Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2011

*New Singles & Songs* (Peaking Lights, Is Tropical, Spc Eco, New Order, I Break Horses)

Peaking Lights [usa] - Amazing & Wonderful (2011)

*Official Video for 'Amazing & Wonderful' from california tranced post-reggae hyno-pop duo Peaking Lights debut album '936' released in february this year

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IS TROPICAL [england] - THE GREEKS (2011)

*IS Tropical is a pop-influenced lo-fi dance trio from London. Their debut album 'Native' was released on june 13th, 2011 on the Kitsune Label. This track is the latest single from the album.


SPC ECO - Here I Am (2011)

*This track is taken from the new Big Fat World EP by Dean Garcias (Curve) project SPC ECO.
*If you like try also 'spotlight', a song from their 'Silver Clouds' EP from last year...

New Order - Hellbent (2005/2011)

*Previously unreleased track from New Order recorded in 2005 taken from the 'Total: From Joy Division to New Order' Compilation

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I Break Horses [sweden] - Hearts (2011)

*I break Horses is a indie/dreampop duo from sweden. The debut album 'Hearts' is released on August 15th via Bella Union.

*free download

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