Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013

***PostModern Albums 2013***

***In No particular order, every album had its time***
 (Click on the album cover to watch a video/listen to a song or search on spotify/deezer... - support the artist...) 

 photo 41ZgYNtR4BL_SL500_AA240__zpsd020db1d.jpg 
Esben and the Witch - Wash the sins not only the face

 photo 61BHEkKhtEL_zps2bc9c9dd.jpg
Bleeding Rainbow - Yeah Right

 photo 51K0lHT--CL_SX300__zpsbdb5ac96.jpg 
Heterotic - Love & Devotion

 photo 51FewmGlwyL_SL500_AA280__zpsf3569943.jpg 
The Asphodells (Andrew Weatherall) - Ruled by passion, destroyed by lust

 photo 517ngtEhhIL_AA160__zpsedb540e9.jpg
IO Echo - Ministry of Love

 photo 51c6F0nNtbL_AA160__zps351e5506.jpg
Soft Metals - Lenses

 photo 51oZk6HVLGL_AA160__zps097ac7cc.jpg
Sulk - Graceless

 photo 71Iay-snAXL_AA160__zpsc612bc5c.jpg
Chapel Club - Good Together

 photo 616iu0t3ATL_AA160__zps51ee3d92.jpg
Karl Hyde - Edgeland

 photo index_zpsb8b247d0.jpeg 
Koreless - Yugen Ep

 photo jaws-milkshake_zpscc2999f2.jpg
Jaws - Milkshake Ep

 photo 51Yipz-RtHL_AA160__zpsaad152ca.jpg
Splashh - Comfort

 photo 514fAUyEDsL_AA160__zps06588cd0.jpg 
Ghostpoet - Some say i so i say light

 photo 51FgdsYQRVL_AA160__zps02cefac2.jpg
Austra - Olympia

 photo 41PniqwanCL_AA160__zpsbf2df5c1.jpg
Maps - Vicissitude

 photo Glasvegas-Later-When-The-TV-Turns-To-Static_zpsce17a61f.jpg
Glasvegas - Later...When the TV Turns to Static

 photo weekend-jinx-e1374590856129_zps7c5c5ed8.jpg
Weekend - Jinx

 photo images_zps3fbc3632.jpeg
Soosh - Colour is Breathe

 photo 41uJgiW3Q9L_SL500_AA240__zpsa50c9111.jpg
Selebrities - Lovely Things

 photo 51jvs61xdrL_AA160__zps740ffd74.jpg
Six By Seven - Love & Peace & Sympathy

 photo 61wB95eODL_AA160__zps19ec08f6.jpg 
White Lies - Big TV

 photo images_zpsb5fd9a7e.jpeg
Exit Calm - The future isn´t what it used to be

 photo 513yp6dT-4L_AA160__zps1a8720d3.jpg
Younghusband - Dromes

 photo 61iRbA7DEQL_AA160__zpsa3289df5.jpg
Flyying Colours - EP

 photo 51qDxuDyMBL_AA160__zps3a9045d7.jpg
Toy - Join the dots

 photo 61Dm21qh1L_AA110__zps6e94c922.jpg 
Marika Hackman - Sugar Blind EP / That Iron Taste

***coming soon - Postmodern Tracks 2013***