Monday, 19 September 2011

*Forgotten*Classics*Mylène Farmer - Mylenium Tour*


Mylène Farmer [france] - Rêver (1995) *Mylenium Tour*

*Mylène Farmer is a French singer, songwriter, occasional actress and author.
*All tracks were recorded during their Mylenium Tour,  a total of 43 shows - from September 21, 1999 to March 8, 2000 - in four countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia) 
*A Dvd Box Set was released next to a 2CD Audio Version

Mylène Farmer  [france] - Regrets (1991) *Mylenium tour*

Mylène Farmer [france] - Pas le temps de vivre (1999) *Mylenium Tour*

Saturday, 17 September 2011

New Singles & Songs (Kasabian, VHS OR BETA, The New Division, Plyci, Oh Minnows, Echo Lake, 047, The Morning Light Project)

Kasabian [england]- Days Are Forgotten (2011)

*Official Video for Kasabians current single 'Days are forgotten' taken from their new 4th album 'Velociraptor' out september 16th, 2011.

VHS OR BETA [usa] - Breaking Bones (2011)

*VHS or Beta is a band originally from Louisville, Kentucky, now based in Brooklyn, NY, that combines elements of rock, house and disco.
*This is the Official video for 'Breaking Bones' from the album 'Diamonds And Death' which is out on September 27th, 2011.

The New Division [usa] - Opium (2011) 

*Current Single from California based new-wave/synthpop band The New Division taken from their debut album 'Shadows' which is out on september 27th, 2011.

*Try also the track 'starfield'

Plyci [england] - Flump (2011)

*great ambient/electronic track from Nottingham based artist Plyci from his self-titled EP out on Peski Records.

Oh Minnows [usa] - Another Volunteer (2011)

*'Another Volunteer' is the opening track from 'For Shadows',  the debut album by new york dreampoppers Oh Minnows. The album was out on june 20th, 2011 via Young and Lost Club.

*check also their single 'everyday'

Echo Lake [england] - Another Day (2011)

*Latest single by London five-piece dreampop/shoegaze band Echo Lake released on July 18th, 2011 on No Pain In Pop.

047 [sweden] - Don't Stop (2011)

*'Don´t Stop' is taken from the album 'Elva' by swedish Electro-/Bitpop band 047 released June 8th, 2011

The Morning Light Project [italy] - Under My Red Carpet (2011)

*Another great track by alternative italian band The Morning Light Project from their debut album 'Interface' released in may this year.

*Try also their the first single 'slicer'

Friday, 16 September 2011


Man Without Country [wales] - King Complex (2011)

*Brand New Video for the debut single by Electronic/Shoegaze duo Man without country from Cardiff.

Listen also to their aweseome debut 'king complex' ep

*and watch the Video for 'Inflammable Heart'

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

New Singles & Songs (Lana del Rey, Rubika, Unicorn Kid)


*Lana del Rey aka Lizzy Grant is a New York singer-songwriter. Her debut single 'Video Games' is out on october 10th, 2011 via Stranger Records.

Rubika [england/Russia] - Robots (2011)

*Manchester based electronic band Rubika released their debut single 'Robots' on september 12th, 2011 on KILL ROCCO Records

Unicorn Kid [scotland] - Chrome Lion (2011)

*New track by Edingurgh's 8bit wunderkind Unicorn Kid, taken from his'Tidal Rave' EP released on august 30th, 2011.

*try also the video of his 'dreamcatcher' single from last year.

Monday, 12 September 2011

New Singles & Songs (Caan, Ghostpoet, Funeral Suits)

CAAN [irland/turkey] - Now Hear This My Friends (2011)

*Ou Est Le Swimming Pool’s former bassist, half-Irish, half-Turkish artist Caan will release his solo debut single 'Now Hear This My Friends' on October 10th, 2011 via Camouflage Recordings.

GHOSTPOET [england] - Liiines (2011)

*Latest single from Experimental/Hip Hop artist Ghostpoet taken from his Mercury Music Prize nominated album 'Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam'

Funeral Suits [irland] - Health (2011)

*Funeral Suits are a four-piece indierock/electronic band from dublin. This is the 2nd single from their as yet un-named debut album. The single is out on OCTober 3rd, 2011 as a download only with a limited 7inch to follow...

Sunday, 4 September 2011

New Singles & Songs (The Rifles, HOODLUMS, Monostars, Death In Vegas, Still Corners, Thomas Dolby feat. Eddi Reader)

The Rifles [england] - Tangled Up In Love (2011)

*Brit-rock band The Rifles have just released a new video for 'Tangled Up In Love', the lead single from their upcoming third album 'modern run' which is out on september 19th, 2011.

HOODLUMS [england] - Landmarks (2011)

*UK Indierockpop band Hoodlums released their Debut Single 'Landmarks' via Blow The Whistle Recordings on june 13th, 2011. Originating from Southend, the London-based combo first attracted attention when they were invited to open for Suede on the their intimate comeback shows at at London’s 100 Club and The Ritz in Manchester.

Monostars - Unsichtbar (2011)

*Indie band Monostars from Munich released their 6th album 'Absoulut' via ZickZack Records on july 22th, 2011.

Death In Vegas - Your Loft My Acid (2011)

*New Single by british psychedelic rock/electronic band Death In Vegas from their forthcoming 5th album 'Trans Love Energies' out September 26th, 2011.

Still Corners [england] - Cockoo (2011)

*Still Corners is a four-piece dream/indiepop band from London, signed to Sub Pop Records.
Their latest single 'cockoo' was released on june 28th, 2011 and is taken from their debut album 'Creatures of an Hour' out october 14th, 2011.

*check also the video for their track 'wish'

*and 'Endless Summer', which is now the B-Side of their current 'Cockoo' single

Thomas Dolby feat. Eddi Reader - Oceanea (2011)

*British Artist Thomas Dolby, well known for some 80s classics like 'She Blinded Me With Science, 'Europa and the Pirate Twins' or 'one of our submarines' will release his new album 'A Map of the Floating City' in november...

Saturday, 3 September 2011

*New Album*June - Cytheria*

June [greece/england] - Cytheria (2011)

*Tasmpikos Fronas aka' June is a Greek producer now living in london. His debut album 'Cyteria' is a mix of Acid House, Synth Wave, Chicago House and 80’s Nostalgia released on april 4th, 2011 through the These Days label. 

 June [greece/england] - Cube Runner (2011)

 June [greece/england] - Original Heartbreak (2011)

June [greece/england] - Saturn (2011)

 June [greece/england] - Always together (2011)

June [greece/england] - Les émotions s'éteignent (2011)

June [greece/england] - Pathway 2 - Her Dream (2011)

Thursday, 1 September 2011



Fritz The Cat
Zeichentricksatire USA 1972
Regie: Ralph Bakshi

Donnerstag 01.09.2011
23:35Uhr - 0:55Uhr,CmC=4099678.html,CmC=4110962.html

*ARTE* Sonntag 04.09.2011 01:10Uhr - 02:30Uhr

*Nach dem Underground-Comic von Robert Crumb.
Polizeibrutalität, Rassendiskriminierung, Vietnamkrieg, übermächtiger Leistungsdruck, unterdrückte Frauen..., dass sind Themen des Comics von Crumb, die die militante Ratlosigkeit von Amerikanern unter dreißig widerspiegeln sollten.

*Fritz the cat - Kater fritz hat ende der 60er Jahre keine Lust mehr auf sein studentendasein und will das leben lieber mit viel sex und drogen genießen - gilt als der erste Trickfilm, der in den USA ein X-Rating (ab 18) erhielt und zugleich mehr als 100 Mio. Dollar einspielte.