Mittwoch, 30. März 2011

New Singles/Songs (Waylayers, Samba, Screen Vinyl Image, Zebra Tracks)

Photobucket Waylayers [england] - Weightless (2011)

*Waylayers is a electronic indie band, formed in London in the Summer of 2009.

*This track is taken from Waylayers new ep 'Weightless' which was produced by Ewan Pearson from Delphic.
*You can listen to the 5-track ep in full on

*or download three songs for free on their offical hp

Samba [ger] - Im Stau (2011)

*German Band Samba will release their new 6th Album 'Die Ekstase der Möwen' on april 1st, 2011.

*This is the official video for their new single 'Im Stau'

Screen Vinyl Image [usa] - Too much speed / Stay Asleep (2011)

* 'Too Much Speed' is the latest single from Virginia's Psychedelic/Electronic/shoegaze band Screen Vinyl Image which will be released on april 26th, 2011.

Zebra Tracks [greece] - Bicycles (2011)

*Zebra Tracks is a four piece indierock band from Athen. This song is taken from their new double a-side single 'Isabelle Creeps'

*Download this song for free...