Freitag, 26. April 2013

***New Tracks*** (Jagwar Ma, Childhood, Inspiral Carpets, Low Sea, Laki Mera)

*Tonight's new edition of PostModern present

Australian psychedelic indie-dance duo Jagwar Ma with the new single 'Man I Need', the follow up to their debut single 'The Throw'.
Their debut album is out in june. 

London psychedelic indierock/-pop quartet Childhood with their stunning new single 'Solemn Skies'

'MADCHESTER' legends Inspiral Carpets are back with the new single 'Fix Your Smile'

Irish electro-/dreampop duo Low Sea with their new video 'Sentimental Games' taken from the new album 'Remote Viewing'

Glasgow electronic folkpop trio Laki Mera with the new single 'Sweet Warm Dance' from the forthcoming second album 'Turn All Memory To White Noise' which is out in mid june*

 photo jagwar-ma-580x349_zpsf9fee543.jpg Jagwar Ma [Australia/Sydney] - Man I Need (2013)

 photo Childhood_zpsa5860086.jpg Childhood [England/London] - Salomon Skis (2013)

Inspiral Carpets [England/Manchester] - Fix Your Smile (2013)

Low Sea [Irland/Dublin] - Sentimental Games (2013)
Remote Viewing

Laki Mera [Scotland/Glasgow] - Sweet Warm Dance (2013) 
Turn All Memory To White Noise