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***new singles/videos***january 27th, 2018***don't be real, be postmodern***

***weekend edition of postmodern featuring the best new indie and alternative singles & video releases...***

                    #indierock #shoegaze #britpop #madchester 

*The Spectors
*Night Flowers
*Lo Moon
*Echo Ladies
*Black Swan Lane
*Nabihah Iqbal
*Buffalo Tom
*The Fernweh
*Team Picture
*Soror Dolorosa
*Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

one of our fav belgium bands, indierock/noise-/dreampop five-piece The Spectors are back with a class new single!
after their amazing debut full length 'light stays close' from 2015, 'borderline' is a first taster from their forthcoming second album, set to be released later this year...

The Spectors [Belgium/Antwerp] - Borderline

amazing opening track from kearsley/uk indierock four-piece Cleargreen's debut ep 'hollins groove', released january 26... 
we love the manc atmospheric psychedelia!

Cleargreen [England/Kearsley] - Hollins Groove
Hollins Groove Ep

'every other monday' is a fine taster from german indiepop outfit Alaska's forthcoming new 'whitewash the tidemarks ep - out on limited coloured vinyl january 31th and digitally february 16th via marsh marigold records.
check also the ep review here...

Alaska [Germany/Hamburg] - Every Other Monday
Whitewash The Tidemarks Ep

sydney/australia dreamy electropop duo TEES have premiered the video for the latest single 'pull'.
their 5-track debut ep 'flow' is full of beautiful balearic/90s acid house reminiscences and was dropped january 25th on cassette, cd and digitally via farmer & the owl.

Tees [Australia/Sydney] - Pull 
Flow Ep 

london/uk indie-/dreampop outfit Night Flowers have unveiled the video for their new single 'losing the light', released january 18th on dirty bing records.

Night Flowers [England/London] - Losing The Night 

'elisabeth tower' is the new single/video from melbourne/australia shoegaze quartet Lowtide
their second album 'southern mind' is out february 16th through rice is nice (au) / opposite number (uk)

Lowtide [Australia/Melbourne] - Elizabeth Tower
Southern Mind

nearly 12 month since los angeles 80s inspired indiepop band
Lo Moon dropped their excellent seven-minute debut single 'loveless'
now they have revealed the video for their new single 'real love' which precedes the release of their self-titled debut album - out february 23th through columbia records.

Lo Moon [USA/Los Angeles] - Real Love
Lo Moon

a new release on sonic cathedral recording! 
malmö/swedish noisepop/shoegaze outfit Echo Ladies will release their self-titled debut ep on march 23...

Echo Ladies [Sweden/Malmö] – Nothing Ever Lasts
Echo Ladies Ep

dreamy alt-rock/post-punk band Black Swan Lane have released their seventh studio album 'under my fallen sky' on november 22th, 2017 via eden records.
'sleepwalking in someone else's dreams' is a nice taster....

Black Swan Lane [USA/Atlanta] - Sleepwalking In Someone Else's Dreams
Under My Fallen Sky

british electronica producer Nabihah Iqbal (formerly known as Throwing Shade) has just released her debut full-length 'weight of the heart' on ninja tune in november last year.
the album teams dreamy new wave with psychedelic synths, a truly interesting debut which we had missed in 2017.

Nabihah Iqbal [England/London] - Zone 1 to 6000
Weight Of The Heart

new video from swedish/gothenburg indierock/-pop outfit Easy.
'i can tell you why' is the second release from the band's new album 'a heartbeat from eternity', released december 1st last year via a turntable friend records.

Easy [Sweden/Gothenburg] - I Can Tell You Why
A Heartbeat From Eternity

west yorkshire/uk alternative rock/britpop outfit Embrace have shared the video for their new single 'never'. 
the song is taken from the forthcoming seventh studio album 'love is a basic need', set to be released on march 2nd, 2018 through cooking vinyl.

Embrace [England/West Yorkshore] - Never 
Love Is A Basic Need

boston/us alternatve rock veterans Buffalo Tom have unveiled the video for their new single 'roman cars'.
'quiet and peace, their first new album in six years is due out march 2nd via scrawny/schoolkids record.

Buffalo Tom [USA/Boston] - Roman Cars 
Quiet & Peace

nice 60s psychedelia/folk debut single from liverpool/uk based indie band The Fernweh - out january 26th via skeleton key records. 
their debut album is expected to be released in june this year...

The Fernweh [England/Liverpool] - The Liar

fine new 80s influenced single from leeds/uk indiepop 6-piece Team Picture, released january 24th on big dumb music.

Team Picture [England/Leeds] - (I Have A) Little Secret

'that run' is the new single/video from french postpunk/coldwave/dreampop five-piece Soror Dolorosa.
the song comes from their second album 'apollo', released in september last year via prophecy productions

Soror Dolorosa [France/Paris] - That Run

former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher have unleashed the video for 'beautiful world', the second single from this new third solo album 'who built the moon?', released in november last year on sour mash.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds [England/Manchester] - It’s A Beautiful World 
Who Build The Moon?

***ep review***alaska - whitewash the tidemarks***

alaska were formed in hamburg 1994. 

they are influenced by british 80s wave music, shoegazer noise-pop and the so-called c-86 scene (named after a compilation tape by the british music magazine nme) and bands like the field mice, teenage fanclub, the pastels, bmx bandits, the wedding present and belle and sebastian.

torben schmieder (vocals/guitars), christoph martens (bass), stephan dublaskie (guitars), björn steffens (keyboards) and patrick menck (drums) describe their music as briskly, nostalgic, contemplative and fragile in combination with hymnal, melancholic moods and a curious voice, resembling a bit the young dan treacy.

so now, their brand-new 'whitewash the tiedemarks' coloured vinyl ep is on my turntable...
4 years have passed since their second full-length
'these sacred floors' released at the fine german record marsh marigold label.

the new mini-album offers 6 tracks with a total duration of
22 minutes between melancholy and yearning, circumspect indierock and sensitive indiepop.

the opening track 'motorway', a stunningly indiepop earworm with longing synthlines is about breaking out from a miserable life while frontman torben philosophizing size differences from human kind and the vast cosmos.

'every other monday', a wonderful midtempo track shares the idea of distributing umbrellas in various situations of life while there's no one close to you when you urgently needs a heartly touch.

in 'we don't sing anymore'
jonathan rhys meyers' 'tumbling down' from the velvet goldmine soundtrack appear in front of your mind's eyes. 
the song is a beautifully sad piano ballad about jilted from a beloved person.
'no more sorrow', a fine jangly upbeat tune implied a nice and safe place to escape for feelings of inferiority.

the epic 'non silent night' illustrate a self-doubting personalty 
'naked killed babies', another heartbreaking dreamy poetic piano ballad marks the end of a magnificent ep!

'whitewash the tiedemarks' is out on limited coloured vinyl january 31th and digitally february 16th via marsh marigold records.

grab your copy here...

Saturday, 20 January 2018

**new singles&videos***january 20th, 2018***don't be real, be postmodern***

***new edition of postmodern featuring the best new indie and alternative singles & video releases...***

                    #indierock #shoegaze #britpop #madchester 

*The Darlies 
*Glass Mountain
*Frankie Cosmos
*Death & Vanilla
*The Longcut

los angeles/us indierock/post-punk group Moaning have shared the video for the new single 'artificial'.
their self-titled debut album is out march 2nd via sub pop records.
btw. miles better than the new editors single! (see further below...)

Moaning [USA/New York] - Artificial 

'miles per yeah' is the promising debut single from brighton/uk alternative pop/electronica outfit RADIDAS, released january 19th...

Radidas [England/Brighton] - Miles Per Yeah

another debut single. this time from lincolnshire/uk indierock band The Darlies.
'autumn leaves' was released november 27th last year...

The Darlies [England/Lincolnshire] - Autumn Leaves

new single from british folk-punk icons The Levellers.
'mcgee' is the second release from the band's forthcoming acoustic album 'we the collective', set to be released on march 9th, 2018 through their own on the fiddle recordings label.

Levellers [England/Brighton] - McGee
We The Collective

aussie alternative-pop artist Montero (aka bjenny montero) has unveiled a great psychedelic animated clip for his new single 'running race'. 
his second album 'performer' is out february 2nd on chapter music.

Montero [Australia/Melbourne] - Running Race

new dreamy janglepop single from liverpool/uk four-piece SPINN
their forthcoming debut ep is due to release in march via modern sky uk.

SPINN [England/Liverpool] - After Dark
Ep tba

'ghosts' is the new single from bratford/uk indie-/britrock 4-piece Glass Mountain.
the track comes from their forthcoming second ep 'wow and flutter’, out february 2nd on cd, deluxe coloured vinyl and digitally via hide & seek records.

Glass Mountain [England/Bratford] - Ghosts
Wow And Flutter Ep

new york/us indierock four-piece Frankie Cosmos will release their new album 'vessel' on march 30th... it's the band's debut full length on the new label home sub pop records and comes with the nice lead single 'jesse'...

Frankie Cosmos [USA/New York] - Jesse 

former pipettes front-woman Gwenno has premiered the video for her new single 'tir ha mor'. 
the dream-/psychpop artist from cardiff/wales will release her second solo album 'le kov' on march 2nd via heavenly recordings.

Gwenno [Wales/Cardiff] - Tir Ha Mor
Le Kov

in last week's edition we featured 'far apart' by copenhagen/denmark indiepop band ONBC (oliver north boy choir). 
here's another new release from the band's second full-length 'travelmate', released november 3rd last year via crunchy frog records.

ONBC [Denmark/Copenhagen] - New York or Whatever

60s sci-fi electronica outfit Death & Vanilla has covered bert jansch's 1973 folk classic 'moonshine' for the first edition of the lost library 12inch series from fire records, released november 24th last year. 
their new unreleased live score album 'the tenant' (1976 movie directed by Roman Polanski) is out in february...

Death & Vanilla [Sweden/Malmö] - Moonshine
v.a - lost library 12"

9 years after their stunning 'open hearts' album, manchester/uk indierock trio The Longcut return with a brand new track. 
'deathmask' is the first taster from their upcoming third album 'arrows', out april 6th on deltasonic records.

The Longcut [England/Manchester] - Deathmask 

birmingham/uk indierock/postpunk outfit Editors are back with a new single! 
'magazine is the first taster of their upcoming sixth studio album 'violence', set for release march 9th through [pias] recordings.

Editors [England/London] - Magazine

Friday, 12 January 2018

**new singles&videos***january 12th, 2018***don't be real, be postmodern***

***weekend edition of postmodern featuring the best new indie and alternative singles & video releases...***

                    #indierock #shoegaze #britpop #madchester 

*Desperate Journalist
*Teenage Wrist
*The Radio Dept.
*The Capsules
*Gaz Coombes
*Manic Street Preachers

oxford/uk shoegaze icons RIDE have just announced the follow-up ep to their reunion album 'weather diaries' from last year. 
'catch you dreaming' is a beautiful dreamy balearic electronica tune and a first taster from the 'tomorrow's shore' ep (produced by erol alkan and alan moulder) - out digitally and on 12inch vinyl february 16th via wichita records.

Ride [England/Oxford] - Catch You Dreaming
Tomorrow's Shore Ep

london/uk indierock/post-punk band Desperate Journalist are back with a brand new single!
'It gets better' was released january 12th on fierce panda records.

Desperate Journalist [England/London]- It Gets Better

'72 & sunny' was a very promising debut single from cardiff-via-london indierock/noisepop foursome Wylderness in autumn last year.
here's the band's brand new follow-up single 'peripheral vision' and it's another belter!

Wylderness [Wales/Cardiff] - Peripheral Vision

los angeles/us indierock three-piece Teenage Wrist have shared the video for the new single 'swallow', their first release for epitaph records. 
the song is a first cut from the band's upcoming debut lp which is out later this year....

Teenage Wrist [USA/Los Angeles] - Swallow

gorgeous new single from copenhagen/denmark indiepop band ONBC (oliver north boy choir).
their second full-length 'travelmate' was released november 3rd, 2017 on crunchy frog records.

ONBC [Denmark/Copenhagen] - Far Apart

new single from swedish indie-/dreampop duo The Radio Dept.
'your true name' was released today via their own just so! label.

The Radio Dept. [Sweden/Stockholm] - Your True Name

nice new tune from kansas/us dreampop outfit The Capsules
'broken rooms' comes from the latest Saint Marie Records compilation album 'static waves vol.6', released in november last year.

The Capsules [USA/Kansas] - Broken Rooms

former Supergrass frontman Gaz Coombes will releases his third solo album ' world's strongest man' on may 4th via hot fruit/ caroline international.
'deep pockets' is the first single to be taken from...

Gaz Coombes [England/Oxford] - Deep Pockets
World's Strongest Man

famous welsh indierock band Manic Street Preachers have dropped the video for 'international blue'. the track is the first single from their forthcoming 13th lp 'resistance is futile' - out april 6th through columbia/sony.

Manic Street Preachers [Wales/Cardiff] - International Blue
Resistance Is Futile

london/uk indierock four-piece INHEAVEN have premiered their new single 'sweet dreams baby'.
it's s the first new material since their last year's amazing self-titled debut album.

INHEAVEN [England/London] - Sweet Dreams Baby

Saturday, 6 January 2018

***new singles&videos***january 6th, 2018***don't be real, be postmodern***

***new year, new edition of postmodern !
the new year is still young, so we have a couple of brand new indie and alternative singles & video releases mixed with some december releases which didn't made it to mention in the course of our year-end best of lists, festive break...***

                    #indierock #shoegaze #britpop #madchester 

*Johnny Marr & Maxine Peake
*Manic Street Preachers
*We Are Parkas
*The Yearning 
*The Hit Parade
*Fears Chella
*The Levellers
*Buffalo Tom
*Smoke Rings
*Amusement Parks On Fire
*Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
*The Creases
*The Charlatans
*White Town
*Winter Witches
*The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
*Simple Minds
*The Spook School

the smiths guitarist Johnny Marr teamed up with the award-winning actor Maxine Peake ('shameless'/'black mirror') for this underclass society drama trip-hop tune.
a full album of the duo is expected for this year summer...

Johnny Marr and Maxine Peake [England/Manchester] - The Priest

london/uk electronica/shoegaze outfit TAYNE have unveiled the video for their epic new single 'sacrifice'.
the debut ep 'breather' follows later this year...

TAYNE [England/London] - Sacrifice 
Breather Ep

'international blue' is the first single to be taken from welsh indierock legends Manic Street Preachers' forthcoming 13th studio album 'resistance is futile' - due out april 6th, 2018 via columbia.

Manic Street Preachers [Wales/Cardiff] - International Blue
Resistance Is Futile

class new single from bath/uk indie-/britrock newcomers We Are Parkas
penny drop' was released december 11th, 2017


canadian/toronto electropop project TR/ST have unleashed the video for the new single 'destroyer'.
the new third lp is due out in 2018.

TR/ST [Canada/Toronto] - Destroyer 

this new single by sydney/australia dreamy housepop 2-piece TEES captured us...wallow in memories of madchester/balearic act candy flip... ;-) 
they describe their music as '...nostalgically reminiscent of an early 90s acid soaked dancehall if it were floating on a bed of clouds.'
the duo's debut ep 'flow' is out january 25th via farmer & the owl/inertia music.

Tees [Australia/Sydney] - Boy 
Flow EP

Us is the new electronica project of scottish lad andrew montgomery from 90s britpop outfit Geneva and leo josefsson of swedish synthpop band Lowe.
their new single 'mute' was released december 29th, 2017 via house of wizards.

Us [Sweden/Stockholm] - Mute

'do you remember?' is the beautiful new single by oxfordshire/uk chamber-/tweepop band The Yearning.
their new mini-album 'take me all over the world' is out january 19th on elefant records.

THE YEARNING [England/Oxfordshire] - Do You Remember?
Take Me All Over The World

ex-sarah records indiepop outfit The Hit Parade have shared the video for their new single 'oh honey i..., released december 1st, 2017 on 7inch via jsh records.

The Hit Parade [England/London] - Oh Honey I...

anthemic new single/video from manchester/uk indierock-/pop four-piece Fears Chella, released september 15h last year via supa rouge records.

Fears Chella [England/Manchester] - Lush

we missed this excellent late 80's/early 90's jangle pop inspired single at the beginning of last year by dublin/irish four-piece Inhaler...excited to hear more from them in 2018 !

Inhaler [Irland/Dublin] - I Want You

british folk-punk icons The Levellers have dropped the video for the new single 'the shame'.
their new album 'we the collective' is set to be released on march 9th, 2018 via the band's own label on the fiddle recordings and feature new acoustic arrangements for eight of their previous singles incl. 'liberty song’ or 'one way’ as well as two new songs...

Levellers [England/Brighton] - The Shame 
We The Collective

'all be gone' is the lead single from legendary boston/us alternative rock band Buffalo Tom's forthcoming new album 'quiet and peace', out march 2nd 2018 via scrawny/schoolkids records.

Buffalo Tom [USA/Boston] - All Be Gone 
Quiet And Peace

promising new single from aussie indierock band Smoke Rings, released december 12th, 2017

Smoke Rings [Australia/Melbourne] - Biology

german shoegaze/noisepop 4-piece Swirlpool have premiered the video for their excellent new single 'camomile'.
the track was released january 5th via reptile music and is a first taster of their upcoming debut ep, scheduled for release this spring... 

Swirlpool [Germany/Regensburg] - Camomile
tba ep

uk indierock/shoegaze/noisepop outfit Amusement Parks On Fire have aired the video for their new song 'dark is out'.
the band from notthingham will put out their 2010' album 'road eyes' as a 'deluxe' edition including a second disc of nine never before released cuts and curios... (saint marie records/february 16th,2018)

Amusement Parks On Fire [England/Nottingham] - Dark Is Out
Road Eyes Deluxe

'theaded barrel' is the latest single from san francisco/us shoegaze/noisepop band Echodrone
their new album 'past, preset and future' is out january 23, 2018...

Echodrone [USA/San Francisco] - Threaded Barrel
Past, Preset and Future

sub pop's newest signing los angeles indierock/post-punk trio Moaning will release their self-titled debut album on march 2nd, 2018.
'don't go' is the latest single to be taken from it...

Moaning [USA/Los Angeles] - Dont' Go

fine new single from new zealand indierock/psych-dance/noisepop duo DUAL
their debut album is scheduled for later this year!

Dual [New Zealand/Auckland] - Stuck 

san francisco/us alternative rock combo Black Rebel Motorcyle Club are back with a new album.
'echo' is the latest taster from their eighth studio full-length 'wrong creatures', out january 12th through vagrant records.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [USA/San Francisco] - Echo
Wrong Creatures

aussie indie/neo-britpop outfit The Creases have shared the video for their latest single 'answer to'. 
the track comes from their debut album 'tremelow', released august 4th, 2017 on liberation records.

The Creases [Australia/Brisbane] - Answer To 

new video from indierock/britpop legends The Charlatans
'over again' is be the band's latest single, released december 29th, 2017 via bmg.

The Charlatans [England/Manchester] - Over Again
Different Days

birmingham/uk indierock band Peace are back with a new single in support of mental health charity mq.
'from under liquid glass' was released december 8th, 2017 on ignition records.

Peace [England/Birmingham] - From Under Liquid Glass

for the 20th anniversary of White Town's (aka jjyoti mishra) hit single 'your woman', a new old school orchestral/chambery version - 'your woman 1917' was released december 20th, 2017 via bzangy records.

White Town [England/Derby] - Your Woman 1917

fine shimmering twilight electronica/alternative pop single from australian duo Winter Witches.
'unspeackable clothes' was released december 8th via ten west.
a debut album is expected to be out later this year...

Winter Witches [Australia/Melbourne] - Unspeakable Clothes

us/new york-based indiepop band The Pains of Being Pure at Heart have aired the video for their latest single 'anymore'. 
'the echo of pleasure', their fourth full-length was released last year september on painbow records.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart [USA/New York] - Anymore 
The Echo Of Pleasure

veteran scottish rock/pop act Simple Minds  have shared their new single 'magic'.
the track is taken from their eighteenth studio album 'walk between worlds', out february 2nd via bmg.

Simple Minds [Scotland/Glasgow] - Magic Walk Between Worlds

beautiful festive single from glaswegian/scottish indiepop four-piece The Spook School, released december 15th, 2017 on alcopop! records.

The Spook School [Scotland/Glasgow] - Someone To Spend Christmas With