Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

***New Tracks*** (The Primitives, Knocking Ghost, Personal, Mikill Pane, Billy Bragg)

*Tonight PostModern feature the new single/video by British indie-pop band The Primitives,
also a track from the debut 'Distractions Ep' by London indie/electro/synth-pop band Knocking Ghosts ,
the debut single 'Perfect Only Clone' by greece New Wave Band Personal,
Mikill Pane with his brand new single 'Good Feeling' plus 
'No One Knows Nothing Anymore', the first single from Billy Braggs forthcoming album 'Tooth & Nail'*

THE PRIMITIVES [England/Coventry] - Lose The Reason (2013)

Knocking Ghost [England/London] - Independent Girl (2013) 


Personal [Greece] - Perfect Empty Clone (2013)

Mikill Pane [England/London] - Good Feeling (2013)
Blame Miss Barclay

Billy Bragg [England/Essex] - No One Knows Nothing Anymore (2013)  
Tooth & Nail