Monday, 28 February 2011

RadioPodcast*Freistadt Christiania* in Kopenhagen droht die Räumung :-(

Hippies ohne Hütten
"Freistadt Christiania" in Kopenhagen droht die Räumung
Von Eberhard Schade

*DRADIO KULTUR*Die Reportage vom Sonntag 27.02.2011, 13:05-13:30Uhr

*34 Hektar mitten in der City, eingerahmt von Kanälen und historischen Wallanlagen: Für Investoren ist das Gelände ein Traum, noch ist es besetzt. Doch bald könnte es vorbei sein mit dem alternativen Idyll.
Der "Freistadt Christiania" in Kopenhagen droht die Räumung. Im Mai 2009 sprach ein Gericht dem dänischen Staat das Nutzungsrecht der Wohnsiedlung zu. Dieses Urteil bestätigten die Richter jetzt noch einmal. Und schließen sich damit den Plänen der dänischen Regierung an, die das Gelände - so die offizielle Formulierung - "normalisieren" will.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Songs of the week*Vol.3 (Thirteen Senses, Bloody Knives, Violens, The Human League, Wild Nothing, Moby)

Thirteen Senses [england] - Animals (2011)!/thirteensenses?v=wall

*Four years after their difficult second album 'Contact', Post-Britpop band Thirteen Senses released their new third album 'Crystal Sounds' on february 21th, 2011.

Bloody knives - I was talking to your ghost (2011)!/pages/bloody-knives/289351420345?sk=wall

*Bloody Knives is an industrial shoegaze group from Austin, Texas. On their debut album 'Burn it all down' which was released in july last year the band combines the sounds of heavy punk and industrial with blurry ambient electronics, shoegaze atmospherics, and 8-bit glitches and melodies.

*The new single 'I was talking to your ghost' was released on January 28th, 2011.

Violens [usa] - When to let go (2011)

*This is a brand new song by New Yorks 'Violens'. Their great debut album 'Amoral' was released in october 2010.

'For more to listen/read about Violens you can also check these 2 links...

The Human League [england] - Never Let Me Go (2011)!/thehumanleague?v=wall

*The Human League are an English synthpop band formed in 1977. Originally a minimal post-punk synthesiser-based group from Sheffield, UK, they became one of the most successful new-wave acts of the 80s.

*Their new album 'Credo' is out on march 21th, 2011. 'Never let me go' will be the 2nd single...

Wild Nothing [usa] - Cloudbusting (2009)!/wildnothing?sk=wall

*Wild Nothing is the solo project of Virginia born Jack Tatum. The full-length debut 'Gemini' was released in may 2010.
This is a cover of Kate Bush's 1985 Single, even weirder and dreamier than the original, just wonderful :-)

Moby [usa] - Victoria Lucas (2011)

*'victoria lucas' is taken from 'be the one' the new EP by MOBY, free to download from his homepage

*check also EARTHLINGS, the 2005 documentary about mankind's use of nonhuman animals as pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and for scientific research. The documentary features the music by Moby...

Songs of the week*Vol.2 (The New Division, Young Knives, Ólöf Arnalds feat. Björk, Cat´s Eyes, David Lynch - Underworld RMX, Yoav - JA!KOB RMX, Entertainment For The Braindead - Kraftfuttermischwerk RMX, Million Young)

The new division [usa] - Starfield (2011)

*"The New Division call their just-released EP 'The Rookie', but the So-Cal anglophiles already sound light years ahead of that. Emphasising the post-Curtis portion of their name, 'Starfield' crests on a symphonic swath of synths fit for regal ceremony." - Radar Tip of the Day

Young Knives - Love My Name

*Brand new single taken from the forthcoming album 'Ornaments from the Silver Arcade' released 4th April.The Single out 21st March.

Ólöf Arnalds [island] - Surrender (feat. Björk)Ólöf_Arnalds

*Taken from her recent 'Innundir skinni' album, icelandic singer/songwriter Ólöf Arnalds announces the release of ‘Surrender’, featuring Bjork, as a single on 7th March, 2011 

Cat´s Eyes [england] - Not A Friend (2011)

*Cat’s Eyes are a duo formed by Rachel Zeffira, a renowned opera soprano and classical multi-instrumentalist, and Faris Badwan, the singer from British psychedelic-rockers The Horrors.

*Their 'Broken Glass' EP is out on february 28th, 2011, the debut album 'Cat's Eyes' out on april 11th, 2011

*Download 'Not A Friend' mp3 for free at

David Lynch [usa] - Good Day Today - Underworld Classic Mix (2011)

*The cult director branches further into the world of music. This is the 'Underworld Classic Mix' of his single 'Good day today' released december 1st, 2010.

Yoav [south-africa] - We All Are Dancing - JA!KOB Remix (2011)

*This is the JA!KOB Remix from the forthcoming single 'We all are dancing' by singer/songwriter Yoav from Cape Town out on march, 25th, 2011

Entertainment For The Braindead [ger] - run! - Das Kraftfuttermischwerk Remix (2009)

*Entertainment for the Braindead is a lo-fi singer-songwriter Julia Kotowski from Cologne, Germany.The original is part off the EFTB-Album "Hydrophobia" released in 2009

Free Download*!%20(Das%20Kraftfuttermischwerk%20Remix).mp3

Million Young [usa] - Mien

*This song is taken from 'be so true', the debut ep by ambient Chillwave project 'Million Young' released in january 2010.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Songs of the week*Vol.1 (PJ Harvey, Sketches, Memoryhouse, Low, Love in October, Moving Units)

PJ Harvey [england] - The Glorious Land (2011)

*This Song is taken from PJ Harvey's latest album 'Let England Shake' released on february 11th, 2011

Sketches [england] - My Father's Son (2011)!/Sketchesmusic?sk=info

*'Sketches', a new Leeds based foursome indiepop band released their latest single My Father´s Son on 13th Februray 2011 via Fresh Boots Records

Memoryhouse [canada] - Heirloom (2010)​wearememoryhouse​

*Toronto Dream pop outfit 'Memoryhouse' released their latest 7inch "Caregiver" / "Heirloom" via Suicide Squeeze on december 7th, 2010. The video show scences from a silent arthouse documentary called Home movie which was releases in 1968.The Clip was put together by video auteur Jamie Harley.

Low [usa] - Try To Sleep (2011)

*Try To Sleep is taken from their forthcoming record 'C'mon' out April 12th, 2011

*Free Download

Love in October [usa] - Paper Heart(2011)

*'Love in October' is an indie rock duo from Chicago fronted by the Widman brothers, Erik and Kent. On February 8th the band released their third EP, Love in October II.

*Free download

Moving Units [usa] - Until She Says (2011)

* 'Until she said' by Los Angeles dancepunkpoppers Moving Units is taken from their new Tension War - EP released february 14th,2011

Friday, 25 February 2011

Gig of the day*White Lies*

White Lies [england] - Turn The Bells (2011)!/WhiteLies?v=wall

*Spontaneously we drove to Hamburg after winning tickets for the White Lies Gig yesterday evening.
...and i hope/wish there will be means of transportation without nuclearpower/oil etc. and down-the-line in near future in this/our world ;-)

*Ritual, the 2nd album by british alternative pop/rock band WHITE LIES was released on january, 28th, 2010. Both tracks are taken from this album.

White Lies [england] - Holy Ghost (2011)

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

*ZDF Nachtstudio - Zukunftsmodell Grundeinkommen?*

ZDF Nachtstudio (Sendung vom 21.02.2011)
*1000 Euro für jeden - Zukunftsmodell Grundeinkommen?,1872,1021354,00.html

*Die Idee vom bedingungslosen Grundeinkommen begeistert linke Denker und liberale Ökonomen gleichermaßen. Die andauernd hohe Arbeitslosigkeit, Hartz IV, aber auch die Kosten des Sozialstaats haben ihr zu neuer Blüte verholfen. Das bedingungslose Grundeinkommen - Traum oder Albtraum? Wie kann es finanziert werden? Und ist es wirklich gerecht?

Götz Werner (Gründer, Gesellschafter und Aufsichtsratmitglied von dm-drogerie markt)
Adrienne Goehler (Psychologin, ehem. Präsidentin der Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg und ehem. Senatorin für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur in Berlin)
Michael Opielka (Sozialwissenschaftler)


New Album *The Boxer Rebellion - The Cold Still*


The Boxer Rebellion (england) - Locked In The Basement (2011)

*The Boxer Rebellion released their third album 'The Cold Still' on february 4th, 2011.

*Their debut album 'Exits' was released in 2005 on Poptones, the label Alan McGee created after the demise of Creation Records. In May 2007, McGee was winding down Poptones for financial reasons. With money nearly running out and without a label, The Boxer Rebellion entered an exclusive worldwide deal with iTunes to put their second album 'Union' out in 2009 as well as a re-release of Exits. The album charted highly, reaching #2 on the Alternative chart and #4 on the iTunes UK Top 100, all without ineligible for the official UK Top 40 due to the lack of any physical release.

The Boxer Rebellion (england) - Memo (2011)

*Forthcoming European Tour Dates...
23 March - Amsterdam, Melkweg
24 March - Cologne, Underground
25 March - Paris, Nouveau Casino
26 March - Liège, Cultural Centre of Engis
29 March - Brussels, La Rotonde at the Botanique
31 March - Berlin, Magnet

Monday, 21 February 2011

ForgottenClassic*Song*Ralley - Sommer*

Ralley [ger] - Sommer (1999)

*'Sommer' was the first single from Ralley's [pre-KLEE] second album '1,2,3,4'  released in 1999.

*Rediscoverd yesterday while a friend and i were talking about upcoming summertime..."...Geeeeeiiiil, da ham wir ja noch ne ganze Menge Zeit..." Photobucket

*@klf - do you remember the smiley above, from which party???

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Tracks from *Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will*

Mogwai [scotland] - White noise (2011)

*Mogwai are a Scottish post-rock band, formed in 1995 in Glasgow.

*This is the opening track from their brand new 7th studio album 'Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will' which was released on february 11th, 2011.

Mogwai [scotland] - Mexican Grand Prix (2011)

*Official Video & First single from 'Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will'.

Mogwai [scotland] - Rano Pano (2011)

*Official Video and 2nd single from the new album

PostModern*Song of the Day*Still Corners - Wish*

Still Corners [england] - Wish (2010)

*London based band ´Still Corners´ write dreamy noir-pop love songs, full of swirling organ, wintry vocals, and big drums. Their music is inspired by the Spector-esque sound of the sixties and influenced by films and soundtracks of the same era.

*This Song is taken from their 'Don’t Fall In Love/Wish 7inch' released on Great Pop Supplement in august last year.

*Try also 'Endless Summer' if you like their sound

Friday, 18 February 2011

PostModern*Song of the day*Paul Kalkbrenner - Plätscher*

Paul Kalkbrenner [Ger] - Plätscher (2011)

*This track is a new and unreleased track by Paul Kalkbrenner, taken from the album 'Werkschau', a compilation that represents the 12-year history of Berlins 'BPitch Control' Label.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

PostModern*Song of the day*Visions of Tree - Sometimes it kill*

Visions of Trees [england] - Sometimes It Kills (2011)

*London based synthwave-pop duo Visions of Trees released 'Sometimes It Kills' as a single on February 7th via Moshi Moshi Records.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

PostModern*Song of the Day*Peaking Lights - All the sun that shines*

Peaking Lights [usa] - All The Sun That Shines (2011)

* Laid-back dub sounds of '936', the new LP from california tranced post-reggae hyno-pop duo 'Peaking Lights'

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

PostModern*German Songs of the day*Anajo/Michme*

Anajo [Ger] - Meine Wege (2011)

*'Mei­ne We­ge' ist die neue Sin­gle aus dem kommenden ANA­JO-​Al­bum 'Drei', das am 11. Fe­bru­ar 2011 bei ta­pe­te re­cords er­scheint.
Re­gie: Kim Frank

Michme [Ger] - Lass das Leben - AkkustikVersion (2010)

*Michme ist das Project von Stephan Michme. Er spielt/-e bereits auf unzähligen Hochzeiten. Als Moderator im Radio und Fernsehen, DJ, Mitinhaber des Plattenlabels und Verlag Heartdisco und als Schauspieler mit seiner Band Scycs, daaaaaamals bei 'Unter Uns' ;-)

*'Lass das Leben' erschien auf dem Album "Von Frauen und unterwegs".

*Für Oli - Hör ma, pssssssssst

Monday, 14 February 2011

Brand New Single*States of Emotion - Into the dream catcher*

States of Emotion [england] - Into the dream catcher (2011)

*Great new single by State of Emotion from Essex/uk, the video was released today

*As of 7th March 2011, the song will be available to download for FREE from - FOR ONE MONTH ONLY.

PostModern*Songs of the day*Keep Shelly In Athen*

Keep Shelly In Athens [Greece] - Running Out Of You (2010)

*'Keep Shelly In Athens' is an Electronica / Down-tempo duet/band from Athens, Greece

*This track is taken from their first official vinyl EP 'In Love with dusk' released in november last year.

Keep Shelly In Athen [Greece] - Hauntin' Me (2011)

*Their brand new Single Hauntin'Me will be out at the end of february...

Sunday, 13 February 2011

PostModern*Song of the day*Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues*

Fleet Foxes [usa]  - Helplessness Blues (2011)

*This is the title track from Fleet Foxes' second album 'Helplessness Blues'. The album will be released on april, 29th, 2011

*Free and legal download...

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Movie of the week*Hereafter*

Drama/Fantasy USA 2010

Regie: Clint Eastwood
Darsteller: Matt Damon,Bryce Dallas Howard,Jenifer Lewis,Jay Mohr,Cécile De France, Derek Jacobi

*Drei Menschen, werden auf unterschiedliche Weise mit ihrer Sterblichkeit konfrontiert: Der amerikanische Arbeiter George (Matt Damon), entwickelt eine besondere Verbindung zum Jenseits. Auf der anderen Seite des Atlantiks wird die französische Journalistin Marie (Cécile de France) durch ein Nahtoderlebnis traumatisiert. Und als der Londoner Schuljunge Marcus (Frankie/George McLaren) den Menschen verliert, der ihm am nächsten steht, lässt ihn das Unerklärliche fast verzweifeln. Alle drei sind auf der Suche nach der Wahrheit, und als sich ihre Wege kreuzen, machen sie dank ihres Glaubens an ein Leben nach dem Tod fundamentale Erfahrungen.

Friday, 11 February 2011

PostModern*Album of the day*Chapel Club - Palace* (11-02-2010)

London based indie/alternative rock band 'Chapel Club' released their debut album 'Palace' on January 31th, 2011.

Chapel Club - Surfacing (Track2)

Chapel Club - Blind (Track7)

Chapel Club - Fine Light (Track9)
*an exclusive and stripped down version of 'Fine Light'

Chapel Club - Paper Thin (Track11)

*See them live on their forthcoming german tour
München 04.04.2011
Köln 12.04.2011 

Berlin 13.04.2011
Hamburg 19.04.2011

*Check also some other great tracks from their debut album...
'Oh maybe I'

'Five Trees'

'The Shore'

'All the eastern girls'

Thursday, 10 February 2011

PostModern*Album of the day *Let there be light - The Noise behind* (10-02-2010)


Let there be light [canada/italy] - A distant sound (2010) (Listen to the Full Album) (Official Site)

Let there be light [canada/italy] - Telepathine (2010)

*Originally from Rome/Italy; Pierro Frenguelli (guitars, programming) and Marco Porsia (bass, keys) formed Let There Be Light amidst the indie-post rock scene in Toronto, Canada.

*They merge spacious melodies and minimal rhythmic electronic loops with ethereal vocals and cinematic overtones. Their first release was a five track EP called ´The Setting Sun´released at the end of 2009.

* ´A Distant sun´ & Telepathine are taken from their debut album ´The Noise Behind´ released november 2nd, 2010.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

PostModern*Songs/Videos of the Week

Andreas Dorau [germany] - Größenwahn (2011)

*Am 3. Juni erscheint  "Todesmelodien", der Nachfolger zu seinem 2005 erschienenen Album "Ich bin der eine von uns beiden" via Staatsakt.

Discodeine feat. Jarvis Cocker [england] - Synchronize (2011)!/pulppeople?v=wall

*Britpop legend Jarvis Cocker (Pulp) lends his signature vocals to "Synchronize," the kickoff single from Discodeine's first full-length album out February 14th on Dirty / Pschent

Lykke Li [sweden] - I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)

*This is the Magician Rmx from the current single by swedish indie singer Lykke Li out february 14th, 2010.

Glass Vaults - Forget Me Not

*This song is taken from the debut ep by New Zealand band Glass Vaults.

CREEP [usa] – Days (Featuring Romy from The XX)

*CREEP is a DJ duo/production group based in New York. The track features vocals from Romy from the xx. The Video was directed by Warren Fischer from Fischerspooner. The single was released on december 20th, 2010 via the Young Turks label.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

"Macht Geschenke!" - 1 Cent/Tag für das Finanzministerium

Christine Lahr - Geben ist seliger denn Nehmen
Die Kunst-Aktion "Macht Geschenke!"

*Jeden Tag überweist die Medien- und Aktionskünstlerin Christin Lahr dem Bundesfinanzministerium genau einen Cent und schickt dazu 108 Zeichen aus dem ersten Band des "Kapitals" von Karl Marx. Protest sei das nicht, so Lahr. Sie sieht in "Macht Geschenke!" ein demokratisches Instrument der Artikulation und Meinungsfreiheit...