Thursday, 30 October 2014

***New Tracks*** (Pinkshinyultrablast, Gwenno, Mogwai, Rev Rev Rev, Hunck, The Charlatans, Blossoms, Curb, The Ropes, William Arcane, Phillip Boa and The Voodooclub, Coctail Twins, The Church, Poemss)

***A new edition of PostModern feature...

Shoegaze/dreampop band Pinkshinyultrablast, the newest signing on london based record label Club AC30 with the single/video for 'Umi' - taken from their forthcoming debut album 'Everything Else Matters', out in january next year. 

Welsh electronic indie pop artist Gwenno (also singer and keyboardist with brighton indiepop band The Pipettes) and her latest single/video 'Calon Peiriant', taken from the debut album 'Y Dydd Olaf', released October 27th on Peski Records.

'Teenage Exorcist', the opening track from Glasgow postrock artist Mogwais' new ep 'Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1.'out via Rock Action Records on december 1st.

Italian noisepop/shoegazing band  Rev Rev Rev with their debut single/video for 'Catching The Buzz' out October 20th via Winwin Records

London based indie band Hunck with the new single/video for 'Something Missing', the title track from their new ep,  available on december 4th digitally and on limited edition cassette.

'Oh So'. another taster from Manchester legends The Charlatans' new upcoming twelfth album 'Modern Nature', out january 26th, 2015 via BMG Chrysalis

Manchester psych-pop band Blossoms with Madeleine, another stunning track from their debut EP 'Bloom', released may 12th via RIP Records.

'Communication', the new single by britpop inspired Birmingham indierock four-piece Curb

New York alternative/electronic duo The Ropes with the new video 'Sadness Is the Rich Man's Drug' from their self-titled new ep released ocotber 28th on SINLO Records

London electronic pop experimentalist William Arcane and his latest single 'Sunfader'  from the new 'Reckless EP, released october 17th via Pictures Music.

German indie-/avantgarde-pop artist Phillip Boa and The Voodooclub with 'Bleach House', the 2nd single/video and title track from their new album,  released august 22th via Cargo Records.

German dark-/dreampop trio Coctail Twins with their great new song/video for 'Perfume Well' from the bands forthcoming 2nd ep 'Below Zero' out november 21th via Reptile Music/Scary Door.

'Pride Before The Fall' the new single by legendary australian indie rock band The Church and their first taste from the 25th studio album 'Further/Deeper', out in february next year

and finally
Toronto-based ambient project Poemss with 'Miles Away'. The track appear on the self-titled debut album which was released on february 11th via Planet Mu Records.***

Pinkshinyultrablast [Russia/St.Petersburg] - Umi (2014)
Everything Else Matters

Gwenno [Wales/Cardiff] - Calon Peiriant (2014)
Y Dydd Olaf

Mogwai [Scotland/Glasgow] - Teenage Exorcists (2014)
Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1. EP

Rev Rev Rev [Italy/Modena] - Catching a Buzz (2014) 

Hunck [England/London] - Something Missing (2014)
Something Missing EP

The Charlatans [England/Manchester] - So Oh (2014)
Modern Nature

Blossoms [England/Manchester] - Madeleine (2014)
Bloom Ep

Curb [England/Birmingham] - Communication (2014)

The Ropes [USA/New York] - Sadness Is the Rich Man's Drug (2014) 
Sadness Is the Rich Man's Drug EP

William Arcane [England/London] – Sunfade (2014)
Reckless EP

Philip Boa & The Voodooclub [Germany-Malta] - Bleach House (2014) 
Bleach House

Coctail Twins [Germany/Cologne] - Perfume Well (2014)
Below Zero EP

 The Church [Australia/Sydney] - Pride Before A Fall (2014)

Poemss [Canada/Toronto] - Miles Away (2014)

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

***New Tracks*** (Superfood, Contrast, The Charlatans, High Hazels, NEØV, A Lazarus Soul, Martin Carr, Permanent Vacation, Black Swan Lane, Eternal Death)

***This edition of PostModern feature new music from the likes of...

Birmingham indie/post-britpop band Superfood with the new single/video 'Mood Bomb'  from their upcoming debut album 'Don't Say That' - out november 3rd via Infectious Records.

Melbourne shoegaze/noisepop four-piece Contrast with the video for 'Drum Maschine' from their second ep 'Less Than Zero', released may 29th via bandcamp.

UK indie legends The Charlatans with the video for 'Talking In Tones', the band's first release since the death of drummer Jon Brookes and the lead single from their as-yet-untitled 12th album.

'Banging On My Door', the new single by post-britpop band High Hazels taken from their debut self-titled album, released on  October.27th via Heist or Hit Records.

Finnish dreampop band NEØV returns with their new video for 'The Rain People.', the second single off the band's sophomore LP 'Dominique', out in 2015.

Dublin indiepop band A Lazarus Soul with the new single/video 'We Know Where You Live' from the album 'Last Of The Analogue Age' out October 17th

Martin Carr, songwriter and lead guitarist with the British band The Boo Radleys and his new solo single 'The Santa Fe Skyway' taken from his album 'The Breaks', released September 26th on Tapete Records.

Canadian dreampop band Permanent Vacation with the new single/video 'Ends All'  released september 30th  via Track and Field Records.

US/UK indie-rock band Black Swan Lane featuring Jack Sobel and John Kolbeck (formerly of The Messengers) and Mark Burgess (formerly of The Chameleons UK) with the video for DNA from their six studio album 'A Moment Of Happiness, released september 9th via Eden Records.

and finally
Swedish electro-/synthpop duo Eternal Death with the single ' Fade' from the forthcoming debut album out on Labrador Records later this fall***

Superfood [England/Birmingham]- Mood Bomb (2014)
Don't Say That

CONTRAST [Australia/Melbourne] - Drum Machine (2014)
Less Than Zero' EP

The Charlatans [England/West Midlands] - Talking in Tones (2014) 

High Hazels [England/Sheffield] - Banging On My Door (2014)
High Hazels

NEØV [Finland/Juankoski] – The Rain People (2014) 

A Lazarus Soul [Irland/Dublin] - We Know Where You Live (2014)
Last Of The Analogue Age

Martin Carr [Scotland/Thurso] - The Santa Fe Skyway (2014)
The Breaks

Permanent Vacation [Canada/Dundas] - Ends All (2014)
Ends All 7inch

BLACK SWAN LANE [USA/Georgia - England/Middleton] - DNA (2014) 
A Moment Of Happiness

Eternal Death [Sweden/Stockholm] - Fade (2014)