Sunday 4 February 2024

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*postmodern february edition featuring the latest/finest

indie and alternative singles & video releases ...*

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‚tonight in belfast‘ is a brand new collaborative single from british electronica duo Orbital, irish musician David Holmes, manchester DJ Helen & spoken word poet Mike Garry.

the remix of Orbital's classic 1991 rave anthem introduce the april 19th re-release of the Hartnoll brothers' debut ‚the green album’ and a corresponding uk tour. 

the tune was released february 2 via london records ltd …

Orbital / David Holmes & DJ Helen feat. Mike Garry – Tonight In Belfast

oxford/uk shoegaze pioneers RIDE have annouced the release of their forthcoming seventh studio album 'interplay' on march 29 through wichita recordings/pias. 

here're the visuals for the lead single ‚peace sign' ...

RIDE - Peace Sign 


manchester/uk alternative pop-/rock legends JAMES return with a new single ! 

‚is this love‘ is a first taster from their upcoming eighteenth studio album ‚yummy’, set to arrive on april 12 via nothing but love music / virgin music …

JAMES - Is This Love 


british 90s indie dance / alternative rock legends EMF have dropped their brand new album 'the beauty and the chaos', the follow up to the 2022' comeback full length ‚go go sapiens', on january 26 via the orchard enterprises / emf recordings. 

here's the upcoming single from the record, the excellent ‚reach for the lasers' ...

EMF - Reach For The Lasers 

The Beauty And The Chaos

'in the meantime' is the cracking new single from chesterfield/uk indie rock'n'roll / neo britpop five piece The Crooks

the track was released january 26 ...

The Crooks - In The Meantime

legendary 90s madchester influenced liverpool/uk indie rock / baggy outfit The Farm have shared a new single ! 

'let the music (take control)' was released february 1 via ditto music ...

The Farm - Let The Music (Take Control)

'interloper' is the debut single from leeds/uk indie rock / shoegaze trio Lozenge.

the track was released janurary 19 via iip-dds

Lozenge - Interloper

manchester/uk indie rock / shoegaze quartet Cruush will release their second ep 'nice things now, all the time' on april 12 via heist or hit records. 

here's the video for the new single 'headspace' ...

Cruush - Headspace 

Nice Things Now, All The Time EP

maidstone/uk indie rock / jangly neo britpop band The Shop Window have premiered the video for their new single i run'. 

it's the third taster of their forthcoming third studio full length ‚daysdream‘, a double concept album ft. 16 tracks - the ‚days‘ side with summer jangle style, the flipside ‚dream‘ with a more melancholic atmosphere. 

the record is set to arrive on may 3 via jangle shop records …

The Shop Window - I Run 


manchester/uk indie-/britrock-/pop / psychedelia heroes John Squire (The Stone Roses) and Liam Gallagher (Oasis) have annouced the release of their self-titled collaborative full length on march 1 via warner music uk. 

here's the second taster 'mars to liverpool' ...

Liam Gallagher & John Squire - Mars to Liverpool 

Liam Gallagher & John Squire

london/uk 90s indie-/britpop band My Life Story will release their forthcoming fifth studio album ‚love you is killing me‘ on february 9, 2024 via exilophone records. 

here‘s the latest single ‚running out of heartbeats‘ …

My Life Story - Running Out Of Heartbeats 

Love You Is Killing Me

falkirk/scottish indie rock / electronica / post rock band Arab Strap have revealed the release of their new album 'i'm totally fine with it don’t give a fuck anymore' on may 10 via rock action records. 

here's the video for the first single 'bliss' ...

Arab Strap - Bliss

I'm Totally Fine with It Don’t Give A Fuck Anymore

scottish alternative rock / noise pop / psychedelia legends The Jesus And Mary Chain will release their eighth studio album ‚glasgow eyes‘ on march 8, 2024 via fuzz club records.

here's the second single from it called 'chemical animal' ...

The Jesus And Mary Chain - Chemical Animal 

Glasgow Eye

manchester/uk alternative dance / funk rock veterans Black Grape (the band from Happy Mondays founder Shaun Ryder and Bez) have released their new full length ‚orange head‘ on january 19 through dgaff recordings. 

here‘s a taster from the album, track 5 ‚in a ground‘ …

Black Grape - In A Ground 

Orange Head

los angeles/us indie rock / electronica / psychedelia duo Peel's debut album 'acid star' is ready to be released on march 29 through innovative leisure. 

here's the video for the opening track and new double a-side single 'y2j' ...

Peel - Y2J 

Acid Star

bristol/uk indie / dreampop / shoegaze / electronica band The Fauns have premiered the video for their new single ‚shake your hair‘. 

it’s the third taster for their new album ‚how lost‘, out this friday, january 19, 2024 via invada records …

The Fauns - Shake Your Hair 

How List

london/uk post punk / electronica / shoegaze duo The KVB's new full length 'tremors' will arrive on april 5 via invada records. 

check the video for the lead single 'labyrinths' ...

The KVB - Labyrinths 


london/uk indie rock outfit The Libertines' fourth studio album 'all quiet on the esplanade' is out on march 8 through emi/universal music. 

check the video for the new single 'shiver' ...

The Libertines - Shiver 

All Quiet On The Esplande

'swallowing static' is the latest single from manchester/uk indie rock five-piece The Blinders

the track comes from their forthcoming new album 'beholder’, out on march 1 via universal music / a funhouse recordings ...

The Blinders - Swallowing Heart 



'come out & play' is the britpop influenced new single from leeds/uk indie rock quartet The Slates

the track was released february 1 via distrokid ...

The Slates - Come Out & Play

'sixty minutes late' is the new single from glasgow/scottish indie rock / britpop foursome Cruise Balloon.

the track was released january 5 through distrokid ...

Cruise Balloon - Sixty Minutes Late


skellefteå/swedish 90s indie rock / power pop veterans The Wannadies return with a new single ! 

'it's you' was released january 26 through universal music ...

The Wannadies - It’s You (It’s You It’s You It’s You)

london/uk indie-/dreampop outfit Still Corners have aired the video for their new single 'in a dream'. 

the song comes from the upcoming album 'dream talk', out april 5 via wrecking light records.

Still Corners - In a Dream 

Dream Talk

boston/us 90s indie rock / shoegaze quintet Drop Nineteens have unveiled the video for their latest single ‚tarantula‘. 

the track is taken from the comeback studio full length ‚hard light‘ which was released in november last year november via wharf cat records ...

Drop Nineteens - Tarantula 

Hard Light

german/cologne indie rock / shoegaze band Gifts For The Earth's self-titled debut album was released december 22 via recordjet. 

check the opening track and single 'downer' ...

Gifts For The Earth - Downer 

Gifts For The Earth

iconic uk synth-pop duo Pet Shop Boys have announced their fifteenth studio studio album called 'nonetheless' for april 26 through parlophone records. 

check the video for the first single 'loneliness' ...

Pet Shop Boys - Loneliness 



Alex Paterson and Andy Falconer from legendary uk electronica band The Orb will release their new album 'seti' with the new project Sedibus on february 23 via cooking vinyl records. 

back in 1991 they engineered/co-wrote the ambient sides of The Orb’s classic debut full length ‚adventures beyond the ultraworld’.

here's their latest single, the epic 'seti-part 2' ...

Sedibus - Seti-Part 2