Friday, 13 June 2014

***New Tracks*** (Climbing Boys, Real Lies, Towns, Big Deal, Bloom, Lola Colt, Princess, Split Seconds, Stargazy, Archive)

***Thursday nights PostModern feature a full packed edition of new music from the likes of...

London based indie/post-punk band Climbing Boys with their debut single/video 'Conjoining Rite', released may 26th on Birthday Records.

Electropop trio Real Lies, also from London with a new video for 'North Circular', the follow up track to their previous singles 'World Peace' and 'Deeper'. 'North Circular' is taken from their forthcoming double-AA 12" single.

'Head Off', the latest single by Bristol based four-piece psychedelic indierock band Towns from their debut album 'Get By', which was released on june 2nd via Howling Owl Records.

Indie rock duo Big Deal are back with new material. On July 14th they will release their new 'Sakura EP ' via Mute Records - 'Always Boys' is the first single.

'Daydream', the debut single by Winchester-based indie/dreampop four piece Bloom.

London, UK psychgaze 6-piece band Lola Colt with 'Diamonds', the second single from their debut ep 'Vacant Heart' released june 3rd on Black Tigress Records.

Dublin noisepop quartet Princess with the new single 'Neverlook' , the follow up to their debut EP ‘Black Cat', out June 23rd.

''Halfway There', the new single/video by Melbourne via Perth indiepop quintet Split Seconds from their forthcoming ep 'Neil Young and Dumb'.

'Half Life', the latest single by Brooklyn band Stargazy from their 'new Ep 'The Fashion', released may 27th via FSDR Records.

and finally
South London-based electronic/triphop collective Archive with 'Axiom',  the title track from their new 9th studio album and also the name of their debut film which was premiered at the Sundance Festival/London in april.***

 Climbing Boys [England/London] - Conjoining Rite (2014)
Conjoining Rite 7" 

Real Lies [England/London] - North Circular (2014)

Towns [England/Bristol] - Heads Off (2014)
Get By

Big Deal [England/London] - Always Boys (2014) 
Sakura EP

Bloom [England/Winchester] - Daydream (2014)

Lola Colt [England/London] -  Diamonds (2014)
Vacant Hearts EP

Princess [Irland/Dublin] - Neverlook (2014)

Split Seconds [Australia/Melbourne] - Halfway There (2014)
Neil Young and Dumb EP

STARGAZY [USA/Brooklyn] - Half Life (2014)
The Fashion EP

Archive [England/London] - Axiom (2014) 

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