Montag, 31. Januar 2011

PostModern*VideoSongs***January 2011***

Wye Oak [usa] - Civilian (2011)

*Wye Oak are an indie folk rock duo from Baltimore, Maryland, USA, composed of Andy Stack (drums, keyboards, backup vocals) and Jenn Wasner (vocals, guitars).Their sound has been described as "earnest folk-influenced indie rock with touches of noise and dream pop".


Covenant [sweden] - The Beauty And The Grace (2011)

*Covenant is a band from Sweden whose music comprises a mixture between electropop and electronic dance music.

*They released their brand new 8th album 'Modern Ruin' on january 14th,2011 


Ceephax Acid Crew [england] - Topaz (2010)

*Ceephax Acid Crew is a British acid house and drum and bass electronic musician named Andy Jenkinson

*This Song is taken from the album 'United Acid Emirates' released by Planet Mu on Jan 25th 2010. The Album is a trip through neo classical electronica, chiptune gabber and hip-house...


Puro Instinct [usa] - Stilyagi (feat. Ariel Pink) (2010)

*This is the first single from Puro Instinct's debut album 'Headbangers in Ecstasy'which will be out on february 22th,2011 via Mexican Summer Records.

*It features the helping hand of fan and mate Ariel Pink, who took the group on tour last year supporting Haunted Graffiti. Mr. Pink’s background vocals ride the ambient rainclouds, drum machines and other sonic sparkles.


SPC ECO [usa] - Spotlight (2010)

*This is a song from Dean Garcias (Curve) project SPC ECO taken from their Silver Clouds" EP, released may 5th, 2010.


Ben Folds [usa] & Nick Hornby [england] - Claire's Ninth (2010)

*This is a track taken from their last years release 'Lonely Avenue'


Depth & Current [usa] - Don't Go Away (2010)

*Depth & Current’s press release describes them as 'Norman, Oklahoma’s grunge-psych-goth-dance band.

Dll their ep incl. this song for free...


The Babies [usa] - Wild 1 (2011)

*Cassie Ramone from 'Vivian Girls' decided to team up with Kevin Morby from Woods to create a new band call 'The Babies'. Their sound is influenced by 60s beat, garage, surf, shoegaze and a new drawer call beachgaze :-)

*Their debut album is out on february 8th, 2011.


British Sea Power [england] - Living Is So Easy (2011)

*British Sea Power are an indie rock band based in Brighton, England.

*This is the first single taken from their new 5th album 'Valhalla Dancehall' released on january 15th,2010


Pete and the Pirates [england] - Winter 1 (2011)

*Pete & The Pirates are an English indie rock band based in Reading.

*This is the first single taken from their forthcoming 2nd album which will be out in may... 

*Dll this song for free