Sunday, 14 September 2014

***New Tracks*** (Golden Fable, Looks, Netil, Lightfoils, School, Night School, Ariel Pink, William Arcane, Lia Mice, Sea Pinks, Orval Carlos Sibelius, Only Real)

***Sunday Edition of Postmodern feature..

'Armour', the new single and first taster from welsh indie/folk/electronic band Golden Fable's forthcoming 2nd album 'Ancient Blue' - out november 10th on 'Full of Joy Records'.

London-based indie trio Looks with the their debut single/video for 'Everest', released june 23th through Killing Moon Records.

London indierock/postpunk four piece Netil with their debut single 'Sweet Teeth', out september 29th on hand painted 7" vinyl.

Chicago shoegaze outfit Lightfoils with the video for their single 'Diastolic' taken from the first full length album 'Hierarchy',  released july 8th on Saint Marie Records.

Swedish indiepop band School with the debut video for their single 'So Long', released september 1st via Luxury Records. 

California indie/shoegaze/60s girl pop influenced three piece Night School, fronted by Lexy Morte (formerly of Whirr), with the new single 'Birthday' taken from their forthcoming EP on Graveface Records due out October 7th.

Los Angeles indie/avantgarde musician Ariel Pink announced his new 17 songs double album 'Pom Pom' for november 18th via 4AD some days ago, 'Put Your Number in My Phone' is the first single from it...

UK-based electropop producer/singer William Arcane and the latest single 'Stay A While' from his forthcoming ep out later this year on Picture Music Records. 

Lia Mice, the experimental pop project of australian film score composer Eleanor C Logan with the song 'Memory Maps' which will appear on her album 'I Love You', out October 7th on Old Flame Records.

Indiepop band Sea Pinks from Belfast, feat. former Girls Names drummer Neil Brogan, with the new single/video 'Dream Happening'  from the forthcoming album 'Dreaming Tracks' - out September 29th via CF Records.

'Asteroids' by parisian psych-/krautrock band Orval Carlos Sibelius taken from their album 'Super Forma', released in the uk on June 2nd via Clapping Music.

Only Real, the psychedelic/almost-rap-like singing project from Londons Niall Galvin with the new single/video 'Pass The Pain', out september 29th on Virgin EMI in the UK and Harvest Records (US). His debut album is scheduled for 2015.***
released September 29 on Virgin EMI (UK) and Harvest Records (US) and comes ahead of Only Real’s debut album which is penned in for release in early 2015. - See more at:

released September 29 on Virgin EMI (UK) and Harvest Records (US) and comes ahead of Only Real’s debut album which is penned in for release in early 2015. - See more at:
released September 29 on Virgin EMI (UK) and Harvest Records (US) and comes ahead of Only Real’s debut album which is penned in for release in early 2015. - See more at:

released September 29 on Virgin EMI (UK) and Harvest Records (US) and comes ahead of Only Real’s debut album which is penned in for release in early 2015. - See more at:

 Golden Fable [Wales/Mold] - Armour (2014)
Ancient Blue

Looks [England/London] - Everest (2014)

Netil [England/London] - Sweet Teeth (2014)

Lightfoils [USA/Chicago] - Diastolic (2014) 

School [Sweden/Gothenburg] - So Long (2014)

Night School [USA/California] - Birthday (2014)

Ariel Pink [USA/Los Angeles] - Put Your Number In My Phone (2014)
Pom Pom

William Arcane [England/London] - Stay A While (2014)

Lia Mice [Australia/Melbourne] - Memory Maps (2014)
I Love You

Sea Pinks [Irland/Belfast] - Dream Happening (2014) Dreaming Tracks

Orval Carlos Sibelius [France/Paris] - Asteroids (2014) 
Super Forma

Only Real [England/London] - Pass The Pain (2014)

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

***New Tracks*** (Delay Trees, Black Honey, Corbu, The Carousels, Bear In Heaven, Lamb, Orka, Deine Lakaien)

***Wednesday nights Postmodern feature new music from the likes of...

Helsinki dreampop quartet Delay Trees with the new single/video for 'Steady' from their third album 'Readymade', released in january this year via Soliti Records.

Black Honey, a new indiepop band from Brighton with their latest song 'Teenager'.

Brooklyn five piece dreampop band Corbu with the video for 'Fields & Flowers' from their 2nd ep 'Everything You Imagine Is Real' out october 6th on 3Beat Records.

Scotish psychedelic folk band The Carousels with their latest single 'My beating heart' from the debut album 'Love Changes Like The Seasons' out september 16th on Northern Star Records.

'Autumn', the opening track and new single/video from Brooklyn based indie/electronic artist Bear In Heaven taken from the fourth full-length release 'Time Is Over One Day Old', released august 5th on Dead Oceans Records.

Manchester electronic/triphop duo Lamb are back with the new album 'Backspace Unwind', the follow up to their 2011' lp '5. 'We fall in love' the lead single drops october 27th, the new album on november 3rd through Strata/Butler Records. 

Faroese electronic act Orka, based in London, with the video for 'We Have Fallen Into Each Other' taken from their 4th full-length album 'LEIPZIG', released august 22th via TUTL Records.

German avantgarde-pop/darkwave duo Deine Lakaien with the new single/video 'Farewell' from their new 10th studio album 'Crystal Palace', released on august 8th via Chrom Records / Soulfood.***

Delay Trees [Finland/Helsinki] - Steady (2014)

Black Honey [England/Brighton] - Teenager (2014)

Corbu [USA/Brooklyn] - Fields & Flowers (2014)
Everything You Imagine Is Real EP

THE CAROUSELS [Scotland/Keith] - My Beating Heart (2014)
Love Changes Like The Seasons

Bear In Heaven [USA/Brooklyn] - Autumn (2014)
Time is over one day old

Lamb [England/Manchester] - We fall in love (2014)
Backspace Unwind

ORKA [England/London] - We Have Fallen Into Each Other (2014)

Deine Lakaien [Germany/Berlin] - Farewell (2014)

Saturday, 6 September 2014

***New Tracks*** (Helen Love, Peaking Lights, Coral Cross, Whirr, Beverly, Bernard + Edith, Gulp]

***Tonight Postmodern feature...

Welsh bubblegum indie pop/punk/disco band Helen Love are back with the new single/video for 'Pogo Pogo', the follow up to their 'Day-Glo Dreams' LP from last year.

California dub/hyno-pop duo Peaking Lights with the new single/video for 'Breakdown' taken from their forthcoming album 'Cosmic Logic', out via Weird World Records october 6th.

'With a Lancet', the debut single from new york noise rock band Coral Cross featuring Violens mastermind Jorge Elbrecht, released on Mexican Summer august 11th.

Nick Bassett, bassist in philadelphia shoegaze band Nothing with his side-project Whirr and the new single 'Mumble' from the 2nd album 'Sway' - out on Graveface Records & Curiosities September 23th.

Brooklyn-based indierock band Beverly, a collaborative project of Drew Citron and Frankie Rose with the new single/video 'Out on a ride' taken from their debut album 'Careers', released  July 1st on Kanine Records.

Manchester dark art pop duo Bernard + Edith with the single/video for 'Poppy', released march 31th on Sway Records. 

Super Furry Animals bassist Guto Pryce's psych-folk outfit Gulp with 'Game Love', the opening track from the debut album 'Season Sun', released July 14th on Sonic Cathedral

 Helen Love [Wales/Swansea] - Pogo Pogo (2014)
Pogo Pogo EP

Peaking Lights [USA/California] - Breakdown (2014) 
Cosmic Logic

Coral Cross [USA/New York] - With a Lancet (2014) 
7inch EP 001

Whirr [USA/San Francisco] - Mumble (2014)

Beverly [USA/Brooklyn] - Out on a Ride (2014)

BERNARD + EDITH [England/Manchester] - POPPY (2014)

Gulp [Wales/Cardiff] - Game Love (2014)
Season Sun