Dienstag, 19. Oktober 2010

PostModern''VideoSong of the day (19-10-2010)

Kirsty Hawkshaw & Ulrich Schnauss [uk/ger] - Dreaming Of Now (1994/2010) 

*Kirsty Hawkshaw is a solo female dance/electronica/house artist formally known as singer of the 90s dance project Opus III. Their debut album Mind Fruit produced the track “It’s a Fine Day,” a cover of a 1983 single by Jane & Barton, which topped the U.S. Hot Dance Club Play chart in 1992 and reached number five on the UK singles chart.

*´Dreaming of now´ is a rework track from Opus III 1994´ Album ´Guru Mother´ The track is taken from her 3-track ep ´Two Trees´, a collaboration with german electronic/shoegaze musician Ulrich Schnauss.

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