Monday, 26 December 2016

***post modern best of...favourite singles/songs 2016***

here is our best of singles/songs list, 50 of our favourite tunes for 2016 in no particular order.
click the link and watch the full music video or/and listen to the song.

alternatively you can watch all videos on our youtube channel or listen via spotify...see further down...

 photo top singles_zpsscbuhwln.jpg

Heavy Heart - What Became Of Laura R

Blossoms - At Most A Kiss (video)

Memoryhouse - Arizona (video)

Safe Places - Wild Ride

Wray - Pined (video)

Planet - Northern Skyline (video)

Sulk - The Tape Of You (video)

Man Made - Raining In My Head (video)

Hazing - Nervous Signals

States Of Emotion - Back to Back (video)

Leave The Planet - Forever (video)

The Wonder Stuff - Don't You Ever (video)

Lightning In A Twillight Hour - The Sky Beyond The Sky

Haelos - Pray (video)

The Spectors - Clyde & Bonnie (video)

Puro Instinct - Tell Me (video)

Nothing - The Dead Are Dumb

Richard Ashcroft - Out Of My Body (video)

Dodgy - You Give Drugs A Bad Name (video)

Pet Shop Boys - The Pop Kids (video)

Lone - Backtail Was Heavy (video)

Burning Hearts - Work Of Art (video)

The Stone Roses - Beautiful Thing (video)

The Frank & Walters - Stages (video)

She Makes War Feat. Tanya Donelly - Paper Thin (video)

James Atkin - Come Together Now (video)

Colour Of Spring - Snow (video) 

The Radio Dept - We Got Game (video)

Jaws - Right In Front Of Me (video)

Banks And Stealz - Giants (video)

Nihilists - Wallspace (video)

James - Dear John (video)

Tall Ships - Meditation (video)

Red Love - Does It Make (video)

Rain - Lethargy

Hilary Woods - Sabbath (video)

DMA'S - Timeless (video)

Lions Of Dissent - Heaven Sent (video)

Pale Dian - In A Day (video)

Primal Scream - 100% Or Nothing

Vida - Fade Away (video)

April - Open Mind (video)

Haarm - Into The Wild (video)

Plaza - Youth (video)

Drab Majesty - Cold Souls

Desperate Journalist - Hollow (video)

Cigarettes After Sex - K

S*M*A*S*H - Art Therapy (video)

Little Cub - My Nature (video)

Der Herr Polaris - Bier meiner Jugend (video)

Nicolas Sturm - Im Land Der Frühaufsteher (video) 

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