Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

***New Tracks*** (Spires, Joanna Gruesome, Austra, The Familiar, Patterns)

*Sunday nights edition of PostModern feature...

'Candy Flip', the debut 7" single from Brooklyn psych pop band Spires .

Welsh noisepop five-piece Joanna Gruesome with the single 'Sugarcrush'  from their debut album 'Weird Sister' - released in september last years

Toronto electropop band Austra with the new video 'Hurt me now', the fourth release from their 'Olympia' album from last year.

Electropop duo The Familiar from Brooklyn with their debut video/single 'Dark Eyes'

Manchester indiepop four piece Patterns with 'Our Ego', a track from their debut album 'Waking Lines'*

Spires [USA/Brooklyn] - Candy Flip (2013)

Joanna Gruesome [Wales/Cardiff] - Sugarcrush (2013)
Weird Sister

Austra [Canada/Toronto] - Hurt Me Now (2013)

THE FAMILIAR [Norway/Tromsø - USA/Brooklyn] - Dark Eyes (2013)

Patterns [England/Manchester] - Our Ego (2014)
Waking Lines