Sonntag, 11. April 2010

ForgottenClassic*VideoSongs of the day (11-04-2010)

Die Art [GDR/BRD] - Radiokrieg (1997)

*German band DIE ART was founded in 1986. The band quickly caught the attention of a bigger audience and having their song ‘Chrome’ played on radiostation DT64 might have helped their popularity grow as well. 

*After the German Unification the band has released their debut full-length ‘Fear’ in 1991.

*'Radiokrieg' was released as a single and also appeard on their 1997 Album ´Adnama´.

Die Art [GDR/BRD] - Weich wie Schnee (1996)

*This Song is taken from their 1996 Album ´Still´ and was re-recorded for their Best of Vol.1 Album ´Für immer und ewig´ in 2009.

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