Montag, 31. Dezember 2018

***PostModern Best Of...Albums 2018***

***here are our most essential albums/eps from 2018.
the listing is in no particular order. 
click on the album cover to watch a video/listen to a song....*** 
Film School [USA/Los Angeles] - Bright To Death
Genre: Shoegaze / Dreampop
Label: Hauskat Records
Release Date: September 14 
Soft Science [USA/Sacramento] - Maps
Genre: Shoegaze, Dreampop
Label: Test Pattern Records
Release Date: June 1 
Johnny Marr [England/Manchester] - Call The Comet
Genre: Indierock / New Wave
Label: New Voodoo Records
Release Date: June 15 
Night Flowers [England/London] - Wild Notion
Genre: Indiepop / Dreampop
Label: Dirty Bingo Records
Release Date: April 15
Wild Nothing [USA/Blacksburg] - Indigo
Genre: Indiepop / Dreampop / New Wave
Label: See Music
Release Date: August 30
Moaning [USA/Los Angeles] - Moaning
Genre: Indierock / Post-Punk
Label: Subpop Records
Release Date: March 2
The Spitfires [England/Watford] - Year Zero
Genre: Indierock / Britrock
Label: Hatch Records Limited
Release Date: July 27
Lo Moon [Los Angeles] - Lo Moon 
Genre: Indiepop/-rock
Label: Columbia
Release Date: February 23
Air Formation [England/Brighton] - Near Miss
Genre: Indierock / Shoegaze
Label: Club AC 30
Release Date: March 9
The Spectors [Belgium/Antwerpen] - Ohh Ahh Ahh 
Genre: Indierock / Dreamrock
Label: Caroline Records
Release Date: March 30
The Yearning [England/London] - Take Me All Over The World
Genre: Indiepop / Tweepop / Chamberpop
Label: Elefant Records
Release Date : January 19
L-Space [Scotland/Glasgow] - Kipple Arcadia
Genre: Dreampop / Trip-Hop / Electronica
Label: Last Night From Glasgow
Release Date: September 28
Tape Waves [USA/Charleston] - Distant Light
Genre: Indiepop / Tweepop / Dreampop
Label: Bleeding Gold Records
Release Date: June 6
James [England/Manchester] - Living in Extraordinary Times
Genre: Indierock / Britpop
Label: Infectious Music
Release Date: August 3
Tees [Australia/Sydney] - Flow Ep 
Genre: Electropop / Dreampop / House
Label: Bandcamp
Release Date: January 25
The Embassy [Sweden/Stockholm] - White Lake
Genre: Electropop / Madchester
Label: Luxuary Records
Release Date: November 21
Dubstar [England/London] - One
Genre: Indiepop / Electropop
Label: Northern Writes
Release Date: October 12
Hatchie [Australia/Brisbane] - Sugar & Spice Ep
Genre: Indiepop / Dreampop / Janglepop
Label: Heavenly Recordings
Release Date: May 25
Western Medication [USA/Nashville] - Taste 
Genre: Indierock / Psychedelia / Madchester
Label: Death of 78
Release Date: June 29
Launder [USA/Los Angeles] - Pink Cloud Ep 
Genre: Indierock / Dreampop / Janglepop
Label: Bandcamp
Release Date: April 27
Tocotronic [Germany/Hamburg] - Die Unendlichkeit 
Genre: Indierock
Label: Vertigo/Capitol
Release Date: January 26
DMA's [Australia/Sydney] - For Now
Genre: Indierock / Neo-Britpop
Label: Infectious Music
Release Date: April 27
The Vryll Society [England/Liverpool] - Course Of The Satellite
Genre: Indierock / Psychedelia
Label: Deltasonic Records
Release Date: August 10
Say Sue Me [South Korea/Busan] - Where We Were Together 
Genre: Indierock / Tweepop
Label: Damnably Records 
Release Date: April 13
Alpaca Sports [Sweden/Gothenburg] - From Paris With Love
Genre: Indiepop / Tweepop
Label: Elefant Records
Release Date: September 7
Frankie Cosmos [USA/New York] - Vessels
Genre: Indierock / Lo-Fi
Label: Sub Pop Records
Release Date: March 30
Richard Ashcroft [England/London] - Natural Rebel 
Genre: Indierock / Britpop
Label: BMG
Release Date: October 19