Freitag, 20. September 2013

***New Tracks*** (Messer, White Lies, Tricky, Sures, Chris Grant)

*Tonight PostModern feature... 

German postpunk band Messer with the first single 'Neonlicht' from their forthcoming 2nd album 'Die Unsichtbaren'  - out in november. 

U.K. post-punk outfit White Lies are back with a new music video for the third single 'First Time Caller' from their latest album 'Big TV' 

Trip hop artist Tricky with the video for 'Hey Love' taken from his tenth album 'False Idols. The song contains elements from 1981 'Ghosts' by David Sylvian's Japan 

Sydney indie-/surfpop band Sures with their latest video 'Waste' from the new 'The Night Hero Waste Time Getting Better EP' 

Liverpool singer/songwriter Chris Grant, signed to Alan McGee's new '359' label, with 'It´s you', the first video from his upcoming debut album 'It's Not About War'.

Messer [Germany/Muenster] - Neonlicht (2013)
Die Unsichtbaren

White Lies [England/London] - First Time Caller (2013)
Big TV

Tricky [England/Bristol] - Hey Love (2013)
False Idols

Sures [Australia/Sydney] - Waste (2013)
The Night Hero Waste Time Getting Better EP

Chris Grant [England/Liverpool] - It's You (2013)
It's Not About War

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