Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

***New Tracks*** (Fear Of Men, Halls, Younghusband, Lazyeyes, T.O.Y.S)

Tonight PostModern feature...

Fear Of Men - after their nice 'Seer' single and the 'Early Fragments' album from last year, the indie-/dreamrock/pop four-piece from Brighton are on the way to release their new album 'Loom' on Kanine Records in may. 'Alta/Waterfall' is a first taster...

'Waves', the new single/video by London indie producer Halls aka Samuel Howard from his
second album  'Love To Give' - out on No Fear In Pop

Following the release of their debut album 'Dromes' last year via Sonic Cathedral,  London indie/psychpop lads Younghusband put out their new single/video 'Left On the Rocks'

Brooklyn indierock band Lazyeyes with the new single 'Darling Dear'  from their forthcoming second ep 

and finally
T.O.Y.S , a three piece indiepop band from Leeds with 'X-Static', a track from their new 'ep3'

Fear of Men [England/Brighton] - Alta/Waterfall (2014)

Halls [England/London] - Waves (2014)
Love To Give
→ get Proxtube if you live in a GEMA infested area ←

Younghusband [England/London] - Left Of The Rocks (2013/2014) 

Lazyeyes [USA/Brooklyn] - Darling Dear (2014)

 photo avatars-000032218912-ybrcmf-t500x500_zps1700e460.jpg T.O.Y.S [England/Leeds] - X-Static (2014)
EP 3