Sunday, 24 November 2013

***New Tracks*** (Sisters, Au.Ra, Blouse, Temples, Die Goldenen Zitronen)

*Tonight Postmodern feature...

Indiepop three piece Sisters from irland with their new single 'Hush Hush'

Chill electro/shoegaze project Au.Ra from London with their latest video/single 'Sun'

Portland indie/dreampop/new wave trio Blouse with '1000' years, a track from their new 2nd album 'Imperium'

Northamptonshire neo-psychedelic band Temples with their new single 'Mesmerise' from the forthcoming debut album 'Sun Structures'

Punk rock band Die Goldenen Zitronen from germany/hamburg with their single 'Scheinwerfer und Lautsprecher' from the new album 'Who´s bad'*

Sisters [Irland/Limerick] - Hush Hush (2013)

Au.Ra [England/London] - Sun (2013)

Blouse [USA/Portland] - 1000 Years (2013)

 photo track-of-the-day-temples-mesmerise-L-vDPZzo_zps3b8b5702.jpeg Temples [England/London] - Mesmerise (2013)
Sun Structures

Die Goldenen Zitronen [Germany/Hamburg] - Scheinwerfer und Lautsprecher (2013)
Who's Bad

Saturday, 23 November 2013

***New Tracks*** (Eagulls, The Fauns, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Kitchens Of Distinction, Fat White Family)

*Tonight Postmodern present...

Leeds post-punk five-piece Eagulls with 'Tough Luck', the lead single from their self-titled debut album which is out in march next year. 

Bristol shoegaze/indie band The Fauns with 'Seven Hours', a single release from their new album 'Lights' 

Helsinki psyche-pop artist Jaakko Eino Kalevi with 'No End', a track from his new 'Dreamzone Ep', out at the beginning of december.

New video/single by british indie/shoegaze legends Kitchens Of Distinction from their comeback album 'Folly' 

and finally
London psychedelic rock band Fat White Family with their single 'Auto Neutron' from the debut LP 'Champagne Holocaust', released two month ago.

 photo eagulls05_jpg_630x307_q85_zps0a4f7520.jpg Eagulls [England/Leeds] - Tough Look (2013)

The Fauns [England/Bristol] - Seven Hours (2013)

 photo Jaakko_Eino_Kalevi_zps42149d35.jpg Jaakko Eino Kalevi [Finland/Helsinki] - No End (2013)
Dreamzone EP

Kitchens of Distinction [England/London] - Tiny Moments, Tiny Omens (2013)

Fat White Family [England/London] - Auto Neutron (2013)
Champagne Holocaust

Thursday, 21 November 2013

***New Tracks*** (Exit Calm, Tear Talk, Delay Trees, Tiger Baby, The Slow Readers Club)

*Thursday night's Postmodern include...

'Promise',the 3rd single/video by barnsley indierock/psychedelic/shoegaze band Exit Calm - taken from their 2nd album 'The Future isn´t what it used to be'

Liverpool indie/postpunk band Tear Talk  with their debut single/video 'Breathe'. If you like them check also out the great b-sides 'Only Illusions'  & 'Parallel'

Finnish indie-/dreampop band Delay Trees return with 'Perfect Heartache', the first single from their forthcoming new album 'Readymade' 

'Apart', the new single by danish electropop trio Tiger Baby

Manchester's The Slow Readers Club , founded out of the ashes of noughties indie rock band Omerta, with their new single 'Forever In Your Debt' 

Exit Calm [England/Barnsley] - Promise (2013)
The Future isn´t what it used to be

Tear Talk [England/Liverpool] - Breathe (2013)
B R E A T H E 7"

Delay Trees [Finland/Helsinki]- Perfect Heartache (2013)

 photo l_6a8d6985ea59424d9a8e0b8ed5bbec6f-450x302_zps6e8eeabc.jpg Tiger Baby [Denmark/Copenhagen] - Apart (2013)

The Slow Readers Club [England/Manchester] - Forever In Your Debt (2013)

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

***New Tracks*** (Flyying Colours, Dum Dum Girls, Keep Shelly In Athens, Woman's Hour, The Darcys)

*Tonight Postmodern feature...

'Wavygravy', the debut single/video from australian three-piece noisepop/shoegazers Flyying Colours. Their stunning self-titled debut ep was released at november 1st - check also their latest video for 'She Said'

Los Angeles indie band Dum Dum Girls with their latest single/video 'Lost Boys and Girls Club' from the forthcoming album 'Too True' - out in january. 

Greece chillwave/electropop duo Keep Shelly In Athens with 'Higher', another great track from their debut album 'At Home'

London based slowmotion indie/electronic band Woman's Hour with their single/video 'Darkest Place'

Toronto four-piece indiepop/artrock band The Darcys with their latest single 'Horses Fell' from the new third studio album 'Warring'*

Flyying Colours [Australia/Sydney] - Wavygravy (2013) 
Flyying Colours Ep

Dum Dum Girls [USA/Los Angeles] - Lost Boys and Girls Club (2013)
Too True 

Keep Shelly In Athens [Greece/Athens] - Higher (2013)
At Home

 Woman's Hour [England/London] - Darkest Place (2013)

The Darcys [Canada/Toronto] - Horses Fell (2013)

Monday, 11 November 2013

***New Tracks*** (Desperate Journalist, Toy, Gwenno, Laced, Disappears)

*Tonight Postmodern feature new music from...

Londons four piece indie outfit Desperate Journalist with their brand new single/video 'Organ'

Another London band - indie/psychedelic rock five piece Toy with their first single 'Endlessly' from the new second album 'Join The Dots'  - out in december

Welsh electronic indie pop artist Gwenno with her new single 'Chwyldro' from the forthcoming debut album 'Y Dydd Olaf' - scheduled for march next year.

Laced, a new indie band from Birmingham with their new single 'Brian'

Chicago post punk band Disappears with 'Trans Europa Express, their tribute single for german electronic band kraftwerk*

Desperate Journalist [England/London] - Organ (2013)

 photo toy_zps20fecea7.jpg
Toy [England/London] - Endlessly (2013) 
Join The Dots

 photo Gwenno-Saunders-plays_zps16cb99f3.jpg Gwenno [Cardiff/Wales] - Chwyldro (2013)
Y Dydd Olaf

 photo laced_zpse4ff3e56.jpg L A C E D [England/Birmingham] - Brian (2013)

 photo disappears_feat_1_zps6bd463cd.jpg Disappears [USA/Chicago]- Trans Europa Express (1977/2013)