Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2014

***New Tracks*** (Static Daydream, A Novel Resort, Leave The Planet, Strange Names, New Desert Blues)

*Thursday night's Postmodern feature...

Paul Baker's (Ceremony/Skywave) new noisepop project Static Daydream with the song 'The Only One', produced by Jake Reid of Screen Vinyl Image.

Danish indiepop band A Novel Resort, the solo project from Northern Portrait´s drummer M with the track 'Everything We Ever Hoped For' from a yet untitled debut album, out later this year.
'Between Bodies', the debut single from London wavepop/shoegaze duo Leave The Planet

Minneapolis indie/wavepop duo Strange Names with 'Ricochet' from the forthcoming album 'Common Attraction'.

and finally
Hampshire alternative rock quintet New Desert Blues with 'Matthew', track 2 from their debut ep 'Devil's Rope'*

Static Daydream [USA/Texas] - The Only One (2014)

A Novel Resort [Denmark/Copenhagen] - Everything We Ever Hoped For (2014) 

Leave The Planet [England/London] - Between Bodies (2014)

 photo Strange_Names_promo3_zps218949b4.jpg Strange Names [USA/Minneapolis] - Ricochet (2014)
Common Attraction

New Desert Blues [England/Hampshire] - Matthew (2014)
Devil's Rope Ep