Samstag, 10. November 2012

***New Tracks*** (Cemeteries, Joyce the Librarian, The D.O.T. , The House Of Love, Eat Lights Become Lights )

Cemeteries [usa] - The Wilderness (2012)
The Wilderness

Joyce the Librarian [england] - The Weight of the Line (2012)
The Weight of the Line EP

The D.O.T. (Mike Skinner/The Streets & Rob Harvey/The Music) [england] - Shut Up and Keep Talking (2012)
And that

  Photobucket The House of Love [england] - Hold On Me *16 Track Demo* (1998/2012) 
THe House of Love 3CD Deluxe Edition 

Eat Lights Become Lights [england] - Syd Mead Cityscape (2012)
Heavy Electrics