Friday, 31 August 2012

***New Tracks*** (De/Vision, Pet Shop Boys, 2 Hearts And Chemicals, Ivy, Les Mistons)

DE/VISION [germany] - Beauty of Decay (2012)
Rockets & Swords

Pet Shop Boys [england] - Everything Means Something (2012) Elysium

2 Hearts And Chemicals feat. Guylaine Vivarat [usa] - Froid (2012) 
True Soul 

Ivy [usa] - Lost In The Sun (2012)
All Hours

Photobucket Les Mistons [england] - Heat The Flowers (2012)

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

***New Tracks*** (Splashh, Deep Cut, Errors, O.Children, Gravenhurst)

SPLASHH [england] - All I Wanna 
Do (2012)

Deep Cut [england] - Out Of Nothing (2011/2012)

Errors [scotland] - Relics (2012)
New Relics

O. Children [england] - Red Like Fire (2012)

Gravenhurst [england] - The Foundry (2012)
The Ghost In Daylight

Monday, 27 August 2012

***New Tracks*** (The Louche, Dead Can Dance, Dinosaur JR., Kiasmos, The Separate feat. Brian Molko)

The Louche [england] - Salt (2012)

Dead Can Dance [england] - Opium (2012)

Dinosaur JR. [usa] - Watch the Corners (2012)
I Bet on sky

Kiasmos [iceland] - Thrown (2012)
Thrown EP

The Separate feat.* Brian Molko [england] - West End Girls *Pet Shop Boys Cover* (1984/2012)
Orchestral Variations V.01

Saturday, 25 August 2012

***New Tracks*** (Yuno, Paul Banks, Reverend And The Makers, Maximo Park, De/Vision)

Yuno [usa] - Sunlight (2012)

Paul Banks [usa] - The Base (2012)

Reverend And The Makers [england] - Out Of The Shadows (2012)

Photobucket Maximo Park [england] - The Undercurrents (2012)
The National Health

De/Vision [germany] - Mystified (2012) 
Rockets & Swords

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

***New Tracks*** (Mark Gardener/Robin Guthrie, Shanghai, The Twang, Saint Etienne, Tamaryn)

Mark Gardener [england] & Robin Guthrie [scotland] - The Places We Go (2012)

SHANGHAI [sweden] - WET SUMMER (2012)

The Twang [england] - Mainline (2012)

Saint Etienne [england] - I Threw It All Away (2012)
Words and Music 

Tamaryn [usa] - I´m gone (2012) 
Tender New Signs

Saturday, 18 August 2012

***New Tracks*** (Toy, Race Horses, Hooray For Earth, Tame Impala, Slugabed)

TOY [england] - Lose My Way (2012)

Race Horses [wales] - My Year Abroad (2012)

Photobucket Hooray For Earth [usa] - Never (2012)

Tame Impala [Australia] - Elephant (2012)

Slugabed [england] - Moonbeam Rider (2012) 
Time Team

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

***New Tracks** (No More, Now Now, The Helio Sequence, Dan Le Sac, Pushy Parents)

NO MORE [germany] - TAKE ME TO YOURS (2012)

Now Now [usa] - Seperate Rooms (2012)

The Helio Sequence [usa] - December (2012)

Photobucket Dan Le Sac [england] - Long Night of Life *feat MERZ* (2012) 
Space Between the Words

Photobucket Pushy Parents [sweden] - Hold Me Tight Or Let Me Go (2011)
Secret Secret 7inch

Monday, 13 August 2012

***New Tracks*** (By The Sea, Tim Burgess, Lux, O.Children, Wild Nothing)

By The Sea [england] - Dream Waters (2012)

Photobucket Tim Burgess [england] – White (2012)
Oh No I Love You

Photobucket Lux [usa] - Out of love (2012)
We Are Not The Same

O. Children [england] - Holy Wood (2012)

Wild Nothing [usa] - Paradise (2012)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

***New Tracks*** (Nightmare Air, Electric Youth, Visions of Trees, Der Herr Polaris, Flavor Crystals)

Nightmare Air [usa] - Escape (2012)

Photobucket Electric Youth [canada] - The Best Thing (2012)

 Photobucket Visions of Trees [england] - With you (2012) 
Visions of Tree

Der Herr Polaris [germany] - Drehen und Wenden // Die Letzte Nacht (2011/2012)
Drehen und Wenden

Flavor Crystals [usa] - Age Of Aquariums (2012)

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

***New Tracks*** (Landing, The Hobbes Fanclub, Family Band, Com Truise, Slugabed)

Landing [usa] - Heart Finds the Beat (2012)

The Hobbes Fanclub [england] - Your Doubting Heart (2012)

Family Band [usa] - Night Song (2012)

Com Truise [usa] - Data Kiss (2012)
In Decay

Slugabed [england] - Sex (2012)
Time Team

Sunday, 5 August 2012

***New Songs*** (IO Echo, Beat the Radar, Nik Kershaw, Battleships, No Ceremony)

IO Echo [usa] - Ministry of Love (2012)
Ministry of Love

Photobucket Beat the Radar [england] - Eyes (2012)
A Million Different People

Nik Kershaw [england] - The Sky's the Limit (2012)

Battleships [australia] - Your Words (2012)

No Ceremony [england] - Holdonme (2012)

Friday, 3 August 2012

***New Tracks*** (Towns, Bunny Lake, Lorn, Crystal Castles,Unicorn Kid)

Towns [england] - Just Everything (2012)

Bunny Lake [austria] - Follow The Sun (2012)
The Sound of Sehnsucht

Lorn [usa] - 'Ghosst(s) (2012)
Ask the Dust 

Crystal Castles [canada] - Plague (2012)

Unicorn Kid [england] - Need U (2012)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

***New Tracks*** (Two Wounded Birds, Seafoam, Levellers, Slugabed, Mittekill)

Two Wounded Birds [england] - To Be Young (2012)
Two Wounded Birds

Seafoam [greece] - Sarah (2012)
Seafoam EP  

Levellers [england] - We Are All Gunmen (2012)
Static On The Airwaves

Slugabed [england] - Mountains Come Out Of The Sky (2012)
Time Team

  Mittekill [germany] - Schlangen (2012)
All But Bored, Weak and Old