Samstag, 6. September 2014

***New Tracks*** (Helen Love, Peaking Lights, Coral Cross, Whirr, Beverly, Bernard + Edith, Gulp]

***Tonight Postmodern feature...

Welsh bubblegum indie pop/punk/disco band Helen Love are back with the new single/video for 'Pogo Pogo', the follow up to their 'Day-Glo Dreams' LP from last year.

California dub/hyno-pop duo Peaking Lights with the new single/video for 'Breakdown' taken from their forthcoming album 'Cosmic Logic', out via Weird World Records october 6th.

'With a Lancet', the debut single from new york noise rock band Coral Cross featuring Violens mastermind Jorge Elbrecht, released on Mexican Summer august 11th.

Nick Bassett, bassist in philadelphia shoegaze band Nothing with his side-project Whirr and the new single 'Mumble' from the 2nd album 'Sway' - out on Graveface Records & Curiosities September 23th.

Brooklyn-based indierock band Beverly, a collaborative project of Drew Citron and Frankie Rose with the new single/video 'Out on a ride' taken from their debut album 'Careers', released  July 1st on Kanine Records.

Manchester dark art pop duo Bernard + Edith with the single/video for 'Poppy', released march 31th on Sway Records. 

Super Furry Animals bassist Guto Pryce's psych-folk outfit Gulp with 'Game Love', the opening track from the debut album 'Season Sun', released July 14th on Sonic Cathedral

 Helen Love [Wales/Swansea] - Pogo Pogo (2014)
Pogo Pogo EP

Peaking Lights [USA/California] - Breakdown (2014) 
Cosmic Logic

Coral Cross [USA/New York] - With a Lancet (2014) 
7inch EP 001

Whirr [USA/San Francisco] - Mumble (2014)

Beverly [USA/Brooklyn] - Out on a Ride (2014)

BERNARD + EDITH [England/Manchester] - POPPY (2014)

Gulp [Wales/Cardiff] - Game Love (2014)
Season Sun