Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010

PostModern*VideoSongs of the day (13-10-2010)

Solar Bears [uk/irland] - Neon Colony  (2010)

*Here´s a further series of songs by SOLAR BEARS from Irland. They were formed in 2009 and took their name from Solaris - Andrei Tarkovky's 1972 sci-fi psychodrama.


Solar Bears [uk/irland] - Twin Stars  (2010)

*Their music is a soundtrack to a good life. They mix old-school analogue electronica, shimmering neon synths of late 70's early 80's Kosmiche music and sounds at times like a mish mash of DJ Shadow and Air and touches on the same sound sources as the current trend for hypnagogic pop/chillwave.

Solar Bears [uk/irland] - She Was Coloured In  (2010)

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