Monday, 11 August 2014

***New Tracks*** (Jaws, Newmoon, Horray For Earth, Jubilee Courts, Roses, Dancer In The Dark, The Pierces)

***Tonight PostModern feature new music from the likes of...

Birminghams favourite indiepop band JAWS with their new single 'Swim' taken from the debut album 'Be Slowly' - out september 15th via Rattlepop.

'Aria'. the new single/video by belgium noisepop band Newmoon. The song appear on their debut Ep 'Invitation To Hold' - released august 5th via Secret Voice Records

Brooklyn indierock/-pop band Horray For Earth  with 'Racy', the title track from their new 2nd album released July 29th via Dovecote Records.

Northampton shoegaze/postpunk four piece Jubilee Courts with the video for 'Under the Sand Again' taken from their debut  EP ‘Go From the Blue Light into The Moonlight', released august 4th on Stalkers Records.

Los Angeles new romantic/-wave band Roses with 'Florence Girl', a track from their debut EP 'Dreamlover' - out august 15th via Group Tightener

'I can`t recall' by new wave/indiepop project Dancer In The Dark featuring Debora Cohen from nougthies all girl postpunk band The Organ.

'Creation' the title track from New York-based pop/rock sister band The Pierces' new full-length album - out september 1st on Polydor Records***

Jaws [England/Birmingham] - Swim
Be Slowly

Newmoon [Belgium/Antwerpen] - Aria (2014)
Invitation To Hold EP

Hooray For Earth [USA/Brooklyn] - Racy (2014)

JUBILEE COURTS [England/Northampton] - Under The Sand Again (2014) 
Go From the Blue Light into The Moonlight EP

Roses [USA/Los Angeles] - Florence Girls (2014)

Dancer In The Dark [Canada/Vancover] - I can`t recall (2014)

The Pierces [USA/New York] - Creation (2014)

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