Saturday, 2 April 2011


Tonight the *Listening*IN* Dj-Era will come to an end.
4 years ago when i arrived to the new northern hometown, i found a couple of lovely friends who involved me into the local dj-nightlife.
Thx a lot to *Peter* (CD La Corde Noire) and *Dani* (DJ Secretshine) for all the great Listening*IN Partys!

For more Infos see...

Here are a couple of songs which will remind me in this time forever*

Blue Foundation [denmark] - Stuck in a hard place (2007)

*Blue Foundation is a danish band formed in 2000 by Bichi aka. Tobias Wilner.

*Their music can be described as a mix of melodic dreamy pop influenced by indietronica and shoegaze. Tobias Wilner just called it folk music for modern people with influences from shoegaze, folk, turntablism, electronica, alternative classical music, film noir and contemporary music. Their album 'Life of a ghost' from 2007 is still a masterpiece!

Strandhotel Markus [swiss] - Disco! Disco! Youth Remix (2008)

*Strandhotel Markus is a swiss based band formed in 2007. The youth Remix is a wonderful, a bit Kettcar-esque electropop track.

*Free download

Mikrofisch [ger] - Let's Kiss and Listen to Bis (2008)

*Mikrofisch is a twee/synthpop duo from London/Hamburg.

*This track is taken from their album 'Masters of the universe' released in 2007 and show a nice melancholic review in time and indiebands of the 90s.

Bad Lieutenant [england] - Poisonous intent (2009)

*Bad Lieutenant formed in 2007 with New Order’s Bernard Sumner (guitar and vocals) alongside Phil Cunningham (guitar) and Jake Evans (guitar and vocals). 

*'Poisonous intent' come from their debut album 'Never Cry Another Tear' released in autumn 2009.

Animal Kingdom [england] - Two by Two (2009)

*South London band Animal Kingdom create dreamy and emotive pop songs. Their debut album 'Signs & Wonders' was released in september 2009.

*download also their excellent 2nd single 'tin man' from this album for free

Dutch Uncles [england] - Face In (2008/2011)

*Dutch Uncles from Manchester UK were formed in 2006 and signed to german label 'Tapete Records'.

*Their self-titled debut album was released in october 2008. 'Face On', the first single from this album was re-released in the uk on february 28th, 2011 via Memphis Industries.

Rio Reiser - Der Traum ist aus (1972/1992)
*This Song, originally recorded by Ton Steine Scherben in 1972 was performed 1992 in Berlin Weissensee during "Gewalt ohne mich" a festival for tolerance and against Xenophobie.

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