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Forgotten Classics*The Heart Throbs - Jubliee Twist / New Order - Republic*


The Heart Throbs [england] - Hooligan (1992)

*The Heart Throbs were an indie band from Reading, UK. They released three albums on the One Little Indian label before splitting up in 1993.
*Their  indiepop sound with influences from shoegaze, madchester and postpunk was a good overview for the music scene in the uk in the beginning 1990s.
*Hooligan was the first single taken from their 2nd album 'Jublee Twist' released in june 1992

The Heart Throbs [england] - So Far (1993)

*Track 6 from 'Jubilee Twist'

The Heart Throbs [england] - Tiny Feet (1993)

*Track 1 from 'Jubilee Twist'



New Order [england] - Ruined in a Day (1993)

*When Joy Division's Ian Curtis committed suicide in May 1980 the three remaining members Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook und Steven Morris continued under the name New Order. Steven Morris girlfriend Gillian Gilbert joined shorty after for playing keyboards...
*New Order combined new wave and electronic dance and became one of the most critically acclaimed and highly influential bands of the 80s.

*'Ruined in a Day' was the 2nd single from the album 'Republic' released in june 1993

NEW ORDER [england] - Special (1993) 

*Track 10 from 'Republic'

New Order [england] - World - The Price Of Love (1993)

*World (The Price Of Love) is track 2 of 'Republic', was the third single from the album, released in august 1993.

*Thx to Paul Baskerville for inspiration...

*You can hear 'Substance: The New Order Story'
from tuesday [april 26th] till friday [april 29th] on midnight (uk time) / 1 in the morning (cet) on BBC6Music where Mark Radcliffe will tell the story of Joy Division/New Order...

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