Monday, 31 December 2012

***PostModern Tracks 2012***

***In No particular order***
(Click on the title to watch the video/listen to the song)

School of Seven Bells [usa] - Scavenger 

Trust [canada] - F.T.F

The Twilight Sad [scotland] - Sick

Gary [austria/germany] - Love Is Love

Man Without Country [wales] - Iceberg

The Twang [england] - We´re a crowd

We Humans [england] - One in a million

Young Prisms [usa] - Floating in Blue
Cloetta Paris [sweden] - Looking for love

Burning Hearts [finland] - Modern Times

TEEEL [usa] - Marx on my Heart  

Phenomenal Handclap Band [usa] - The Unknown Faces At Father James Park

kool thing [irland/australia] - LIGHT GAMES

Chairlift [usa] - Wrong Opinion

Night Vision [usa] - Keep Moving

:Papercutz [Portugal] - Rivers

Paul Thomas Saunders [england] - A Lunar Veteran's Guide to Re-entry

The Mary Onettes [sweden] - Love's Taking Strange Way

Clock Opera [england] - Lesson No.7

Chromatics [usa] - The River

Das Haus (Dean Garcia/Curve) [usa] - All For You feat. Chibi (The Birthday Massacre)

Monument Valley [england] - Your Cover Blown

The Daydream Club [england] - Neon Love Song (Part II)

The Sweeps [germany] - The last dream


Paris [sweden] - Say it

Blockhead [usa] - Beyond Reach (feat. Baby Dayliner)

Keep Shelly In Athens [greece] - Hauntin' Me

Peaking Lights [usa] - Beautiful Son

Reverend And The Makers [england] - What Goes Around

Chapel Club [england] - Jenny Baby

DIIV [usa] - Wait

The Raveonettes [denmark] - Sinking with the sun 

L$D (Grimes, Kreayshawn, Blood Diamonds, Tragik) [usa] - DONT SMOKE MY BLUNT BITCH

Shadow Shadow [sweden] - Riviera

The School [wales] - Never Thought I'd See The Day

Young Galaxy [canada] - Youth Is Wasted On The Young

Ariel Pink´s haunted Graffiti [usa] - Symphony of the Nymph

Bat For Lashes [england] - Laura

Benjamin Schoos [belgium] feat. Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab) ' Je ne vois que vous

IO Echo [usa] - When The Lillies Die

Io Echo [usa] - Ministry of Love

Michael Kiwanuka [england]  - Tell Me A Tale

Now Now [usa] - Thread

Mark Gardener (Ride) [england] & Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) [scotland] - The Places We Go

THE MAGNETIC NORTH [canada] - Bay Of Skaill

The Ropes [usa] - Lack of technology made me a killer

Der Herr Polaris [germany] - Drehen und Wenden II

Nik Kershaw [england] - The Sky's the Limit

Slugabed [england] - Moonbeam Rider

Dead Can Dance [england/australia] - Opium

Battleships [australia] - Your words

Bunny Lake [austria] - Satellite Sky

Family Band [usa] - Night Song

Henric de la Cour (Yvonne, Strip Music) [sweden] - Grenade

Karin Park [sweden] - Thousand Loaded Guns

Landing [usa] - Heart Finds the Beat

Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub [germany] - Sunny When It Rains

Tame Impala [australia] - Elephant

The Adelines [wales] - Little Games

The Hobbes Fanclub [england] - Your Doubting Heart

The Louche [england]  - Salt

Toy [england] - Lose my way

Unicorn Kid [england] - Need U

Yuno [usa] - Sunlight

Brockdorff Klang Labor [germany] - Festung Europa

Dinosaur Jr. [usa] - Don't pretend you didn't know

Gwenno [wales] - Ymbelydredd

Memory Tapes [usa] - Sheila

Martin Rossiter [england] - No One Left To Blame

Pale Seas [england] - Bodies

Public Service Broadcast [england] - Everest


Voltaire Twins [australia] - Solaris

Golden Fable [wales] - Always Golden

Tame Impala [australia] -Why Won't They Talk To Me

The Birthday Massace [canada] - Play with fire

ACTORS [canada] -  PTL (Post Traumatic Love)

By The Sea [england] - Eveline

Cheatahs [england] - The Swan

Gross Ghost [usa] – Sooner Or Later

Mikill Pane [england] - Dirty Rider

Oh Minnows [usa] - Hurry

Tear Talk [england] - Only Illusions

Young Romantics [australia] - Ghost

Childhood [england] - Blue Velvet

Nantes [australia] - Drones

Cemeteries [usa] - Summer Smoke

Esben and the Witch [england] - Deathwaltz

Formes [england] - Absense Of The Noise

Johnny Marr [england] - the Messenger

Kate Havnevik [norway] - Disobey

Low Sea [irland] - Remote Viewing

Rangleklods [denmark] - Cough

SPLASHH [england]  - Vacation

States of Emotion (england) - seeking oblivion

The Capsules [usa] - Across the Sky

Born Blonde [england] - Light On

Vinyl Williams [usa] - Higher Worlds

Helen Love & Ricardo Autobahn [wales/england] - And The Salvation Army Band Plays

CAAN (Ou Est Le Swimming Pool) [england] - INTO THE NIGHT (2012)  

The Underground Youth [england] - Juliette 

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