Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Songs of the week*Vol.2 (The New Division, Young Knives, Ólöf Arnalds feat. Björk, Cat´s Eyes, David Lynch - Underworld RMX, Yoav - JA!KOB RMX, Entertainment For The Braindead - Kraftfuttermischwerk RMX, Million Young)

The new division [usa] - Starfield (2011)

*"The New Division call their just-released EP 'The Rookie', but the So-Cal anglophiles already sound light years ahead of that. Emphasising the post-Curtis portion of their name, 'Starfield' crests on a symphonic swath of synths fit for regal ceremony." - Radar Tip of the Day

Young Knives - Love My Name

*Brand new single taken from the forthcoming album 'Ornaments from the Silver Arcade' released 4th April.The Single out 21st March.

Ólöf Arnalds [island] - Surrender (feat. Björk)Ólöf_Arnalds

*Taken from her recent 'Innundir skinni' album, icelandic singer/songwriter Ólöf Arnalds announces the release of ‘Surrender’, featuring Bjork, as a single on 7th March, 2011 

Cat´s Eyes [england] - Not A Friend (2011)

*Cat’s Eyes are a duo formed by Rachel Zeffira, a renowned opera soprano and classical multi-instrumentalist, and Faris Badwan, the singer from British psychedelic-rockers The Horrors.

*Their 'Broken Glass' EP is out on february 28th, 2011, the debut album 'Cat's Eyes' out on april 11th, 2011

*Download 'Not A Friend' mp3 for free at

David Lynch [usa] - Good Day Today - Underworld Classic Mix (2011)

*The cult director branches further into the world of music. This is the 'Underworld Classic Mix' of his single 'Good day today' released december 1st, 2010.

Yoav [south-africa] - We All Are Dancing - JA!KOB Remix (2011)

*This is the JA!KOB Remix from the forthcoming single 'We all are dancing' by singer/songwriter Yoav from Cape Town out on march, 25th, 2011

Entertainment For The Braindead [ger] - run! - Das Kraftfuttermischwerk Remix (2009)

*Entertainment for the Braindead is a lo-fi singer-songwriter Julia Kotowski from Cologne, Germany.The original is part off the EFTB-Album "Hydrophobia" released in 2009

Free Download*!%20(Das%20Kraftfuttermischwerk%20Remix).mp3

Million Young [usa] - Mien

*This song is taken from 'be so true', the debut ep by ambient Chillwave project 'Million Young' released in january 2010.

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  1. Cat's Eye und Million Young gefallen mir besonders - schöne Musik für einen gemütlichen Sonntag. :-)