Sonntag, 29. September 2013

***New Tracks*** (Real Lies, Intrvals, Torul, Young Unknowns, Casper)

*Sunday night's PostModern present...

London electronic pop trio Real Lies with their new 2nd single/video 'World Peace', lot influenced by Madchester-era indie dance music - out in november.

Another new band from London -  4-peace indie/alternative band INTRVALS with the video to 'Field Lines' from their forthcoming self-titled debut ep.

Slovenia electro-/synthpop band TORUL with their latest video/single 'The Fall' from the 2nd album 'Tonight We Dream Fiercely', released in april this year.

'I want to lose', the new single by brooklyn based four peace indie/ethereal band Young Unknowns.

german indie rap artist Casper with 'Endlich angekommen', the last track from his new album 'Hinterland'*

Real Lies [England/London] - World Peace (2013)

INTRVALS [England/London] - Field Lines (2013)
Intrvals EP

Torul [Slovenia/Ljubljana] - The Fall (2013) 
Tonight We Dream Fiercely

Young Unknowns [USA/Brooklyn] - I Want to Lose (2013)

Casper [Germany/Bielefeld] - Endlich angekommen (2013)
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