 copies via blank city records.

The Big Pink [England/London] - How Far We've Come *feat. Io Echo*


beautiful new single from london/uk electro-/dreampop trio Everything by Electricity
'last day of the sun' was released november 22th...

Everything by Electricity [England/London] - Last Day Of The Sun


ex-oasis mastermind Noel Gallagher has shared another taster from his new 3rd solo full length 'who built the moon?', released november 24th via sour mash records.
'dead in the water' is the final (deluxe edition bonus) track of the david holmes produced album, a rather untypical unplugged tune.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds [England/Manchester] - Dead In The Water *Live at RTÉ 2FM Studios, Dublin*
Who Built The Moon?


former oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has shared the video for his latest single 'come back to me'.
the song is taken from his solo debut album 'as you were', released october 6th via warner bros. records.

Liam Gallagher [England/Manchester] - Come Back To Me
As You Were


ex-smith frontman Morrissey has shared the video for his latest single 'jacky's only happy when she's up on the stage'.
the new album 'low in high school' was released november 17th via bmg.

Morrissey [England/Manchester] - Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up on the Stage
Low In High School


melbourne/aussie indierock/psychedelia three-piece Pretty City have shared the video for their new single 'melt'.
the band's debut album 'colorize' was already released 2016 in australia, international release three weeks ago, october 27 via gaga digi.

Pretty City [Australia/Melbourne] - Melt 


nice debut single from brighton/uk indie/noisepop four-piece Method Actres.

Method Actress [England/Brighton] - Mistress