Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Songs of the week*Vol.3 (Thirteen Senses, Bloody Knives, Violens, The Human League, Wild Nothing, Moby)

Thirteen Senses [england] - Animals (2011)!/thirteensenses?v=wall

*Four years after their difficult second album 'Contact', Post-Britpop band Thirteen Senses released their new third album 'Crystal Sounds' on february 21th, 2011.

Bloody knives - I was talking to your ghost (2011)!/pages/bloody-knives/289351420345?sk=wall

*Bloody Knives is an industrial shoegaze group from Austin, Texas. On their debut album 'Burn it all down' which was released in july last year the band combines the sounds of heavy punk and industrial with blurry ambient electronics, shoegaze atmospherics, and 8-bit glitches and melodies.

*The new single 'I was talking to your ghost' was released on January 28th, 2011.

Violens [usa] - When to let go (2011)

*This is a brand new song by New Yorks 'Violens'. Their great debut album 'Amoral' was released in october 2010.

'For more to listen/read about Violens you can also check these 2 links...

The Human League [england] - Never Let Me Go (2011)!/thehumanleague?v=wall

*The Human League are an English synthpop band formed in 1977. Originally a minimal post-punk synthesiser-based group from Sheffield, UK, they became one of the most successful new-wave acts of the 80s.

*Their new album 'Credo' is out on march 21th, 2011. 'Never let me go' will be the 2nd single...

Wild Nothing [usa] - Cloudbusting (2009)!/wildnothing?sk=wall

*Wild Nothing is the solo project of Virginia born Jack Tatum. The full-length debut 'Gemini' was released in may 2010.
This is a cover of Kate Bush's 1985 Single, even weirder and dreamier than the original, just wonderful :-)

Moby [usa] - Victoria Lucas (2011)

*'victoria lucas' is taken from 'be the one' the new EP by MOBY, free to download from his homepage

*check also EARTHLINGS, the 2005 documentary about mankind's use of nonhuman animals as pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and for scientific research. The documentary features the music by Moby...