Friday, 28 February 2014

***New Tracks*** (Juice, The Twang, James, Camcorder, The Machine Room)

*Thursday nights PostModern feature new music from...

Birmingham 90s madchester influenced newcomers Juice and their debut single/video 'Sugar'.

Another band from the west midlands - Birmingham lads The Twang with 'New Love' from their forthcoming album ' N E O N T W A N G' - out on march10th. 

The return of legendary manchester band James.
'La Petite Mort', out in june, is their first new full length album in six years, 'Frozen Britain' the first video/single. 

Dreampop/shoegaze three piece Camcorder with 'Push You Away' from their upcoming second EP 'Presence'.

Edinburgh Indiepop four piece band The Machine Room and the new single 'Chances' from their forthcoming 'Sweden Ep'.

JUICE [England/Birmingham] - SUGAR (2014)

The Twang [England/Birmingham] - New Love (2014)

James [England/Manchester] - Frozen Britain (2014)
La Petite Mort

Camcorder [USA/North Hollywood] - Push You Away (2014)
Presence EP

The Machine Room [Scotland/Edinburgh] - Chances (2014)
Sweden EP

Saturday, 22 February 2014

***New Tracks*** (B O F C, Pusher, Beverly, Death And Vanilla, Should)

*Tonight Postmodern feature...

Rose Berlin, daughter of Dean Garcia from 90s indie band Curve and frontwoman in SPC ECO with her new electropop project B O F C. 'Burn It Down' is the first single.

Five piece alternative rock/post-punk band Pusher (support band for Exit Calm last year) from Barnsley with their new single/video 'Let It Break' via Genepool Records.

'Honey Do', the debut single from Frankie Rose's new band Beverly.' Honey Do'  will be out on a vinyl-only Kanine Records compilation on Record Store Day. Their debut album is out this summer... 

Swedish psychedelic/dreampop/sci-fi film noir duo Death and Vanilla with their video for 'Ghosts In The Machine' taken from the vinyl reissue of their 2010 Ep.

Baltimore indiepop duo Should and their new single/video 'Down a notch' taken from the forthcoming new fourth album 'The Great Pretend' - out on word on music at the end of march.

B O F C [England/London] - Burn It Down (2014)

Pusher [England/Barnsley] - Let It Break (2014)

Beverly [USA/New York] - Honey Do (2014)

Death And Vanilla [Sweden/Malmö] - Ghosts In The Machine (2010/2014) 
Death And Vanilla EP 

SHOULD [USA/Baltimore] - Down A Notch (2014)
The Great Pretend

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

***New Tracks*** (Fear Of Men, Halls, Younghusband, Lazyeyes, T.O.Y.S)

Tonight PostModern feature...

Fear Of Men - after their nice 'Seer' single and the 'Early Fragments' album from last year, the indie-/dreamrock/pop four-piece from Brighton are on the way to release their new album 'Loom' on Kanine Records in may. 'Alta/Waterfall' is a first taster...

'Waves', the new single/video by London indie producer Halls aka Samuel Howard from his
second album  'Love To Give' - out on No Fear In Pop

Following the release of their debut album 'Dromes' last year via Sonic Cathedral,  London indie/psychpop lads Younghusband put out their new single/video 'Left On the Rocks'

Brooklyn indierock band Lazyeyes with the new single 'Darling Dear'  from their forthcoming second ep 

and finally
T.O.Y.S , a three piece indiepop band from Leeds with 'X-Static', a track from their new 'ep3'

Fear of Men [England/Brighton] - Alta/Waterfall (2014)

Halls [England/London] - Waves (2014)
Love To Give
→ get Proxtube if you live in a GEMA infested area ←

Younghusband [England/London] - Left Of The Rocks (2013/2014) 

Lazyeyes [USA/Brooklyn] - Darling Dear (2014)

 photo avatars-000032218912-ybrcmf-t500x500_zps1700e460.jpg T.O.Y.S [England/Leeds] - X-Static (2014)
EP 3

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

***New Tracks*** (Trust, Bird, Coctail Twins, Ringo Deathstarr, The Battles Of Winter)

*Part2 of tuesdays PostModern include...
'Capitol', the new 2nd single from Trust, the electronic/gothpop project of Toronto artist Robert Alfons. His second album 'Joyland' will be out at the beginning of march.

Liverpool indie/alternative foursome Bird with their single/video 'The Rain Song' from the forthcoming debut album 'My Fear and Me' - out in may.

German indie/wavepop three piece Coctail Twins with the debut single/video 'Rooms made of dust'. The band is currently recording and mixing their debut lp.

Austin/Texas fuzz-pop/shoegaze outfit Ringo Deathstarr with 'Gods Dream' the title track from their new ep, released in december last year.

London indierock band The Battles Of Winter with their first single/video for 'A Blackout For The Bloodsucker' from the upcoming debut album 'Standing At The Floodgates'*

Trust [Canada/Toronto] - Capitol (2014)

BIRD [England/Liverpool] - The Rain Song (2014)
My Fear and Me

Coctail Twins [Germany/Cologne] - Rooms made of dust (2014)

Ringo Deathstarr [USA/Austin] - Gods Dream (2013)
Gods Dream

The Battles Of Winter [England/London] - A Blackout For The Bloodsuckers (2014) 
Standing At The Floodgates

***New Tracks*** (Gardens&Villa, Nothing, The Daydream Club, Great Ytene, Empathy Test)

*Tuesday Edition of PostModern feature...

Indie-pop outfit Gardens & Villa and the latest single/video 'Bullet Train' taken from their 2nd album 'Dune'.

Philadelphia noiserock/shoegaze four-piece Nothing with their 2nd single 'Bent Nail' from the forthcoming debut full-length 'Guilty Of Everything' - out in march.

Folk-pop duo The Daydream Club from Leicestershire with their latest single 'Soundwaves Of Gold'. The song appear on their 'Found Ep' from last year november.

New Bella Union singning - psychpop/shoegaze band Great Ytene from London with their single 'Away For Now' from the forthcoming self-titled debut ep.

London electropop duo Empaty Test with Losing Touch, the title track from their forthcoming debut ep - out at the end of february.*

 Gardens & Villa [USA/California] - Bullet Train (2014)

 photo Nothing_zpsf857a12a.jpg Nothing [USA/Philadelphia] - Bent Nail (2014)
Guilty Of Everything

The Daydream Club [England/Leicestershire] - Soundwaves of Gold (2013)
Found EP

 photo great-ytene-away-for-now_zpsd574b345.jpg Great Ytene [England/London] - Away For Now (2014)

Great Ytene EP

Empathy Test [England/London] - Losing Touch (2014)

Losing Touch Ep

Thursday, 6 February 2014

***New Tracks*** (Eastern Hollows, Paul Thomas Saunders, Jorge Elbrose, Be Forest, The Mary Onettes)

*Party II of tonights PostModern present

after Flyying Colours, another new Club AC30 signing, shoegaze/indiepop Brooklyn-based five-piece Eastern Hollows with 'The Way That You've Gone' from their forthcoming self-titled debut album - out in may.

Leeds indie/singer-songwriter Paul Thomas Saunders with 'Kawai Celeste' the opening track from his upcoming debut album 'Beautiful Desolation' - out in april.

'Called to Ring', the latest track/video by Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht's (Violens) project Jorge Elbrose

Italy postpunk/shoegaze band Be Forest with 'Airwaves', a track from their new 2nd album 'Earthbeat'

Swedish dreampop outfit The Mary Onettes with their new single 'Silence is a gun' from the upcoming mini album 'Portico', released in march.*

 photo easternhollows_zpsb85b9645.jpg Eastern Hollows [USA/Brooklyn] - The Way That You've Gone (2014)
Eastern Hollows

 photo Saundersjpg-large_zps5922f0ba.jpg Paul Thomas Saunders [England/Leeds] - Kawai Celeste (2014)
Beautiful Desolation

Jorge Elbrose [USA/L.A] - Called To Ring (2014)

BE FOREST [Italy/Pesaro] - AIRWAVES (2014)

The Mary Onettes [Sweden/Stockholm] - Silence Is A Gun (2014)

***New Tracks*** (Static Daydream, A Novel Resort, Leave The Planet, Strange Names, New Desert Blues)

*Thursday night's Postmodern feature...

Paul Baker's (Ceremony/Skywave) new noisepop project Static Daydream with the song 'The Only One', produced by Jake Reid of Screen Vinyl Image.

Danish indiepop band A Novel Resort, the solo project from Northern Portrait´s drummer M with the track 'Everything We Ever Hoped For' from a yet untitled debut album, out later this year.
'Between Bodies', the debut single from London wavepop/shoegaze duo Leave The Planet

Minneapolis indie/wavepop duo Strange Names with 'Ricochet' from the forthcoming album 'Common Attraction'.

and finally
Hampshire alternative rock quintet New Desert Blues with 'Matthew', track 2 from their debut ep 'Devil's Rope'*

Static Daydream [USA/Texas] - The Only One (2014)

A Novel Resort [Denmark/Copenhagen] - Everything We Ever Hoped For (2014) 

Leave The Planet [England/London] - Between Bodies (2014)

 photo Strange_Names_promo3_zps218949b4.jpg Strange Names [USA/Minneapolis] - Ricochet (2014)
Common Attraction

New Desert Blues [England/Hampshire] - Matthew (2014)
Devil's Rope Ep

Sunday, 2 February 2014

***New Tracks*** (The Spectors, Low Tide Theory, Children Of The Stones, The Pierces, Bibio)

*Sunday night's edition of PostModern feature...

Belgium shoegaze/dream-pop band The Spectors with their new single/video 'Nico' from the forthcoming debut ep - out in march.

North Devon indie/electronic/pop band Low Tide Theory with their excellent new single 'Exit Ramp' from the debut album 'Big Sky' from last year april.

Electronic/shoegaze band Children Of The Stones feat. Mark Van Hoen (Black Hearted Brother/ Seefeel) with 'The Stars & The Silence'  from the upcoming 'Extended Play EP'.
Rachel Davies of Esben & The Witch and Neil Halstead from Slowdive will also appear on the ep.

NY based sister pop duo The Pierces with their new single/video for 'Kings', taken from the upcoming  album 'Creation' - out in june.

British indietronic producer Bibio with his video for 'Dye The Water Green' from the new 'The Green Ep'*

 The Spectors [Belgium/Brussel] - Nico (2014)

Low Tide Theory [England/North Devon] - Exit Ramp (2013/2014)
Big Sky

Children Of The Stones [England/London] - The Stars & The Silence (2014) 
Extended Play EP

The Pierces [USA/New York] – Kings (2014) 

Bibio [England/West Midlands] - Dye The Water Green (2013/2014)
The Green E.P.