Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2011

New Album*Johan Agebjörn - Casablanca Nights*


Johan Agebjörn, Lovelock & Sally Shapiro [sweden] - Casablanca Nights (2011)

*Johan Agebjörn is best known for being one half of the Italo disco duo 'Sally Shaprio'. In february he released an ambient album called 'The Mountain Lake'.
His first full-length pop-disco album 'Casablanca Nights' was released on May 10th, 2011. 
It features collaborations with CFCF, Steve Moore (Lovelock, Zombi, Miracle),Sally Shapiro, Fred Ventura, Lake Heartbeat, Le Prix, and others.

Johan Agebjörn & Sally Shapiro [sweden] - Le Noir et le Blanc sur le Piano (2011)

Johan Agebjörn featuring Le Prix, Fred Ventura & Sally Shapiro [sweden] - Alice (2011)


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