Thursday, 30 May 2013

***New Tracks*** (Marnie, Secret Colours, Bill Ryder-Jones, Grass House, Koreless)

*Tonight PostModern include 

Ladytron's Helen Marnie with her first single/video 'The Hunter' from the forthcoming solo album 'Crystal World'

Chicago's Secret Colours with their latest single 'Black Hole', a mixture of '60s psychedelia and '90s Britpop. The track come from the new album 'Peach'

Former lead guitarist from The Coral, Bill Ryder-Jones recently released his new 2nd album, 'A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart'.
'He Took You In His Arms' is the first single from it.

Yorkshire four-piece Grass House call their sound "outsider pop" 
'And Now For The Wild' will be the first 7″ single from debut lp which is out later this year.

and finally
Glasgow dj & producer Koreless with his first single 'Sun' -  a sci-fi-inspired ambient track - taken from the new EP 'Yugen'*


Marnie (Ladytron) [Scotland/Glasgow]  - The Hunter (2013)
Crystal World

Secret Colours [USA/Chicago] - Blackhole (2013) 

Bill Ryder-Jones [England/West Kirby] - He Took You In His Arms (2013)
A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart

 photo 251558_10151072535369262_1347953758_n_zpsd8e67dbe.jpg Grass House [England/Yorkshire] - And Now For The Wild (2013) 
And now for the wild/Spinning as we turn 7inch

Koreless [Scotland/Glasgow] - Sun (2013) 
Yugen EP

Saturday, 25 May 2013

***New Tracks*** (Soft Lighting, Au.Ra, Palace, Suuns, Beacon)

*Tonight PostModern feature...

The us chillwave/dreampop project Soft Lighting aka. Brian Cox - a Kansas City based musician/producer - with his latest video for 'Breakdown'. The Track is a taster from the new 2nd album 'Portraits'

Sydney-based indie-/noisepop duo Au.Ra with their new video 

Palace, a five piece indie rock/pop band from Hartlepool [⇒nuclear power station area⇐]  with the new single 'Loose Tooth' from their current 'All Of This Is Real' EP 

Montreal psych-rock outfit Suuns with the new video 'Sunset' - from the 'Images du future' album - released in march.

Brooklyn-based electronic duo Beacon with their latest single 'Bring you back', taken from the full-length debut 'The Ways We Separate' which was out at the end of april*

 Soft Lighting [USA/Kansas] - Breakdown (2013)

Au.Ra [Australia/Sydney] - Pyramid (2013)

 photo 417508_359199157484837_760181256_n_zps2d87ccf7.jpg PALACE [England/Hartlepool] - Loose Tooth (2013)
All Of This Is Real

Suuns [Canada/Montreal] - Sunspot (2013)
Images du Futur

 photo 579029_10150704332897611_2134787894_n_zpsf47ba8e9.jpg Beacon [USA/Brooklyn] - Bring You Back (2013)
The Ways We Separate

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

***New Tracks*** (Everything by Electricity, Public Service Broadcasting, Makthaverskan, Club 8, Majical Cloudz)

*Today PostModern feature...

London-based dream-/electropop trio Everything by Electricity with another track called 'Violet Haze'

British post-rock/krautrock/electronica duo Public Service Broadcasting (they take samples from old public information films, archive footage and propaganda material to "teach the lessons of the past through the music of the future") with the video to 'Lit up', a song from their debut album 'INFORM – EDUCATE – ENTERTAIN' 

Swedish indiepop quartet Makthaverskan with their latest single 'Asleep' taken from the 2nd Album entitled 'II'

Another swedish band - Stockholm indie-/electropop duo Club 8 with the song 'Into Air' from their new album 'Above the City' 

Canadian electro-minimalists Majical Cloudz with their video/song 'Childhood's End' taken from the new second album 'Impersonator'*

 photo 558118_377614415603459_1394024720_n_zpse4f87c14.jpg Everything by Electricity [England/London] - Violet Haze (2013)

Public Service Broadcasting [England/London] - Lit Up (2013)
get Proxtube if you live in a GEMA infested area

Makthaverskan [Sweden/Gothenburg] - Asleep (2013) 

 photo 603910_190207014460001_2035091911_n_zpsa3b84dd8.jpg Club 8 [Sweden/Stockholm] - Into air (2013)
Above the City

Majical Cloudz [Canada/Montreal] - Childhood's End (2013)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

***New Tracks*** (Mikill Pane, Westbam feat. Inga Humpe, Kurt Vile, Big Deal, These New Puritans)

*Tonight PostModern include...

The new single, 'Chairman Of The Bored' by London based rapper - with a indie heart - Mikill Pane - taken from his forthcoming debut album 'Blaming Miss Barclay' which is out later this year.

German DJ legend Westbam with his latest single 'Götterstrasse No 1' featuring Inga Humpe (2raumwohnung/Humpe & Humpe) from the new album 'Gotterstrasse' which also features collaborations with Brian Molko (Placebo), Bernard Sumner (Joy Division, New Order, Electronic), Iggy Pop, Richard Butler (Psychadelic Furs) and more.

American singer-songwriter Kurt Vile and the new video for 'Never Run Away' from his latest full length album 'Wakin On A Pretty Daze' 

'Dream Machines', the second single from british alternative rock duo Big Deal, taken from the forthcoming album 'June Gloom'

UK post-punk/art-rock outfit These New Puritans with their latest single 'Fragment Two' taken from the forthcoming third studio album 'Field Of Reeds'*

Mikill Pane [England/London] - Chairman of the Bored (2013)  
Blaming Miss Barclay

WestBam feat. Inga Humpe [Germany/Berlin] - Götterstrasse No 1 (2013)

Kurt Vile [USA/Philadelphia] - Never Run Away (2013)
Wakin On A Pretty Day

 photo 561311_414678705215452_682455780_n_zpsfc8747fa.jpg Big Deal [England/London] - Dream Machines (2013)
June Gloom

 photo 184961_10150104672356277_4267607_n_zps6bca0395.jpg These New Puritans [England/Southend-on-Sea] - Fragment Two (2013)
Field Of Reeds

Thursday, 16 May 2013

***New Tracks*** [London Grammar, Kisses, Daughter, Six By Seven, Smith Westerns]

*Tonight PostModern feature...
Electropop trio London Grammar with the new video 'Wasting My Young Years ', the follow up to their debut Metal & Dust EP. This new song is taken from the forthcoming debut album.

New-wavey Los Angeles duo Kisses with their second single 'Hussle',  taken from the new 2nd album 'Kids in LA'.

British indie folk trio Daughter with a coverversion of Daft Punk's current single 'Get Lucky' recorded for the Huw Stephens Show on the BBC Radio One Live Lounge.

Nottingham-based indie rock band S I X . B Y S E V E Nformed in 1996, is back with a new album. 'Love And Peace And Sympathy' is out in june and 'Sympathy' is a first taster.

and finally
Chicago indie-/glam rockers Smith Westerns with the lead single 'Varsity' from their forthcoming third album 'Soft Will'*

London Grammar [England/London] - Wasting My Young Years (2013)

 photo 601253_10152619821550654_499379432_n_zps9572f9a0.jpg Kisses [USA/Los Angeles] - Huddle (2013)
Kids in LA

Daughter [England/London] - Get Lucky (2013) *Daft Punk cover* 
Exclusively for Huw Stephens - BBC Radio One Live Lounge Saturday, 27th April 2013.

 photo 421691_10150650030151670_258085987_n_zpse5c2a9ac.jpg S I X . B Y S E V E N [England/Nottingham] - Truce (2013)
Love And Peace And Sympathy

Smith Westerns [USA/Chicago] - Varsity (2013)
Soft Will 

Monday, 13 May 2013

***New Tracks*** (Big Cosmos, Temples, Kult Country, Everything By Electricity, Chevalier Avant Garde)

*Midnight CET - PostModern Time with a couple of new tracks including...

UK based five peace Indiepop band Big Cosmos with the first video from their forthcoming debut Ep 'Illuminance' out in june.

The new 2nd single/video 'Colours To Life' from London neo psychedelic band Temples

Manchester's KULT COUNTRY, a new drone/dream project around led-singer Yousif Al-Karaghouli  with the song 'Slowburn' taken from their debut 7inch.

London dreamy electronic pop trio Everything By Electricity with their new video 'Story Of You'

Montreal Electro-/Synthpop band Chevalier Avant Garde with the new single/video 'Hilary', the follow up to their debut album 'Heterotopias' from last year*

Big Cosmos [England/London] - El Palo Alto (2013) 
Illuminance Ep

Temples [England/London] - Colours To Life (2013)

Kult Country [England/Manchester]- Slowburn(2013)
Slowburn / Amongst The Dead Forever 7"

Everything by Electricity [England/London] - Story of You (2013)

Chevalier Avant Garde [Canada/Montreal] - Hilary (2013)

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

***New Tracks*** (Chapel Club, Editors, Porcelaintoy, Dråpe, Tusindfald)

*Tonight PostModern present
'Shy', the new 2nd single/video by british alternative rock/pop (in the meantime psychedelic electropop) band Chapel Club taken from their 2nd album 'Good Together' (exclusive full album stream through out at the beginning of june.

British indie/alternative rockers Editors return with new single/video - 'A Ton Of Love' is a first taster from their 4th album 'The Weight of Your Love'  also out in early june.

'Wirded', the new single by New Zealand indie electronic duo Porcelaintoy taken from their upcoming second album 'Freedom of the Underground'

'Sister's Eye', a track from the debut album 'Canicular Days' by Norway shoegaze/dreampop fieve piece Dråpe

and finally
the debut single 'Kys' by Danish dreampop band Tusindfald*
Chapel Club [England/London] - Shy (2013)
Good Together

EDITORS [England/Birmingham] - A Ton Of Love (2013)
The Weight Of Your Love

 photo 4059311371-1_zps375b9dbc.jpg Porcelaintoy [New Zealand/Wellington] - Wired (2013)
Freedom of the Underground

Dråpe [Norway/Oslo] - Sister's Eye (2013)
Canicular Days

Tusindfald [denmark] - Kys (2013)

Monday, 6 May 2013

***New Tracks*** (Splashh, Claw The Thin Ice, Strangers, The Dandy Warhols, Ghostpoet)

Tonight's Postmodern feature
'Today Fade Away', another track from Splashh's forthcoming debut album 'Comfort' which is out at the beginning of june.

Manchester Indie Rock four piece Claw The Thin Ice with their debut single 'Birthday' taken from the forthcoming album 'Pony Walker'.

London Indie-/Synth-pop outfit STRANGERS - headed by Ex-The Departure Frontman David Maddox-Jones - with their new single/video 'Something New'

'Rest your head', the new video/single from american indie rock band The Dandy Warhols. The Song appear on their latest album 'This Machine' released in april last year.
'Meltdown', the first single from british MC and producer Ghostpoet taken from his new second album 'Some Say I So I Say Light'

 photo 547638_504158969647084_2117409454_n_zpsd3b0feef.jpg Splashh [England/London] - Today Fade Away (2013)

 photo 404119_350005728407641_141472292_n_zps299c903c.jpg CLAW THE THIN ICE [England/Manchester] - Birthday (2013)
Pony Walker

Strangers [England/London] - Something New (2013)

The Dandy Warhols [USA/Portland] - Rest Your Head (2012/2013) 
This Machine

Ghostpoet [England/London] - Meltdown (2013)
Some Say I So I Say Light

Friday, 3 May 2013

***New Tracks*** (Azure Blue, The Sweeps, Selebrities, Neon Neon, Electronic)

*Tonight's PostModern feature

The new single by swedish dream-/electropop/new wave project Azure Blue from the 2nd album 'Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt'

'Badly Burned' a new track from german synthpop/italo disco foursome The Sweeps from their forthcoming album 'VI' 

'Temporary Touch', the first single from Brooklyn new wave/summertime goth trio Selebrities' second album 'Lovely Things', out at the end of june.

British synthie-pop duo Neon Neon, the collaborative project from Super Fury Animals singer Gruff Rhys and producer Boom Bip with their new video for 'Hammer & Sickle' from the new second album 'Praxis Makes Perfect' 

'Second To None' a track  from Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner's Electronic, first released on the 'Feel Every Beat' EP in 1991, now re-released on the special editon self-titled debut album.*

 photo 292291_561458937208041_1277263049_n_zpsf93546dd.jpg Azure Blue [Sweden/Stockholm] - The Road I Know *feat. Julia Vero* (2013) 
Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt

 photo 574840_562870340398648_1877127954_n_zps82d33210.jpg The Sweeps [Germany/Hamburg] - Badly Burned (2013)

 photo 155749_10151441164309667_1950233384_n_zpsf38cb9fc.jpg Selebrities [USA/Brooklyn] - Temporary Touch (2013)
Lovely Things

Neon Neon [Wales/Cardiff & USA/Los Angeles] - Hammer & Sickle (2013) 
Praxis Makes Perfect

Electronic [England/Manchester] - Second To None (1991/2013) 
Feel Every Beat EP / Electronic Special Edition