Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011

***New Tracks*** (Masquer, Yeti Lane, Darkness Falls, Chromatics, Sixth June)

Masquer [sweden] - Happiness (2011)

Yeti Lane [france] - Analog Wheel (2011)

Darkness Falls [denmark] - The Void (2011)


Sixth June [serbia/germany] - Back For a Day (2011)

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  1. Hey
    I bumped into you blog just a while ago (my youtube post - Architecture-In The Morning was linked to this blog).. and the title brought me smile - 'postmodern'!! :-).. ironically the word sounds so 'nostalgic' to me (nearly 15 years ago I spent 4 years studying the concept from a sociology view point) good to see it being still used around :-))... By the way, the songs choices look really going to check it around tonight.. Cheers! (you should put this blog on facebook too..many blogs there but few cover indies from Europe like you are doing)