Freitag, 28. Juni 2013

***New Tracks*** (Caveman, Desperate Journalist, Embers, The Proper Ornaments, oOoOO)

*Tonight PostModern include...
New York indie-pop band Caveman with the first single/video 'In The City' from their new self-titled 2nd album.

Desperate Journalist, a new indie band from London with the video to 'Cristina' taken from their debut Cristina EP.

Manchester Indierock band Embers with their new single/video 'Part Of The Echoes'

London neo psychedelic pop group The Proper Ornaments with their latest single 'Waiting for the summer'

and finally
'Stay Here', the first single by witch house/chillwave San Francisco-based producer Chris Dexter aka oOoOO, taken from the debut LP 'Without Your Love'*

Caveman [USA/New York] - In the City (2013)

Desperate Journalist [England/London] - Cristina (2013)
Cristina Ep

Embers [England/Manchester] - Part of the Echoes (2013)

 photo 481472_524638720925801_726538582_n_zps95dc1d1b.jpg The Proper Ornaments [England/London] - Waiting For The Summer (2013)

oOoOO [USA/San Francisco] - Stay Here *ft. M.L.* (2013)
Without Your Love