Freitag, 22. Februar 2013

***New Tracks*** (Jaws, Just Handshakes, Johnny Marr, Junip, Khushi)

*Tonights Postmodern feature the brand new single 'Friend Like You' from Birmingham indie band Jaws,
also 'London Bound' the first single from uk indiepop band Just Handshakes upcoming debut album,
a track from 'The Messenger', the new album by former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr,
new video by Jose Gonzalez & his Band Junip
plus a promising track by Meet Khushi - an unsigned 25 year old from London*

JAWS [England/Birmingham] - Friend Like You (2013)
Milkshake Ep 

Just Handshakes (England/Leeds] - London Bound (2013)
Say It

Johnny Marr (The Smiths, The The, Electronic...) [England/Manchester] - New Town Velocity (2013)
The Messenger

Junip [Sweden/Gothenburg] - Line of Fire (2013) 

KHUSHI (England/London) - Magpie